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DONT THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!WHATEVER YOU DO DONT IMAGINE BEING DOMESTIC WITH HARRY!!!!Like just going on a target run or grocery shopping. He'd roll around the cart while you get what u need & making stupid comments like "you don't need MORE pasta, Y/N. You still have three boxes left!" or when you put things in the cart that weren't on your shopping list "What do you need those mason jars for??" "i saw a thing on pinterest the other day that I wanna try" despite you not having any artistic ability


  • he has a tendency to immediately drift towards that one section of Target, where everything is $5 or lower
    • and he’s trying to convince you that you should decorate your apt for Christmas by holding up the $3 lights and window decorations
    • when he finds the succulents it’s a never-ending battle between him putting them in and you taking them out
  • as he’s comparing the nutrients on protein bar boxes, you come up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist peering around his shoulder at the various boxes
    • he absentmindedly reaches behind him to hold onto your waist, mumbling “love yeh” as he’s searching among the snacks
  • “Y/N, we’ve got two mo’ bags of those chips back home…”
    • “Okay, and? I’ve got a coupon.”
  • don’t even THINK about him drifting towards the baby section, looking at the tiny booties with that stupid smile on his face, before quickly turning around to scour the pajama section before you notice
    • and then you’re looking at the small onesies and whatnot but Harry actually catches you looking and immediately comes over, tucking his head on your shoulder
    • “Think I’d get us tha’ one, if we had a baby.”
  • and then back in the grocery section: “Should we go with generic brand or the fancy one?”
    • “It’s pasta sauce, I don’t think it matters. Go generic, it’s cheaper.”
      • “…No, I don’t want generic, Y/N, I want it to taste real.”
      • “Then why did you ask?”
      • “Thought you’d want some input.”
      • “Then listen to it!”
      • “…I’m gettin’ the organic one.”
  • and driving around to run errands together ???
    • he’s changing the radio station constantly to skip commercials
    • he’s got his window down even though its 30 degrees outside
    • he’s putting six boxes of hot chocolate in the cart, cheekily grinning at you and giving you a smack on the cheek
    • and you put mistletoe in the cart and he’s all blushing and whatnot
      • and as you two continue shopping, you keep turning around to find him dangling it above you so you’d give him a kiss
  • or just rifling through clothes together, holding shirts up above the rack to show one another from across the store
    • if he likes it, he gives you a thumbs-up and if he doesn’t it’s a general nod and tongue-sticking-out face
  • Harry checking off the list at the end of the trip, nice and orderly with his pen and notepad
    • “Think we’ve got everythin’?”
      • “I dunno, Haz, we’re here everyday because we keep forgetting shit. Who even knows?”
      • “That’s the spirit, love, now let’s get in line befo’ that family of nine reaches the register, don’t wanna wait fo’ that.”

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top 5 drawing tips

1. USE REFERENCES. Not just one reference, but multiple references. Need to draw a cat? Create an entire board on Pinterest and load it with like, 50 pins of different types of cats - also different styles - see what other artists have done to caricature cats. This is what we had to for school - make Pinterest boards for ONE THING - and it REALLY helped. 

2. Break everything down into basic shapes. Do not start off by drawing every little detail. If your foundation is faulty, the entire drawing will be faulty as well. One of my profs sometimes would call heavily detailed art “shiny turds” - meaning, no matter how many details you add on at the end, if the structure and anatomy etc is off, no amount of detail will save it. Example: if you draw a person’s face, and the eyes and nose are in the wrong place, then no amount of eyelashes or make-up or whatever is going to make it look more accurate. If you spend 10 hours drawing something really detailed, and it’s wrong, then you might have just wasted 10 hours (maybe not wasted, but used less efficiently), when you could have spent say, a single hour making sure all the construction and anatomy made sense FIRST, before cleaning it up. Also, draw multiple rough passes at a drawing before you clean it up!! This will give your eyes and brain a chance to see any errors that pop up. 

3. Don’t be afraid to RE-DRAW something. Your second drawing will be better than your first. Your third drawing will be better than your second AND your first. And so on. Try not to fall in love with everything you draw - likewise, learn to accept constructive criticism, so that you are able to re-draw it better than the first/second/third times. Reach out to peers and have them look at your art - you won’t believe how helpful a fresh set of eyes can be.

4. Flip your canvas horizontally to see errors/use a mirror/shine a light through and look at the reverse side. It is incredibly difficult to see errors in your drawing after you’ve been staring at it for hours. Your brain gets used to seeing what you’re seeing. Trick your brain into seeing something for the first time by looking at it differently. Likewise, you can try and look at it upside down maybe, or backwards. Engage your eyes and brain differently! 

5. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRRAAAAACCTIIIIICCEEEE. Draw everything. Did you spend yesterday drawing people? Spend today drawing animals. Spend tomorrow drawing trees and plants. Draw a car. Go outside and draw from life. If you want to improve at a skill, practice all the time. Don’t burn yourself out! Manage your time wisely and pay attention to your body’s needs. Make time for stretching and exercising; a healthy lifestyle will ensure that you can continue to practice your skill, and be the best artist that you can be. 

If you want more tips, browse through my art advice tag

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