pins and tacks

The reason Dustin is such an expert on compasses is because he’s a geography buff. He can tell you the population of almost any country and he knows a lot about all the different ecosystems across the U.S. Dustin also has big dreams of travelling all over the world. He’s got a globe and a pristine atlas in his bedroom along with a big world map stuck up on his wall. That map has tacks pinned in every place he wants to visit. And there are a lot of them.

Flowers, Part 3

Author’s note: Again, typed this up on my phone. I’m kinda liking the convenience of it even if I can’t do everything stylistically that I’d like (read: I’m lazy). I meant for this to be an open ended conclusion to the mini series as their stories don’t really end. I do not own any part of Blizzard or its many franchises or characters.

Widowmaker’s eyes squeaked open reluctantly. This time the lighting was dimmed, manageable for her pupils. She looked around analyzing her surroundings. Flowers still rested by her head but this time they sat upon a dark chestnut side table. Blinking, she realized she wasn’t in a hospital room any longer. Personal effects cluttered the wall, pictures of planes, a UK flag pinned up with tacks, a photo of Winston lifting up a laughing Lena without her harness, a wedding snapshot of a dark haired couple laughing in each other’s arms. Her head still ached and she reached for her temples. Fingers slid over suction cups attached to her skull as she realized she was no longer restrained. Warm hands quickly captured her wrists.

“Aren’t ‘sposed to mess with those, love.” Lena’s face came into focus slowly in the low light, the dull blue glow of her accelerator outlining her features.

“Where am I?” a question she already knew the answer to.

“My room,” Lena answered slowly after resting Widow’s hands down by her sides, “Angela… Wouldn’t let you stay in the med bay…”

“I assume that’s ‘putting it nicely’ again?” Lena’s mind raced with her pleas to Angela and the angry words about “wasting time and equipment.”

She shrugged, “Winston and I wanted to run some tests anyway. So here we are.” Lena traced nervous circles around Widow’s knuckles and the frenchwoman processed her surroundings.


“You keep askin’ that, love, and I don’t… I don’t really know. I guess… Maybe I still held out some stupid hope…”

“I am not your Amelié.”

“She was never really mine…” The words saturated the air, making it hard for either woman to breathe. “'Sides, I know that. Amelié was smart, and kind, and beautiful-”

“Am I none of those things, cherié?” Widow chided almost jokingly.

“- And Gérard was her whole world.” She shook her head. “They keep saying Amelié died the night Gérard was killed, but I know that’s not the truth.” Looking Widowmaker in the eye, she continued, “Amelié died long before that. She would never hurt Gérard. You did that. You killed him.” The weight of those words settled on Widow as she nodded.

“I remember that. They killed your friend and built me from her bones.”

Tracer looked down at their hands and drew a long breath, “I died once too you know.” The words were barely audible, but they echoed from the hollow look now settling in her eyes. She slowly shook her head, “I guess that’s your answer then. Why I saved you. The real question though is why didn’t you kill me?” Widowmaker’s eyebrows furrowed as she considered the question. She tilted her head, prompting the girl to expand. “I’ve got a count of 3 times you coulda killed me. Twice on the roof the night you killed Mondatta and once the night you got nicked with that arrow. So why didn’t you kill me?”

Widowmaker shook her head, pain radiating from the base of her skull with each movement. “You were not the target,” she stated plainly after a moment of deliberation.

“Yeah, but neither were those guards and you killed least a half dozen of them.”

Pain flooded Widowmaker’s head again. “They were in my way.”

“And I wasn’t?” She kept pressing.

“I just enjoyed toying with you.” Lena’s features relaxed as she leaned back into her chair, a cocky grin splitting her face.

“Enjoyed toyin’ with me, eh?” Her eyebrow raised, punctuating her flirtatious tone.

“I… Yes. I don’t…” Flustered was the best word Widowmaker could come up with for her haphazard state, and it angered her. Heat rose in her chest. The monitors above her head started beeping violently and Lena collapsed into a fit of giggles. A startled snort rose from the corner of the room. Winston jumped from his makeshift desk and trotted over, pressing buttons on the monitors frantically. His eyes darted between the women and settled on their linked hands.

“Lena,” he reprimanded, “what is the point of running these tests if you’re only going to interfere?”

Lena tamed her last few giggles and patted Winston on the arm. “Don’t worry, big guy, I’ll leave her alone.” Lena rose from her chair but leaned her face to Widow’s ear. “I’m not done toyin’ with you yet either, love.” The breath on Widow’s ear made her chest thump. Lena planted a peck on her cheek and it felt like some struck a match on her skin. Standing up straight, the young woman wore one last grin and threw a subtle wink at Widow. Winston pinched the bridge of his nose with one paw while shooing the girl with the other.

“Oh, and enjoy the flowers, love. They’re lily-of-the-valley. 'Returning of happiness’ they said. And a little luck in love.” With another wink and a sigh from her gorilla friend, she trotted out of the room, the happiest she had been in weeks.


Something I came up with during therapy a while ago-I gathered all of my favorite, most inspiring quotes (by dozens of people) that would help me get through the day. I pinned them to a tack board so I could look at them every day and read them. On it, I have many of mark’s tweets because they are so inspirational. They have gotten me through many rough days.

Now, Mark, Cyndago and the fans need each other more than ever. So I thought I’d compile a few of my favorite and most appropriate Mark tweets I have hanging.

Someone out there probably needs these right now, including Mark and Cyndago. Every thought of mine tonight is pain for them and their loss. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. Remember that now we all must come together like the family we are and hold everyone up.

If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, or just need someone to talk to, reach out. I promise you, there is always someone who is willing and wants to listen and help. I promise you that.

The world needs you. You’re the only you there will ever be. That’s pretty special.

“…everything will be okay.”