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The boys first time cooking! Ignis does not count!

Sorry this took me a little bit! I hope this is something like what you had thought. My best friend is getting married tomorrow (I’m so excited!) but I wanted to try and get this up tonight. I did not expect Gladio’s to be so cute but there was not stopping the thought train. I hope you like it :)



  • First off, Noct really doesn’t like to cook if he can help it. 
  • He does like to lighten Iggy’s load and help out from time to time. He does, however, hate waking up on time to help with breakfast and he’s usually too tired or preoccupied to help with dinner. 
  • The first time he decided to cook on his own was a day when Iggy didn’t come by (Think FFXV brotherhood). Noctis was living in his own apartment away from the citadel. 
  • Noctis had no freaking clue what he was doing. He was young and tried looking up some “simple” recipes online but couldn’t understand exactly what they were asking him to do. Or they were just too complicated. 
  • When he finally did enter the kitchen and attempt to cook, it was kind of a disaster. Noct tried really hard but without guidance – especially one tall strategist – he’s found over time that he doesn’t have much of a talent for cooking. 
  • His first attempted meal was supposed to be spaghetti. Instead, it ended up being burned noodles (the water boiled over the pot and the noodles kind of burned together somehow into one giant mass of noodle) and scorched sauce (which also bubbled over and sort of exploded all over the kitchen). Ignis still doesn’t understand how it got onto the ceiling. 
  • In the end, he wound up calling and having some delivered from an Italian restaurant. The dishes were sacrificed in his attempt to try and hide the utter catastrophe.


  • Poor guy had no idea what he was doing when he tried to cook the first time.
  • Because he ate takeout so often and never really saw his parents cook, he didn’t have any sort of experience.
  • The first time he set out to make his own meal was after he had decided to lose weight, get into shape, and become worthy of being friends with one raven haired prince.
  • He started off slow by fixing his own salads and things that didn’t require actual cooking, per se.
  • When he did finally start cooking entire meals and meal prepping to be sure he would have healthy and nutritious food even during a busy schedule, he heavily relied on Pinterest and YouTube to teach him the basic skills and recipes he needed. He learns very well by watching someone else and repeating their actions. He’s also a little obsessive, so his first couple dishes actually turned out pretty well.
  • Prompto likes to cook for his friends as long as the recipe isn’t too complicated. He can do the basics pretty well, but he doesn’t want to push his look.
  • He’s happy to let Ignis take over the cooking duties because he understands taste and how ingredients work way better than Prompto. Prompto usually eats pretty mundane food when he cooks.


  • Gladious Amicitia is not exactly domestic. That being said, he did learn to cook in his teens in order to help take care of Iris.
  • Iris, the poor girl, was Glaido’s taste tester. Luckily, the girl isn’t a picky eater and didn’t mind helping her brother cook.
  • He’s definitely a cook book kind of guy and has a few scattered around his kitchen with little notes next to his favorite ones.
  • The very first time he tried to cook was to make a special birthday breakfast for Iris. He had hoped to surprise her that morning with homemade pancakes, fresh fruit, and chocolate milk. Pancakes turned out to be a little more complicated than he expected.
  • It took him several batches to get the mixture to be the right consistency and another few tries to cook them perfectly. It was by the skin of his teeth that he managed to get two onto a plate and use the fruit to make a smiling face before a sleepy little Iris wandered into the kitchen rubbing at her eyes and dragging her doll behind her.
  • Turn out that her “super fluffy” pancakes were a little runny in the middle. Gladdio was worried but Iris ate them with a smile and told her brother it was “the best breakfast ever” all because he had tried so hard to make her happy. AWWWWWW.
  • Gladio is more than happy to let Iggy cook but doesn’t mind to help out in Caem so long as his sister offers to taste everything.

Bonus – Ignis giving the boys cooking lessons

  • Let’s be real, Ignis Scientia is a cooking machine. He’s got a real knack for it.
  • When the guys came to him and asked for lessons, he was both horrified and somewhat proud.
  • Noctis proved he wasn’t a lost cause so long as Ignis was there to keep a close eye on him. He also worked best when Ignis also kept light conversation to keep him distracted somewhat so that he was only doing what he was told and not fiddling around.
  • Prompto wasn’t so bad. The poor guys just has absolutely no intuition as far as taste and what works together. Ignis has to be careful to spice everything or Prompto will mix them up. He does like to help make everything look nice though.
  • Gladio loves food. So, he does kind of understand flavors. In fact,. Ignis was very surprised at just how skilled Gladio was in the kitchen. When he asked Gladio where he learned his culinary skills, Gladio quickly changed the subject.
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fakehaus things i’m sure about, part one:

▪the scrobble thing has 100% actually happened, in every universe.

▪james is a shit a la the drunkio kart video but instead of heads and posters, it’s grenades and adam’s new car. bruce encourages him.

▪lawrence has an arsenal of deleted selfies the other boys decided weren’t good enough for instagram and really awful pictures of them like in the middle of a sneeze or something he posts when they piss him off (except peake), and refuses to take them down.

▪ they’re better at stealthy, rub elbows with important, powerful people heists than the fake ah crew. james is pretty much the best con man in los santos. have you seen those eyes?

▪ they can do loud, explosive heists, too, but they’re the fake ah crew’s go-to for the jobs that need to be done discreetly.

▪ spoole is simultaneously babied and blamed for everything. joel is definitely spoole’s surrogate white suburban mom and for a long time joel refused to let spoole get involved in anything over mildly dangerous. adam, james, and lawrence are definitely his asshole older brothers. peake is the cool older brother–you know the ones that let you hang out with them and drive you places? that’s peake. bruce is the suburban white dad, definitely.

▪ what i’m saying is that joel puts suburban white moms out of business. he’s always on pinterest looking at recipes for chicken cacciatore like “will the boys like this?” and sometimes he’ll look at little crafts to do when they’re staking out someone for geoff.

▪ he also forces the others to do fun family bonding crafts because “come on, how can i trust you in the field if we can’t even work together on this?” spoole is the only one who actually tries. peake refuses to participate. adam purposely messes up. everyone else either draws dicks or cuts the words “fuck you” into a piece of paper (“aw, bruce, you’re so talented. if you just applied yourself positively…”)

▪ spoole is in charge of the fake ah crew / fakehaus drug trade because he knows how to tell the quality of a substance better than anyone. he’s got about a dozen different hiding places for his weed stash all over their apartment. lawrence knows about two of them, which is more than anyone else. the lspd honestly doubt spoole is even involed with fakehaus.

▪ joel’s parents are both fbi agents and he went through quantico but was kicked out a couple days before graduation because he caused more trouble than he was worth and had a problem with authority. his training comes in handy a lot and so do his connections, because he can immediately know what the fbi knows. one time he brought his “friend” bruce to lunch with his parents and they made the mistake of talking about peake and spoole, so his parents think he’s dating a recently out single dad of two with his hippie ex. he isn’t suspected of being part of the crew.

▪ the fake ah crew is known for being super gay with each other, but fakehaus is worse. other crews and the lspd all think the fakehaus crew goes home and gets each other off. sometimes that’s true.

▪ lawrence has hacked into multiple game developers and helped himself to an early release. he knew about the beyonce album drop before it dropped and the fakehaus crew already had their impromptu dance party. every year, lawrence is responsible for the annual one direction album leak. even the year four was leaked in low quality by brazillian youth, that was him. he cried when zayn left the band and forced james and bruce to go to the store and buy him ice cream. james robbed the place and bruce went along with it.

▪ the lspd have photos of everyone but lawrence and peake. the excuse joel has is that he lives in the same building as the head of the crew. lawrence doesn’t do ground work. he runs oversight and as a result no one knows who their hacker is. peake is just too good at his job to be caught in the act.

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tips for building a professional wardrobe in college?


1. Stock up on basics; button ups, skirts, nice pants (anything from white/black jeans to business pants), and basic flats/heels. I don’t recommend spending an insane amount of money on these items because there are so many stores from Target to J.Crew that have these items for reasonable prices! I get all of my button ups and skirts that are about knee length at J.Crew because they always have great items on their sale rack and they take a student discount! 

2. Splurge on items that will last you forever; blazer/blazer and skirt set, dress pants/blazer and pants set, etc. These items will last a very long time in your closet and go with so many different basics! I’m not saying go out an spend $5,000 on a Chanel tweed jacket with matching skirt; stores that specialize in business attire will work just fine! My favorites are J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. 

3. For shoes, I recommend a nude pair of flats, a black pair of flats, a nude pair of heels, and a black pair of heels. Then from there you can add more fun pieces. You can find these styles of shoes basically anywhere! My favorite brand of affordable classic heels are Madden Girl, my favorite brand of flats are Tory Burch, and my favorite brand of high end heels are Valentino, Prada, and Louboutin! 

Just build your wardrobe little by little starting with basics that you can wear on an everyday basis, but that you can also dress up for a business casual or professional look. I highly recommend J.Crew, if that is your style and in your price range! You can find everything from button ups, skirts, blazers, dress pants and more there. There are always great sales and I always find great items on the sale racks! Tip: J.Crew pixie pants are amazing because they are leggings, but look like nice black pants on. Those pants are an example of something you could buy that you could wear on a daily basis as leggings, but also dress up for a professional look! 

After you have all the basics, you can start to splurge on more expensive items that will last forever! For example, if you have your eyes on a pair of Louboutins, a pair of Madden Girl black leather heels will work just fine for now, then save up for the more expensive shoes and replace your basic ones later on! This works with all basic items!

When in doubt, search on Pinterest for Business Casual and Business Professional outfits! I have a whole board on my Pinterest dedicated to Post-College fashion, and there are so many fashionable examples! 

Hope this helped:) 

Okay, I just want to clarify why I don’t like Banksy’s work. And I know that he included so many under appreciated new artists in Dismaland, including POC, which is great. 

BUT, looking at his art as a whole, I don’t like his vision. I think it’s unclear, immature, and ultimately worthless in the sense that it doesn’t actually spark change or even a deeper look at the issues he presents.

Banksy’s work, a lot like “Dismaland,” has an overarching vague concept of corruption and terribleness in the world. And a lot of it is incredibly disjointed, which to me is a big problem. In Dismaland there are exhibits like the “selfie hole,” which seems to attack narcissism (really? selfies?), a boat full of migrants, an attack on seaworld in the form of an orca jumping out of a toilet, and a Cinderella who has crashed her carriage with paparazzi taking photos of her lifeless body (likely a reference to Princess Diana).

When you get down to it, yes, a lot of these things are bad. Terribly bad.  And they are real issues that people should care about and talk about more. But when you present them all in one big unrelated jumble I feel that people will just react with this sense of “Oh, hmph. The world is a terrible place.” And really, that seems to be Banksy’s thesis overall. He never alludes to any solutions or digs further into an issue other than simply presenting it. Is his work supposed to be intelligent just because he points out the problems we live with?

This is another reason why I say it’s unfocused. What does he want us to do with the information? Where is the point to these works?

His work sort of reminds me of those images you see on Tumblr or Pinterest that go something like, “we are too busy taking photos to actually enjoy the moment.” You know, stuff like that. It’s ultimately useless because it’s just a casual insult at the way we live but really, we just can’t do anything with that information.

Do we live in a world full of corruption and general terribleness? Yes. But I feel like Banksy’s work is more like a teenager who just figured that out as opposed to a seasoned, trained artist who wants to actually delve deeper into our problems and figure out how to change things. 


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What kind of apps do you have on your iPad? Which are the most helpful?

Probably Uworld and notability. Other study app suggestions welcome!

Mostly my ipad is for pinterest and netflix and looking busy.


Fresh Air tech contributor Alexis Madgrigal writes that Pinterest could be a competitor with Google search: 

Pinterest is mostly known as a place people go to find things to buy or make. The company likes to say that Pinterest is about planning your future, but it’s also just about seeing – visually — a bunch of interesting stuff on a theme, all in one place. So there are boards for wedding planning and child rearing and men’s linen suits, but also for kittens and model airplanes and mountains. Some boards are just a mood like “monumental” or “cute” or “adventurous.”

Despite this popularity, Pinterest has never attracted the same kind of press or adulation as the companies that grew up around the same time — businesses like Instagram, Uber or even Dropbox. Pinterest just isn’t seen as a hardcore technology company that will follow the path of Google and Facebook. To some people, it doesn’t feel like a world-shaping product. “It’s just a digital scrapbook,” people say.

But Internet companies are valuable in large part because of the kind of data that they possess. And Pinterest possesses some really, really interesting data. The first part of it is that they are a repository of things that people would like to have or do. They’re a database of intentions. And that has got to be valuable to marketers and advertisers.

But it goes deeper than that. What Pinterest has created — almost unintentionally — is a database of things in the world that matter to human beings. While Google crunches numbers to figure out what’s relevant, Pinterest’s human users define what is relevant for a given topic. And because of that, they could become a legitimate competitor to Google, the world’s most valuable Internet company.

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