pins and tacks

Jar curse

You’ll need:

- A jar you never want to use ever again

- A piece of card with their name written on it- fold it a bit to make it nice and strong to stick needles through without hurting your hands. This is your taglock for them

- 9 Sewing needles

- 9 Tacks

- 9 pieces of paper with their name and their bad deeds written on it. Things like their name followed by “Abusive behaviour”, “Know it all”, “Show off”, “Gossiper”, “Disrespect”. etc. 

- Fire proof bowl

- Water in case you accidentally set your altar on fire (believe me if you’re not careful these things happen)

- Chilli powder

- Pepper

- Vinegar

- Your spit

- Cigarette ashes

- Black candle

- 2 plastic bags

The cursing bit:

- Cast a circle and invite your elements and deities if you work with any.

- Grab the taglock and think about how hurt and angry this person makes you feel. Direct the angry energy you are feeling into each of the 9 pins and tacks and stab the paper. Keep the tacks and needles stuck in the taglock.

- Put the taglock into your jar

- Summon all your anger and spit three times on the taglock

- Take the 9 pieces of paper with their name and bullshit behaviours on them and burn them inside your fire proof bowl. Keep the water handy in case the burning gets out of hand. As each paper burns say “I curse you [Insert name]. Your abuse will return back to you 9 fold.”

- Dump the paper ashes into the jar.

- On top of the ashes dump the chilli powder, pepper and vinegar and cigarette ashes. Say I curse you [Insert name] may these substances sting and burn as you have stung and burned me.

- put the lid on and shake the jar up. Focus on your target. Imagine a ball of black energy is forming inside you. Inside that black ball of energy, put all your painful memories of that person, their negative words, their bad attitude, their abuse, all of your hate and tears and pain, your internal screaming, everything about them that makes you angry. Channel that hateful energy out through your hand chakras and into the jar. Take plenty of time to do this and don’t stop focusing on it until you feel there is nothing left you can put in. The jar’s energy should feel really awful. 

- Double bag the jar in the plastic bags and tie them shut. Take the bag outside in your back yard. If you have any left over residual hateful energy, now is the time to get rid of it. Summon any left over anger, scream and yell at the jar if you need to.Swear at it, anything. Then as forcefully as possible throw that jar and smash it. The energy will be released from the jar and find it’s target.

- Close the circle and smudge the hell out of yourself and anywhere in your house that the jar was.

-Leave the bag out overnight and collect the debris the next day inside the sealed plastic bags with no mess to clean up. That persons behaviour deserves a rubbish tip, so in this case I wouldn’t feel bad for throwing it in a bin and having it sent to land fill. Just get that shit out of your life and send it to a disgusting place of no return.


Ok, so this is only a rough play around with placement on the head collar. So please excuse the coloured pins ..and the blue tack! ;)) 

 All of this will have to come back off for actual sewing of the collar first etc before it’s then embellished, but I needed to visualise the workings out before I could do that. Also.. I don’t think I’m so keen on the gold so will possibly change that and maybe some of the bead/pearl colours. 

Anyway, wanted to share with you even though the finished piece will no doubt be quite different?! #alwaysis 


About my affection for tie-tack, butterfly clutch style pinbacks–I love these because that little circle you’re gluing things to is so small. You can turn a flat bead into a pin. A coin–a penny would make a lovely pin, just glue a tie tack to it! Or one of those flat acrylic sparklies you can get by the bagful. Anything can be a pin! 

Once you realize that ALMOST ANYTHING CAN BE A PIN the world opens up to you. Imagine it! A graham cracker? Can be a pin! Okay, not a very durable one, but still. A twig? A small flat rock? A boxtop? An old key?

And imagine what a conversation starter it could be. Imagine walking down the street and encountering a friend. “Friend,” they say, “are you wearing an eccentric arrangement of parakeet feathers as a brooch?” And you reply, “Feathers. Yes. Of course. Because I’m certainly not the sort of person who would attempt to wear a small live bird as a pin, right? That would be outrageous!”

(DISCLAIMER please do not attempt to turn live birds–or beetles or turtles or mice or newts or frogs or any other small animals–into pins. Just enjoy the fact that you could if you wanted to.)

I’m not kidding, though, about the fact that once you have a packet of pinbacks and a tube of E6000, the world is your oyster full of custom made pins.

If this idea excites you, I also suggest that you consider adding a pair of round nose pliers, a pair of chain nose pliers, and a spool of 20 gauge wire to your inventory, and then hit Youtube for some info on making basic loops and also wrapped loops, because once you can do that, a whole world of awesome design possibilities (including the discovery that nearly anything that’s not too heavy can be an EARRING) will open itself up to you. I’m not even kidding about that.


There’s only one week left in The Gilded Lily Kickstarter, so you know what that means–Add-On Poiks! We’ve added some exclusive add-on perks to sweeten this crowdfunding deal. 

$10 Add-On - Gilded Lily Collector Pin: Tack on a Hamilton and BAM, you get to show your Fig and Ford flair with this Gilded Lily collector pin. Just make sure you don’t wear it around the wrong part of town, you hear? They don’t take too kindly to “collectors” around some parts.

$15 Add-On - Digital Wallpaper: Fork over 15 to dazzle your chums with these exclusive, limited edition digital wallpapers featuring the Gilded Lily cast for your computer or phone. They’re gonna wanna know “gee, where’d you get those,” “hey, how can an average joe or jill like me get my own,” and “what’s a computer or phone?” Best not disappoint ‘em.

$35 Add-On - Additional Character Poster: 35: It ain’t just the year the Hoover Dam was completed, see? We got a lot of suspects in this crazy case, and if you want to keep track of them, you’re gonna need more than one (unsigned) character poster. Never fear, gumshoe: make yourself 35 green backs lighter and you’ll be on your way to starting your very own suspect board.

We hope you’ll enjoy these sweet little extras. Only one week left to get in on the Kickstarter fun!



I actually didn’t spend much time on “Vincent” today, but I got to do something important. I pulled all of the pins and tacks out and took my glued quilt top off the wall, and it went like a dream. I hadn’t used so much glue that it was stuck to the foam board (and I did worry that I had), none of my collage pieces fell off, and I apparently managed to not accidentally glue any pins in between all those layers!

Of course, there’s much more to do before it’ll be ready to quilt. I still need to make the border and figure out my edge treatment. Still, now I have a nearly complete top loosely pinned to my design wall.

After that, I pulled out “Bobbin, the Bold” and made a quilt sandwich to get it ready to quilt.

The reason Dustin is such an expert on compasses is because he’s a geography buff. He can tell you the population of almost any country and he knows a lot about all the different ecosystems across the U.S. Dustin also has big dreams of travelling all over the world. He’s got a globe and a pristine atlas in his bedroom along with a big world map stuck up on his wall. That map has tacks pinned in every place he wants to visit. And there are a lot of them.

Excellent objects to put into a curse jar:



lemon peels

cactus needles

needles (sewing, safety pins, thumb tacks, etc)

Ashes, from a fire. (fireplace, bonfire, etc)

Rusted objects, nails work especially well


Black or red colored objects

used matches


broken glass

decaying/dead plants (of your choice)

curse stones*

pepper (cayenne works best)

black petals

cursing/binding oil*

These objects are for informational purposes, I do not recommend or condone using curses on other people or animals.  Use and make curses/curse jars at your own risk and discretion.


For even more spells and chants visit here!

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Can you do the child not wanting to get out of bed ask with 2p axis?

2p Italy: Starts playing the trumpet in the child’s room

2p Germany: waves pieces of food in front of the child’s face

2p Japan: He has gongs in his house just for this

2p Romano: Playfully hits them with a pillow and tickle their feet

2p Prussia: Makes breakfast, let the smell come in the room, open the curtains, and pats their head until they wake up

2p Austria: has a grenade alarm clock that once the pin is tacking out, nonstop makes loud noises until the pin is set back in. Will literally throw that in the the child’s room and run away

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Hello, I'm about to start college this fall and have no idea what school supplies I need to buy. What do u recommend? Thanks!:)

personally i like to shop in both Walmart and the $1 dollar store for basics. at times i go and buy extras over at my local Staples and Office Depot!!

here are some posts i gathered up to help you out!!

essentials from this post:

  • backpack
  • calculator 
  • dry erase board
  • folders
  • glue stick
  • highlighters, pens/pencils
  • index cards
  • note paper/notebooks, textbooks
  • pen/pencils
  • post-it notes
  • push pins/tacks, stapler/staples, three hole punch
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • sharpie markers

your welcome and good luck in college!! 

Necromancing the Devil

Never fall in love with something dead. Really, that should be rule number one.

Sakura knew there was truth in the words of her parents when they warned her that idle hands were the workshop of the devil, she just never imagined how literal those words would be. She had never been fantastic at seals, the way she wished to be, but she had imagined she would have been able to deal with whatever came undone from the seals left behind in the abandoned shrine at the cresting edge of the Haruno’s most distant property in the Land of Tea.

“Not an imposter, but a true necromancer…” he mused with unguarded interest lighting up his eyes as they picked her apart, piece by piece until she had nothing left to hide.  The dead man made her feel too vulnerable.

“You.” Her eyes couldn’t not be wide. “I’ll put you back,” she said, proud of how powerful her lie sounded. Her voice didn’t shake like her heart did.

“Why would you want to do that?” he asked as he reached up to pull apart the folds of his robe.

The ends of his top exposed bare skin and a nasty looking seal, spinning and circular with red veins that flickered against the black lines like the embers on a charred log. He inhaled and the marks turned darker before exhaling out the sweet air. The action made the almost invisible flecks of red in the seal flare and blaze for a moment before they grew dim again. Breathing in and out it was hypnotic how he drew her eye. He was handsome enough, gods was he handsome, but it was the seal on his chest that sucked the bulk of her attention away. It was the same as the miniature one resting around her navel.

“You were a mistake.”

“Sending me back would be the mistake,” he warned, red eyes glowing. “You think this is not the fate of the gods that you of all people would resurrect me after our history?”

Sakura almost took a step back, but made her back ram-rod straight. “We have no history. You are no one to me but the monster that nearly stole the happiness away from all my friends. I’ll put you back and protect them.”

She saw the vein of panic before he could hide it. Uchiha were usually so much better about hiding their emotions, but Madara Uchiha had been too angry for too long to not be as expressive as he was. 

She felt her hair prickle her neck as it levitated away from her skin. Chakra was running fast through her and she was ready to dip into it.

“You…do not make mistakes. You reached for power, I reached for escape, our hands were meant for each other.”

He took a step and the rod in Sakura’s back melted as she bent at the knees and scooted backwards, hands up and cautious. He took another step, and she retreated until her back met the solid bark of an aging redwood. She inhaled and he stopped just beyond her reach, tall and looming.

Swallowing, he looked down at the base of her abdomen where her seal hid under the hem of her shirt’s fabric, and he moved to kneel before her; closer. He was so tall that even kneeling his face was level with the base of her chest. When he reached for her she moved to hold him back by his hair. His advance paused, but a moment later he eased his face closer, her hand on his shoulder having no more luck than the one in his his hair as he rolled up the hem of her shirt.

“Your story is here,” he breathed, not caring that the breath that carried his words caressed her flesh like a phantom and made goosebumps spread out across her skin. “They’ve rubbed off on you, that ambition, that thirst for power and dominance. Banishment suits you.”

“It’s a temporary measure to ease political fissures,” Sakura hissed, hating how her face flared with heat. She couldn’t blush and look pretty, only angry.

Eyes flicking upwards Madara drank in the sight.

“Forbidden from what you were so comfortable with, you ninjutsu, you turned to the things before time, the gods of life and death and everything in between.” He moved his hands to her hips, ignoring the lack of strength the hand on his shoulder held. Her hold of his hair was almost…erotically pleasant. “Your ancestors were priests and priestesses before they all went mad.”

“That’s not my intention. I…it was a seal, it wasn’t part of the banishment prohibition treaty.”

Madara hummed and she felt it. “A loophole for power. You sought a new way to make yourself dangerous and here I am. Who better to humble the nations than the man who united them in the first place? How foolish they were.” He leaned in and pressed the side of his face against her seal. His skin on hers made lightning flare under his contact. He was near vibrating.

“You’re the devil,” Sakura hissed, reaching for that old hate she once burned with. It had been many years now.

“Yes.” Madara lifted his head and looked up at her from beneath her breasts. “But you know I am no danger to you.” He leaned down and kissed her seal and she felt him through his. “Because you are my priestess, holy and devoted while I remain the devil worshiped in reverent whispers and blood.”

Sakura hated how she felt so weak all of a sudden. A handful of years and a peach pid sized seed of resentment couldn’t be all it took to fall so far that she was willing to join hands with this devil. He had nearly taken everything from her during the first war. So what if, years later, the worst of her depression would end her in front of her former best friend with a head bowed like the lamb at the slaughter. She was the scapegoat, she knew and she couldn’t blame Naruto for it.

‘I couldn’t ask this of anyone else,’ he told her.

‘Don’t worry about me. I’ll wait for it to all die down. Until then…’

That had been nearly a year ago and the itch that came with the lack of fight and flight made her near insane. Banned from what she loved and what she was best out, she turned to a new field. Scriptures and the half incoherent writings were only so engaging, but the seals and summoning crests were so similar to those ninja used she couldn’t turn away. Seven months of her nine month banishment went into making her the necromancer.

“I never called out to you. I’ll send you back.”

His hands were leaving bruses on her hip bones with how he gripped her then. She hissed and he relaxed. “No you won’t.”

“I will.”

He kissed her seal again and then trailed his lips higher, pushing the fabric up with his nose. “You will do many things to me, but that is not one of them.”

Sakura wanted to scream, but it was so hard to just remain standing. The seal around her navel, once white and unbroken, had morphed into something she couldn’t comprehend. “I won’t let you, I won-I will….I will. S-Stop it!”

She nearly slipped when her legs quaked at the knees and he caught her, easing her down to the ground and keeping her back to the ancient tree. She tried to stand and he only let her bend her knees before he pinned her down. His tongue licked the dip of her navel and she squirmed with how the heat flared through her. When he looked up his eyes might as well have been pins tacking her down like a butterfly on a cork-board. 

She couldn’t breath.

“Fear me. Love me, for I am your slave.” When he looked into her she knew he had seen her secrets and was holding them in his eyes for her to gaze back into. He knew what she wanted, what she was hungry for with a vengeance. The nasty underside of her heart was his to read. His to taste, his to devour. 

He kissed her again and it was reverent. “Let me rule you and the world is yours.”

He was dead and he was her devil and she had no excuse for how she closed her eyes in resignation and pulled him to her because he was right.

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Officer involved shooting [Ryan]



Castle is mindlessly surfing pinterest for - ironically? - images of surfers (not for his novel, just for distraction from the novel which is stuck in a horrendous way), when his cell phone vibrates on the desktop and makes him jump.

He snags it before the call can cut off, answers even as he checks the display.

“Captain Beckett,” he effuses.

“You haven’t had the police scanner on?” she rushes into his greeting. A clatter of noise in the background keeps him from understanding at first pass, but she keeps going. “You don’t know. You didn’t hear?”

“Hear?” he echoes dumbly.

“I need you at Lenox Hill,” she says, not an answer to his question but a different kind of answer altogether. “I need you to meet me. With - with a clean shirt. And-”


“It’s not me,” she clarifies. “It’s Ryan.”


He strides through the emergency room doors into the pristine white and cool efficiency of Lenox Hill Hospital, the tattoo it’s Ryan directing his pace. The central desk is long and broad and a security officer sits behind it, palms braced on the counter.

Castle approaches, but a police officer appears out of nowhere and gives a head nod, drawing Castle into the fold. He follows the officer, a man he doesn’t know, until they approach the elevators. Castle discovers the 54th lapel pin tacked to the man’s collar, and his questions ping inside his head, more and more questions.

On the elevator, the officer is terse even though he says nothing. Perhaps aware of Castle’s status. Perhaps simply worried for Kevin Ryan, who might be known to the youngish officer.

But once the elevator doors open, Castle finds his own way off and down the hallway, striding towards the ICU waiting room and the knot of blue standing there. Beckett is in the middle of them, though somehow standing alone, and he approaches with a dull roar in his ears.

The hem of her untucked blouse is soaked in a black-red stain of blood.

He holds up the bag he brought with her change of clothes and she takes him by that wrist, drags him out of the waiting room. He follows not just because he has to, but also because she looks broken-shelled, cracked in too many places to mend.

She pulls him into the women’s restroom, but he doesn’t complain, merely opens the bag and pulls out items of clothing.

She yanks on her shirt so hard that a button tears, held on by a mere thread. Her hands are shaking.

“Is Jenny-” he starts.

“She’s here. Kev’s gonna be okay. When through his knee. They’re doing surgery. He was diving out of the way.”

“Why is the 54th here?” he asks, keeping her talking. She shoves the ruined blouse into a trash can and turns back to him.

The bathroom door opens, an older woman. She stops at the sight of them, backs out again. Castle can’t be bothered to care. He takes the moment’s awkwardness to his own advantage, advances on Kate with purpose.

He yanks paper towels from the dispenser and wets them, begins scraping the water color stains of blood from her skin. She gives up trying, her hands fall immobile to her sides.

She meets his eyes, a bleak grief swallowing up all the color on her face.

“It’s okay, you said.”

“It’s - mostly. It will be.”

“We’ll start from there,” he answers softly, and then he begins to dress her.


Hit or Bust

A/N: This was an AU idea I had last year, but resurfaced when talking to @nothingbutwordsstuff, so I decided to write a one-shot about it. I left it open-ended in case I wanted to write another part later, if I have the inspiration, but I hope you all enjoy this!

Rating: T (for mentions of gambling and alcohol)

Summery: In a kill or be killed world, sometimes the greatest weapon is the mind, and your best deck of cards. 

“Damnit I can never win at this game!”

“Sorry, miss, maybe next time!”

Natsu Dragneel smiled, sending the young, rich, and probably drunk, woman off with a wave. Of course he just told the biggest lie in the universe, seeing as he never lost a game. If there was anything Natsu was good at, it was pulling the wool over people’s eyes, and deceiving.

Well maybe combat also fit the bill.

Unbeknownst to the people who entered the small casino parlor, Natsu Dragneel had actually aided the victory of many-a-war, but somewhere down the road, the lives that he took began weighing on his soul too heavily, and eventually, he just kinda stopped.

Of course he still had a way of getting what he wanted. And that was through games. Card games, board games, party games, games of chance, luck, life and death. And after about after about 400 years he had perfected his skill, and could flawlessly outsmart people at any day of the week.

And what he craved now, more than anything else? Information. Information on a person close to him who had gone missing recently. But the odd thing was, why was sniffing him out so hard to do? Tracking was usually one of his strong suits.

Natsu stuffed his deck in his pocket, as another dealer came to take over, forcing Natsu to straighten his tie, before leaving the small establishment, into the dark, damp street. Grimacing, he found it was drizzling out. Now his clothes would be ruined. Great.

Hat now tipped down to keep the rain out of his eyes as he picked up his pace into a light jog. Natsu took cover into a alley, where the roofs were angled in such a way that the water just missed him, allowing the lean man to rest while he waited for the rain to pass.

Natsu paused as he wrung the water out of his tie, hearing voices further down the alley, one of that being a more feminine voice, the other obviously being male. And so, with the utmost delicacy, he crept to the corner, the voices becoming louder as he did so.

“I won already, girlie, now… It’s time for my prize.”

“W-Wait, best two out of three…?”

“Not interested”

Natsu quickly showed himself before the situation could get anymore dicey than it already was, revealing a blonde girl in a red silky dress, and a guy in a suit, with a pin tacked on the front, looking like two intertwined hammers.

Looks like fate was smiling on Natsu today.

“Mind a change in players?” Natsu practically purred, stepping forward, past the shocked blonde, sizing up the man before him, who had dirty blonde, chin length hair, and animalistic eyes. This one shouldn’t be too hard.

“Oh yeah? And what do you want?” His opponent growled, eyes glancing back at the young woman who was to be his prize.

Natsu grinned, the corners of his mouth pulling back to reveal fanged teeth “Double or nothing, shall we?” he insisted “You win, you get both me and the girl, no questions asked.” Natsu could faintly hear said girl protesting behind her, but he easily dismissed it.

There was a small pause before the young man across from them raised a thin, curious brow “And if YOU win?”

“You tell us anything we want to know.” Natsu reasoned simply “Unless, that is, you’re scared to take a chance?” The two men entered a stare off., but Natsu already knew the outcome. Male pride was something so easy to use, it was laughable, really. Not accepting a presented challenge was like saying your own self-doubt to the enemy, at least in their own minds.

It wasn’t long before he agreed, albeit, a bit reluctantly, and Natsu walked over, sitting himself across from his new target, crossing one leg over the other.

“What’s the game?” The blonde male asked as Natsu pulled his deck from his vest pocket, shuffling the cards expertly.

“A game of wit.” Natsu answered, eyes alight with playful mischief , as he set the deck in the middle, of the small, makeshift table. “The game itself is simple. We each pull a card off the top of this deck, and the other must guess what it is. We each have three turns”

The other man looked apprehensive, narrowing his dark eyes at the pink haired guy across from him “Game of wit? More like game of luck. And what if neither gets it right after three turns?” he demanded, making Natsu roll his eyes.

“If it reassures you, if none of us get it within the allotted time, you automatically win.” Natsu answered impatiently, waving his hand dismissively, watching his expression turn much more sinister. Natsu couldn’t help but smirk. “With the odds stacked up like that, I’d say Lady Luck is in your favor, no?”

Human nature was always so easy to manipulate, and that much hadn’t changed over the years. Always so easy to rile them up, and make them walk right into your trap. Even now it was stupidly easy to read them. ‘I just have to wait it out and I win!’ was such a simple and cowardly thought, and this man would have to try much harder to win against Natsu in cards.

The first two rounds went as anyone would expect, and neither had guessed the others card, which in turn made the gentleman more excited and less focused, as he anticipated his victory.

Well, that was a lie; Natsu knew what the man’s card was, but he always enjoyed letting them think they had bested him only to utterly disappoint them again.

“Is it a queen of hearts?” the man said, eyes flashing dangerously as he thought he had already won. But what he hadn’t known was that he had lost the moment he crossed paths with Natsu.

“No. And your card is the jack of spades.” Natsu said simply, watching his opponent’s face drop in seconds.

“H-How-?! You just got lucky!” He barked, standing abruptly, Natsu standing casually after him, chuckling.

“I also know your last two cards you held were a two of diamonds and a 8 of clubs, because you were SO insecure about your game skills, that you swapped out your card on each turn.” Natsu stated matter-of-factly, stepping forward to rip the man’s sleeve, sending cards scattering from it, and fluttering into the puddles of water around them.

The once cocky individual paled, stepping back “H-How did you-!” he stammered, backing up, gasping as his back hit the wall, Natsu stepping towards him the whole way.

“If you paid any attention to your surroundings, you would’ve noticed the window directly behind you, which made it easy to see your cards and what you were doing, thanks to the dim sky.” Natsu quipped, before reaching out, snagging the terrified person by his suit collar.

“And now, you will tell me.” Natsu started coolly, before his gaze hardened, glaring hard enough to set the boy to flames in his hand, and speaking loudly and firmly;


Summer Feelings
  • Aries: the excited giddiness at a fair, sitting on the shoulders of your friend at a music festival, chewing expensive gum and wearing designer sunglasses walking down the beach
  • Taurus: rush of productivity, satisfaction that your life is going in the right direction, breathing in the salty beach air while driving with the windows down
  • Gemini: feeling like the main character in your favorite book, looking amazing in your skin, a game of tag in your front yard, sitting on the trunk of your car drinking with your friends during a bonfire
  • Cancer: taking group photos, braiding each others hair and picnics in the park, dreaming about the future, the get-ready hustle in the bathroom and trading lipsticks
  • Leo: feeling the sunshine while tanning in the sun, playing beach volleyball and getting sand everywhere, the sound of flipflops clacking on the sidewalk, beachy waves from the ocean water
  • Virgo: reading a classic on a beach chair, paper umbrellas in alcoholic drinks, flowy tank tops and bandeaus, pretty beach towels, the sound of seagulls
  • Libra: a summer romance, the cute guy in the swim trunks running next to the water, eating a snow cone, online shopping and blowout sales, trying on the cutest outfit for the first time
  • Scorpio: the feeling of a successful summer, laughing about the previous school year, taking polaroid pictures, making tents out of the curtains and pillows
  • Sagittarius: the new adventure promise of an airport, aviator sunglasses and cuffed short shorts, screaming and jumping on the rocks in the sea, pinning tacks onto a vintage maps of all the places you've been
  • Capricorn: beach cover-ups, lace and flowery print, a row of bracelets up your arm and painted nails, flash tattoos and feeling the warm sand under your toes
  • Aquarius: fourth of july fireworks, giving your friend piggy back rides and decorating rooms with band posters, listening to inspiring music and writing down your dreams, high-waisted everything and multicolored eyeliner
  • Pisces: group hugs and buying smoothies, sleepovers and skinny dipping into pools, yelling your favorite lyrics, lying in bed on your phone in the afternoons, staring at the stars and seeing things in the clouds

“Stop, Look, Listen" 

Put That Hand Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

When I first read the five senses prompt for the competition, I was so intrigued! My first instinct was to create a piece that would have contrasting experiences for the senses. Rather than having the senses work together in harmony, I wanted some senses to draw you in with their beauty and intrigue, while other senses thoroughly repulsed you. I landed with the concept of a corset that looked and sounded beautiful but that you should never, ever touch and that gave off a tangy metallic smell so strong you could taste it.

The rich curves of the corset and the delicate fringed embellishment draw you in, making you want to examine the corset further, as does the gentle tinkling noise it produces. It’s delicate and feminine in sight and sound. But once you approach the corset, you start to smell and taste what it is made of and get a better look at it, realizing that exploring the beauty through touch is out of the question. It makes the viewer admire the corset on my terms alone: Look, Don’t Touch.

For the pattern of the corset itself, I decided to go an overbust pattern I had that fit my dear friend Maddie, probably the only person I know who would willingly be like "yeah, sure” when I propose putting her in a corset covered in sharp objects. It was an ideal situation because I wanted something with rounded curves to offset the sharpness of the embellishment, so the overbust with gores was the perfect shape. 

The construction of the corset is a very simple single layer of black coutil. I wanted ease in construction, something that would be simple to embellish but tough enough in case a snag happened here and there with all the pointy delights that would be stitched on it. A good, solid coutil seemed like the perfect choice, and in black in case any horrific bleeding happened during the embellishment process. (Which, thankfully, it didn’t.)

Constructing the corset only took a few hours, but the embellishment took approximately 30 hours to complete, as every individual pin, nail, etc. is swing tacked to the corset so that it hangs freely in order to facilitate delicate tinkling.

The total tally of sharp things on the corset is:

  • ~400 pins
  • ~200 nails
  • 35" of barbed wire
  • 4 cut up razor blades
  • A few scraps of spiral steel

This corset was a ton of fun to work on because I love the concept and I’m also a sucker for intense handwork! I couldn’t be happier with the final product, it looks (and sounds) so lovely on my model! <3

Sound: I wanted the sound of the corset to match the femininity of the visual, so I set out to achieve embellishment that tinkled delicately when the wearer moves. There are a variety of objects in the embellishment, including nails, razor blades, and barbed wire, but the pins are essential to the lightness of the sound produced, so I had to scatter approximately 400 pins throughout the embellishment for the tinkling to be strong enough. 

Smell/Taste: The smell/taste is actually probably one of the most interesting parts of the corset to me. Metal has a very distinct smell that sort of becomes a taste in your mouth (at least to me), and I decided to do some research and see if I could find a way to enhance that. My hunt led me to learning that metal’s distinct smell is caused by its interaction with the oils of our skin, which is why our hands smell so strongly after having touched metal. This meant that the smellier I wanted the corset to be, the more I had to handle the sharp objects with my bare hands. Because of this, I opted out of using protective gloves while embellishing the corset. 

Touch:  I wanted to make a corset that should really never, ever be touched. I had this urge because my first instinct when I see something pretty is “oooooh I wanna touch it!”, and corsets in particular are pretty notorious for being fantastic to run your hands over the curves. I wanted the visual and the sound to draw you in, while other senses repulsed you. I wanted conflicted senses to make the viewer admire the corset on my terms alone: Look, Don’t Touch. This, to me, of course meant using nails, pins, barbed wire, razor blades, and deconstructed spiral steel scraps in the embellishment.

Sight: Sight is one of the senses that should pull you into the corset. The curves are sumptuous, and the embellishment is layered and visually interesting enough that you want to get a closer look at it. I wanted it to look like a feathery fringe from a distance, so that you can’t see what exactly it is until you get close enough to smell/taste it and start to put two and two together, which would make you then back away if you value your safety (or you can be like me and still want to touch it haha!). 

Model: Maddie Wiberg (residentspooks)