Finally started to study for my midterm tomorrow and just as I cracked open my books, the city pulls up in front of my neighbors house and starts to cut down a tree. So now I’m sitting here on Pinterest (@wonderfullifee) listening to the sounds of a wood chipper …

On a side note: I’m sorry my photos come out so crappy. I have a super nice Canon camera but my cat hid the memory card on me so I can’t take any photos until I get a new one.

anonymous asked:

This is probably a strange question, but I use pinterest a lot and I was wondering if you had any suggestions of pinners/boards to follow for witchcraft and paganism? Pinterest is much easier for me to sort through visually so I have been keeping a sort of lazy BOS over on it until I get a pretty notebook. Thank you!

I think ThisCrookedCrown has a pinterest with witchy boards. Maybe another Mod does or maybe some followers have boards or sugestions!