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innytoes  asked:

Imagine Steve getting super into Pinterest.

“…Is that a sectional?” Sam was pretty sure there hadn’t been furniture on Steve’s terrace three days ago.  

“Yeah.  I made it out of palates.”

“Huh.”  It was ridiculously comfortable.  “Got any beer to go with the furniture?”


“Nice end table.” Natasha ran her fingers over the top of the table.  

“Thanks! I made it out of one of those wooden spools.  And look,” Steve beckoned her back a few steps.  “It doubles as a bookshelf.”

“Who knew you were a DIY master.”  

He pulled Carrion Comfort from the table-bookshelf and held it to her, promising she’d enjoy it.


“You know I have people that can do this for you, Cap.”  Tony had to admit, it was an impressively done mural. The whole room looked like it was the middle of a forest, complete with dark wooden chairs and earth-tone cushions.

“It was easy.  And,” Steve flicked a switch, “I drilled holes in the dry wall and stuck little LED lights in behind.  So it looks like the suns coming through the trees. 

Tony narrowed his eyes. “You’re awfully creative lately. The sectional, the end table, this?”

“I mean, I’m not really – I can’t think of things as easily as I can make them.”

“So where are you getting the ideas?”

“There’s this new website that’s like a bulletin board for ideas, and—“

“-Pinterest.” Tony was trying not to smile too wide.  

“Yeah.  It’s—“

“-What’s next on your list?”

“Prohibition wasn’t a history lesson for me, Tony. “

Tony wasn’t sure if it was Christmas, but it felt like it.  “You’re going to make beer.”

Steve smiled.  “I’m going to make beer.”