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So I’ve decided I wanted to make some cute TF merch and thought some niffty TF Enamel Pins would be cool! Haven’t really seen these around. Someone on an
“crit art board” suggested I throw these suckers up on my tumblr and do a little “Preorder” post and see if anyone would be interested.

I’m already working on making a bunch of sets, I.E. :Medical Staff, Seekers, FemBots, Minicons, Ex-Depictions, the G1 Boys, The TFP Gang, etc, etc, really the lists are endless.

ONE set for $20, TWO for $30. If I get over 100 orders, I’ll toss in this little guy!

Please send me a message here, or email to if you’re interested, and I’ll start to gather a sort of mailing list/people to inform when I’m ready to make these things.  Also send me a request on who you would like to see be made into a colorful helmet pin. I’m hoping to make these about an 1 x 1 inch in size. Nice and big!

Thanks y’all! Reblog and you shall be blessed by Primus.


Everything, Everything. 

“Just because you can’t experience everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience anything.”

In a nutshell…

Everything, Everything is a tale of a girl who has never experienced true freedom and independence. Yes, she knows love, care, and safety, however, her life is ruled by check-ups and doctors visits she has never been healthy enough to fully control life for herself. When the new boy moves in next door she begins to wonder if there is perhaps a solution to her loneliness which doesn’t compromise her health.

My Thoughts

📖 The Narrative Style

My favourite thing about this book is the style of which it is written. I loved the doodles, definitions and book reviews which were inserted into the story and added another layer of feeling to the events. 

📖 The Romance

The romance in this book was very sweet, it was rational, quirky and sensitive. The romance was the book’s central plot which was enjoyable however I think I would have rathered it remained a subplot. At the beginning it’s a narrative device to begin Maddie’s journey however by the end I think other factors offered a more substantial resolution. 

📖 The Tenderness

I liked reading about both Carla and Maddie’s Mother in this story as it was interesting how they both crucially wanted to protect Maddie and ensure her comfort, however, the dynamic and contrast between them raised a lot of good points which I wish I’d seen explored further. I would be interested in a sequel for the very purpose of exploring this side of the story as it’s quite an original concept in YA fiction. 

📖  Carpe Diem

I loved the philosophy that painted much of this book’s content. The idea that life is what you make it and you should live it to the full was explored wonderfully in this book. I love that this book left me with a feeling of adventure, and urge to travel. The lasting sense of excitement and hope at the close of the book left me feeling a lot lighter and fresher for having read it. 

I would rate this as…


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D0nt R3blog

So we’re in this restaurant right? All black folks, dressed up because we just finished the Senator’s event and our server is being REALLY weird and sort of rude so the old Black folks are like “he ain’t never seen no important looking Black folks before??” and I’m DEAD.

Also, my entrée alone cost 40 dollars and I’m like ?????? This food better be fancy af 😩

D0nt R3blog