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Trick or Treat? (BUCKY X READER)

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Warnings? Pumpkin and spice.

By me… duh.

You were minding your own business. Just scrolling through Pinterest and eating the last pumpkin cupcake. Heck, you had to fight Steve for it. You won fair and square too, you suckered him at rock paper scissors!

Anyway. You were just chilling on the internet trying to find some cute and spooky decoration for Halloween. Halloween was tomorrow night! You had to get going. Did I mention you were just innocently minding your own business? Nothing could prepare you for what was going to happen.

As you hummed softly, you hear your name being called. “Y/N!” You stopped humming. Uh oh… You thought, crumps falling off your chin.

Before you could hide any of the evidence, Bucky stormed in, his face dangerous. You swallowed hard as Bucky made his way to you. “Now now let’s not get too—” You started.

“YOU ATE THE LAST PUMPKIN CUPCAKE,” Bucky stated in a matter of’ fact way. His piercing blue eyes bore into your head.

“Calm down, Buckster,” You said frantically. “I got to it fair and square.”

“Fair and square?” Bucky mimicked. “How about no. I had to fight Tony and Hawkeye for it! Do you see this bruise I got for it?” He shoved his arm under your nose. You looked at the huge purple and green bruise on his arm.

Okay, you were going to have to sweet talk your way out. “Look, I’m sorry,” You said lowering your voice. “Think about it. You saved it just for me!”

Bucky crossed his arms and glared down at you. “Hand the rest of the cupcake to me and nobody gets hurt.”

You were about to comply with his wishes, after all you could share, but something stopped you. Instead you raised your eyebrow. Not taking your eyes away from his, you slowly raised your hand with the cupcake to your mouth. “Y/N—don’t you dare…” Bucky said dangerously quiet.

You knew you were going to regret it. But you were some rebel. With one bite you crammed the last of the pumpkin cupcake into your mouth. You wiggled your eyebrows daringly and smirked at him as you wiped away the crumbs form your mouth.

Bucky swore under his breath. “You’ll regret this, Y/N, you will pay,” Bucky snapped angrily.

You stifled a giggle. He sounded like such a child! Was he hearing himself?! “Sure I will, kiddo,” You snickered.

Bucky’s gaze nearly made you choke. Holy star spangled banner… maybe you shouldn’t have done that. The glare he was giving you made you feel uncomfortable. Suddenly he turned around and stormed silently out of the room.

You were a little bit shaken, but not too horribly. Maybe you should bake more cupcakes. You knew Bucky didn’t mean any of that and he needed to cool down. So what better way to say sorry with cupcakes? With that in your mind you got up to the main kitchen to make some more cupcakes.

You sang along to your favorite song as you stirred up the batter for the sweet treats. Making the cupcakes were fun, and you enjoyed baking.

“Hey there, Doll!” A voice behind you said.

You jumped to see Bucky behind you, smirking at you. “B-Bucky! I was just making cupcakes!” You felt guilty, especially since you really sounded like you were saying I was just trying to make up for being a complete idiot. Not cool, Y/N, not cool.

Bucky rolled his leaves up, showing his strong arms, well okay one was metal, but whatever, it was still hot. “Can I help?”

“Ahhhh,” You were a little apprehensive. But you didn’t want to anger him anymore than you had done. “Sure. Mix the batter, I’ll make the frosting.”

You handed him the bowl and then inched away, trying not to be… well… obvious that you were avoiding him. Bucky sang along quietly as he began to stir the mixture. You kept a watchful eye as you pretended to get ready the frosting. He seemed at ease and in a better mood. He had showered up and his wet hair was dripping a little. You instinctively without realizing it, grabbed a hand towel and dapped at his hair.

He stopped stirring and looked at you as he gently dried his hair. “The water was getting into the mix,” You said simply.

Suddenly, Bucky dipped a finger into the batter and smeared it across your mouth. You blinked. “What the heck, Bucky…” was he trying to be some stupid cheesy rom-com?!

“That’s for taking the last cupcake,” He said calmly. You raised your eyebrow. And then laughed. You were expecting something horrible! Like an exploding pumpkin or something, but he was being so innocently sweet. What a comeback. Then he pressed his lips against yours, licking away at the sweet batter on your lips.

You blushed scarlet as his tongue gently ran along your lips. Then he pulled away. “And that’s for making new ones. Thanks, sugar.” He turned around to leave, sauntering to the door.

“A-anything for you, Bucky…” you fumbled sheepishly.

He turned his head to glance at how he left you. Smirking he winked at you and then left the room.

You were in a way better mood after that. You wiped away the left over cake mix and began singing, a big goofy smile on your face as you finished up the cupcakes. His revenge was sweet.

All Hallows’ Eve dawned clear and bright. It was cool and crisp, the perfect weather for Halloween. The Avenger group was going to be scattered. Tony wanted to have some sexy weird party at the Tower, so half of the Avengers decided to leave the Tower for the night. Bruce and Natasha already had plans that night, Hawkeye was going to be helping his kids trick or treat, and Steve was planning to take Sharon out. Sharon had asked you if you’d answer the door for trick or treaters at her house and even offered you a spare room to crash in. You and Sharon got along well, and it wasn’t uncommon for you to stay the night at her house and enjoy some girl bonding time.

So you gladly answered the door as little trick or treaters came begging for candy. The night was going well. So far you had counted twenty Captain America costumes along with fifteen Winter Soldier kiddos. You marveled how popular the Captain America costumes were with the young teenage girls as they showed up in skimpy trampy Captain America costumes.

Sharon had given you the Netflix password, so you indulged yourself in some horror flicks, pausing now and then to answer the door. As you munched on popcorn, and the scariest part was about to happen, the lights turned out. As in, the power turned out. You sat in the dark, looking around. It wasn’t completely dark, you could see the New York lights.

The doorbell rang. You didn’t want to answer it, but you promised Sharon to answer the door. She seemed kinda demanding that you answer the door no matter what. She claimed that the children looked up to her and she didn’t want to disappoint them.

Groaning, you got up and went to the door. You hoped the power would turn on soon. Heck, you weren’t even sure why it had gone out! Were there a bunch of stupid teenagers partying and they accidentally knocked down the power box or what?!

You fumbled for the candy bowl and opened the door.

“Trick or treat!” someone said.

You frowned. It was a man’s voice. Right as you were about to shut the door, the big shadow slammed into you, pining you against the door and covering your mouth.

You struggled frantically for your spare gun, which you always carried with you. Whoever the person was, knocked your gun out of your hand. You were beginning to panic now. HOLY CRAP!

“I’d say trick, since you didn’t give me the treat…” the voice said in a low calm way. The person loosened his grip and you shouted angrily, “BUCKY?!”

Suddenly the power turned on and you were face to face with the smirking demon. “Did I scare ya, doll face?”


Bucky was still smirking. “Oh you think that was a low trick?”

“I WASN’T THAT SCARED!” you were more furious than scared. Without further notice, you felt yourself being slung across Bucky’s shoulder. “Hey… put me down!”

Bucky gave a low chuckle that suddenly turned your anger into worry. “You’ll be scared soon enough.”

Your face flushed red. Ohhhhhh crap… “No wait, I swear I’ll be good—I’ll make more cupcakes—I’ll I’ll…”

To your horror he began to walk to your room. “What I want from you is something more sweet that a cupcake…” He paused thoughtfully. “I want my revenge to be really sweet.”

Your mind began to wander and ponder his last words, your face growing redder by the second as your mind was filled with naughty thoughts. “Are you tricking me?!” You demanded.

“Nope. You’re my treat,” Bucky said smoothly.

What you couldn’t see was the demon-like smirk on his face as he slammed the door shut.


Heey!! Sorry I haven’t gotten around to completing requests, I’m really busy. I just wanted to write this quickly, it was completely last minute, so sorry for the typos. I’m planning to write another Bucky X reader around Christmas time and name it On the Naughty List or something like that. Hope you like this and Happy Halloween!

dancingonbrokenice  asked:

you should write tris. I'd love to see you portray her. you're writing is incredible.

awe ,   thank  you  so  much ,  cutie !       it’s  so  incredibly  sweet  of  you  to  take  the  time  to  send  this  to  me   ♥   tbh  you  just  completely  spiked  my  interest  in  writing  her.       I’m  skyping  with  v.eronica  r.oth   the  author  of  d.ivergent  )    in  a  few  days  time  so  maybe  I’ll  make  tris  after  I  talk  to  her !