Top 15 things I can’t wait to do at Disneyland

With August fast approaching, Lucas’ passport application, sat in Glasgow passport offices, weather brightening up, budgeting with money sat in savings ready to be turned into Euros, shopping list growing by the day and all I can think about now is whats in store when I get there. I went to Disney world in Florida when I was sixteen with an old boyfriend and now the memories are slightly tarnished, so I am excited to make new memories with my little family.
I originally said 10, but found myself going on.

1. Mickey mouse pancakes

I am so excited to try the traditional Mickey mouse shaped pancakes! You have to eat Mickey pancakes for breakfast right?

-photo credit: pinterest

2. The first sight of the castle

The feeling in your tummy as you walk up to the castle and you catch the first glimpse, the excitement that runs through your veins and the smile that goes on your face. Clique and cheesy I know, but every true Disney fan will know exactly what i mean. 

- photo credit: my own (Disneyworld castle; not Disneylands)

3. The fireworks show

The firework show at night the awe and breathtaking fireworks show, seeing Lucas’ little face light up, Brad’s face light up and just knowing thats exactly where you need to be, in Disney bubble forever.

Photo credit - Pinterest

4. Ride on “it’s a small world”

It’s meant to be the happiest, most colourful, joyful ride of all! I think Lucas will be in wanderlust!

Photo credit - Pinterest

5. See the disney magic Parade

Seeing all the characters riding by and the music playing, Lucas waving as they go by, it’s magic and even for me, it’s a childhood (adult) dream come true.

photo credit: my own

6. Meet the characters!

Lucas adores Frozen, Sofia the first, Doc Mcstuffins, Mickey mouse clubhouse, Dumbo and watches other disney films with us, as we’re collectors of the films and we collect the Disney books for Lucas. I can’t wait to see his face light up when he sees them, i’m under no allusion that he may have no idea who they are when we get up close, he may get scared or be confused but I am hoping that he isn’t and if he is then… well I can’t wait to meet Elsa, Anna and Olaf and my fave ARIEL! I’m a huge big kid! Even the statues make me excited.

photo credit: my own from disneyworld

7. The frozen experience 

When we go they have the Frozen summer fun running, its running from June 1st - September 13th and I cannot wait to see it! Especially as Lucas loves Frozen. I REALLY want to build a snowman.

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8. Ride on the disney train

Who doesn’t want to ride the disney train? Choo choo.

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9. Eating at a disney restaurant 

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE PIZZA, pasta and anything italian really, so If I can get a table to eat here, I WILL, I think it will be great and look what else they’ve got in it.

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10. The Hotel stay

We’re staying at the Disney explorers hotel! We’re in one room and my mum, her partner and his children are in another. 

Photo credit: explorershotel

11. Buying loads of merchandise

The excitement of walking around with bags filled to the brim with merchandise! What more could you want or need? I may need to bring back another suitcase!

photo credit: pinterest

12. Wearing Minnie mouse ears around the parks

Its probably one of the only time its accepted. It may be clique but its a must! Be a kid for a few days and never worry about anyone else!

Photo credit: Pinterest

13. The Ratatouille ride 

Its one of the newest rides and it’s got very good reviews, so we must try it, i am not sure what to expect but I am excited! 

photo credit:

14. The photograph opportunities

As a photographer, any opportunity to take a photo and I will, I passed my photography course at college with photos of my trip to Disneyworld, so I can’t wait to take loads of pictures!

Photo credit: pinterest

15. Making memories

The memories are the most important part here, having the best time and having a smile on your face for days straight, thats what it is all about! Lucas is what it is all about.

Photo credit: my own

Are you off on holiday this year? Have you been to Disney? Have I missed anything vital? I’d love to know.
By the end of this post I was listening to disney songs, singing loud, excitable and wanting to stay in bed and watch disney films; instead, i am off to work. boo

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How to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest follower counts to a Google Sheet

Here’s a guide to creating a Google spreadsheet that auto updates with the number of social media followers.

For example, I have a spreadsheet that (at the time of writing) tells me The Wall Street Journal has more than 17 million contact points on major social platforms, and that we are growing at around 10,000 new followers a day.

In order to create a similar spreadsheet you can copy over this Google Sheet and in some cases just replace the WSJ username with your personal or brand username. There are Google scripts attached to the spreadsheet that power the Facebook and Instagram follower counts. If you only want to track Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest follower counts you don’t need scripts so you can start your own sheet.

In the case of Instagram you’ll be calling the API. I spent a bit of time figuring this out so hope I can guide you through, even if you have not done anything like this before.

Let’s start with the easy ones. (You’ll just be using XPath to get a value by using the ImportXML command.)


All you need to do is copy and paste the following into the cell where you want your follower count to show. You’ll just need to replace WSJ’s LinkedIn company page URL with yours.



Again, all you need to do is replace the URL with your own.

=IMPORTXML(“”,“//*[contains(@class,'FollowerCount Module’)]/span[@class='value’]”)

Google Plus

And here you just need to replace the account name +WSJ.


You will find that you get the results in two cells. My solution for this is to hide one of the results.

(You may need to replace the quotes when you copy over. Sometimes Google Sheets has a problem with curly quotes.)


Thanks to Martin Hassman who did the hard work and provided the Google script that’s attached to the sheet, Facebook is also pretty easy. You need to go to your Facebook page and right click to get the page_id number. (Go to source code and then search for page_id.)

Now write this into your Google Sheet, replacing the WSJ ID with your own page ID.


You may choose to create a whole spreadsheets of Facebook follows. You can copy this one which I’m using to note follower counts to WSJ pages, plus journalist pages. Note that it works with Facebook pages but not profiles.


Option A: This is the quick and easy option. Copy the following and write your Twitter handle in cell A1 of the Google Sheet. There are other options in this help forum


The problem I found with doing this is it returned a follower count with an ‘M’ for million instead of zeros. I therefore used the next option. You’ll probably only need to do this if the account you want to track has more than a million followers.

Option B: This takes more time. Jump over to this post and follow the steps there. You’ll be calling the Twitter API and so you’ll need get your own consumer key and consumer secret (all explained in the earlier post). 


If you’ve got this far then you’ll manage Instagram. You are going to register and call the Instagram API.

1. Sign into Instagram API developer console.

2. Register a new client and generate and Instagram Access Token. Here’s how. The disable step mentioned is in the security tab.

3. Go to your spreadsheet and select tools > script editor. You can then edit what’s already there. Jump to step 5.

Alternatively, if you want to create your own spreadsheet rather than the easier option of copying mine, go to tools > script editor > file > new script and add the following.

4. Copy and paste the following over the following:

function GetInstagramFollowers(id) {

 var url=“”+id+“/?access_token={the access token generated in step 2}”; // Paste your JSON URL here

 var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url); // get feed
 var dataAll = JSON.parse(response.getContentText()); //



(Note: You may need to go through and straighten quotes. I’ve found in the past that copying and pasting gives curly quotes. You need straight quotes.)

5. You now need the ID of the Instagram account/s you want to add. You can right click > view page source > search for “owner” and you will see the ID.

6. Replace the values in the script and remove the braces {}. Here’s what my script looks like (with my Access Token obscured).

You may need to debug and authorise the script. To debug, click on the bug icon. Make sure you save it (the save / disc logo).

7. Go back to the spreadsheet view and in the cell where you want the value appear paste =GetInstagramFollowers(12345), adding the ID in the brackets in place of the 12345.

You may choose to create a whole sheet of Instagram follower counts. In which case you might want to add the IDs in a separate cell (as I have done in column B) and reference back.