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No sleep ‘til Vegas.

(I’m too tired to put actual effort into the background *throws hands up* it serves it’s purpose)

i rlly love ppl who use personalized tags for EVERY show and EVERY character and EVERY relationship thats my dream aesthetic but i like 2 many things and have 2 little memory but if u use personalized tags every time i see them i love u more

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I want to start a bullet journal but I can't draw :(

This is me omg! I’m so not creative and like things simple because I’m terrible at art/drawing. It sucks because my horoscope always says pisces are really artistic?? I’ll link you to some of my bullet journal spreads. The last few aren’t full on spreads since I was making random ones before I sorted a proper journal:

You should also check out my bullet journal inspiration board on Pinterest. I’ve mostly picked out simple spreads that I could replicate since I’m not even going to attempt something arty! I’ve also got a bullet journal tag on my blog, there is a mix of designs but again most are simpler. Don’t be discouraged about not being able to draw. There is so many of us out there. Search around for minimalist bullet journal spreads and you’ll find loads! xx


Thanks for request anon <3 

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“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I need to tell my mom and ma’ boys! Taekwoonie will like me more if i made him a uncle, oh my God! ~”

HakYeon will just freak out about it, about finally having a family with you.

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He would be bursting with the excitement and joy that overcame him any time his saw some little innocent creature, like a dog or cat or, most importantly, a child. Leo wouldn’t say anything at firs we see the test but the first time when you appear in front of him, he will just stand there and stare at will with an big smile.

“So my Minyul will have someone to play with him or maybe an girlfriend in the future?”

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“First of all, i almost die, was like this”

Facebook. Twitter. Weibo. Instagram. No metter were, Ken would make sure that everybody will know it. Probably all the world will know about your child before he tells you that already find it. 

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“Babe why are you crying? It’s ok, don’t cry!”

He will find you, meet you at the work, home, anywhere. Ravi will find you, hug you and ask why you didn’t tell he before. If it was unspected, Ravi will forget about anything and nothing will metters more that your safety and yours child. 

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This is too much, he was waiting for it girl! When he sees the test, he will pack his phone, credit card and go shopping for baby things. When you come home, he would be there, looking for baby’s bedrooms ideas on Pinterest.

“You already pick an colour for the baby bedroom or this is my thing?”

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Hyuk is younger but don’t even think that he will freak out about it… IM KIDDING XD He would just enter the studio, hands up and screaming: 


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And in the end of the day, when he meets you, Hyuk only will be the little shit that he is.

“You will get so fat woman!”

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