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Happy NYE! 🎉Stunning pic of my Planchette Amulet on @jmhart 🖤😍🖤 I haven’t decided how I’ll celebrate tonite but I really love seeing all my fellow night creatures dressed up! 🦇⚰️🍾 Also pictured are my fav coven babes @danaglover (bat pin) and @arcana_obscura (rings ✨) I hope everyone has a wonderful nite! Honestly, the outlook for 2017 isn’t great but I love my art and music community and I’m ready to fight to protect everyone and everything that makes it the diverse, magical, safe place it needs to be!!! ✨necklace link in bio✨😘

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Lol so what does it mean to be a theater kid?

• Their favorite hangouts are the local theatre, chorus room, the thesbian dressing rooms, drama room, and the choir teacher’s office

• Always singing show tunes like it’s an all day every day musical

• Most of their wardrobe consists of tee shirts from past plays they’ve put on, broadway shows they’ve gone to, or dress shoes dunno why just dress shoes maybe a peacoat

• If you don’t know every word to RENT or can break out into the dance choreography to Oklahoma or Westside Story at the drop of a hat you can’t hang around them :/

• No boundaries between people at all?? you’re at the library and all of a sudden one is sitting on your desk snapping their fingers to a tune in their head???

• They always walk around in packs and smell like coffee from all those “totally long late nights at the auditorium practicing those knee slides amiright?”

• The kid who volunteers first for things just so they can get up in the front of the class and put on a “show” like you’re doing a math presentation you don’t gotta go full Danny Zuko here it isn’t grease lightning pointing out those square roots

• They somehow are always tight with the drama/chorus teacher and comment on their facebook photos

• it’s not theater…. it’s “theatre”

• Probably smoking weed with the sound and lights guy in the storage closet while wearing a shirt advertising their next musical

• the bigger the hair on the guys the better the talent by golly

• animated…. why are they all so animated all the time where is the off switch

• they have inside jokes with other theater kids from 14 years ago that have to do with that one person missing their cue or that one wardrobe malfunction

• pronounces musical as “musiCAL”

• “yeah Hamilton was good and all but isnt it a bit mainstream? burns me up to see all these people buying tickets to see a show they can’t fully appreciate like you don’t even know your plays man how can you compare”

• very SEXUALLY ACTIVE?? giving head in the auditorium? Feeling each other up backstage before they go on? hooking up probably on the main stage in between practice? in-character roleplaying even when you’re doing a seussical??

• do any of them not have the famously known two acting masks icon as a pin or a ring? (whatever it’s called)

• always at the school at weird times because of the productions and “complaining” about it as a way of boasting and advertising

• the callback sheets are god’s letter into heaven

• always carrying lemon and honey no matter what?? it’s always there? pull it out of their bra? underwear? shoe?

• no no no no it’s not actor it’s actOr

• “there’s no small parts just small actors!”

• getting into a car with them & hanging out with them is like being that one character in every movie that does not understand why a musical is going on around them

• Sometimes checking back at the old high school to judge the new talent in the plays

• always keeping a stash of stage makeup on hand in case an opportunity turns up

• Military boot camp is nothing if you’ve survived TECH WEEK. That calls for the upmost celebration

• they all love kale this is fact don’t fight me on it they do probably smoke it out of a bong

• being…. that way™

Witches on a budget🌙

If you can wait a few weeks for shipping, you’ll save SO much money with the Wish app. (I advise using a credit card rather than debit just for safety but I’ve never had any problems nor has anyone I know with the app) 

 There’s all sorts of things:

 ✨Bulk packages vials

 ✨incense burners as well as incense

 ✨crystals, tumbled, assorted, spheres, clusters, wands

 ✨ jewelry, hair pins, rings, bracelets 

✨ journals that are perfect for grimoires and lovely designs!

Here’s a few pictures of the things I’ve found so far. Good luck my witches. Blessed be🥀

Let’s Meet At Luke’s Part 3

Catch up on Let’s Meet At Lukes!

                “Yes! Yes you did!” Rory laughed as Dean chuckled, shaking his head. “I do not ever remember telling you I’d watch you walk around a book store and shop for 6 or 7 hours,” Dean said as he looked down at her. Rory smiled softly at him. “Today’s been a lot of fun,” she said as she turned toward him, staring up into his hazel eyes. “You know, Rory, I thought for sure that when I left, I’d never see you again, but, now that I have…” he whispered leaning closer to her.

               Rory smiled and leaned up, their lips inches apart. She could smell the mint he’d sucked on after finishing his cup of coffee. Which, she could still smell a hint of as well; Rory closed her eyes, anxious to feel his lips on hers again. Suddenly, her phone began to ring, causing her to jump back, Dean doing the same as he cleared his throat and rubbed his neck awkwardly. Rory’s eyes were wide as she dug around in her purse pulling her phone out and seeing a missed call from her mother. “Sorry about that,” she said smiling as she shoved her phone back into her purse. “Don’t worry about it, I should get you home anyways,” Dean sputtered as he walked her back to her car. “You know, we should go out again, this was a lot of fun. What are you doing tomorrow night?” Rory asked as they stopped at her car.

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Tag Partner

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A/N: I suck at writing matches, so that’s why I skipped over it. I hope you still enjoy it! :D

Pairing: Jeff Hardy X F!Reader

Summary: The Hardyz are in need of a tag partner to go against Edge, Christian and Lita. You join them on your first night and Jeff has an instant attraction to you. What will happen after the match? (I suck at summaries)

Warnings: Swearing?? NSFWish???? (No Smut! Sorry I can’t write that for shit)

Word Count: 800+

Jeff and Matt stood in the ring, anger rolling off them in waves. They couldn’t find one woman that would wrestle with them. Not a single one!

“You don’t have a third partner! You know what that means, right? We win by default!” Edge laughed.

The ring announcer stepped into the ring, microphone in his hand. “And the winners by default-”

Your music cut the announcer off. You came walking down the ramp, hands hitting against the fans.

“Oh my god! Who  is this?!”

“My god! It’s Y/N!”

The crowd screamed and cheered, you weren’t sure if it was because of you or if it was because the Hardyz could perform.

You slid into the ring and stepped in front of the Hardyz. You stared at Lita from across the ring.

Matt and Jeff were in shock and couldn’t believe that you would be fighting along side them. You were a part of them now.

“You ready, boys?! We’re going to kick their asses!” Matt gave you a nod, a smirk gracing his face. Jeff on the other hand, just looked at you, his eyes raking up and down your body.

Your face flushed as you slipped out of the ring and onto the apron.

You threw your arms in the air. You picked up the win after hitting Lita with your finisher. Matt slipped into the ring after stopping Edge from breaking the pin.

Jeff slipped into the ring and pulled you up and into his arms, Matt wrapped his arms around the both out you as the crowd cheered so loud it was almost deafening.

The chanting your name. You raised Jeff’s hand as the ref raised yours and Matt’s.

You followed the boys up the ramp and through the curtain. Matt tossed an arm around your shoulders. “Holy crap! You were great out there!”

You smiled up at Matt. “Thanks. I’m really glad my first night could be with you guys.”

Matt rubbed your back before pulling away. “I need to shower. I’ll see you around.”

You nodded your head, turning to Jeff who was looking at you, his eyes once again raking up your body.

You couldn’t help but check him out yourself. His body covered in sweat, his chest rising and falling with quick, rapid breaths. You bit your lip as your mind filled with inappropriate thoughts of what he might look like after…

He licked his lips and then made eye contact.

“Uh, see ya around, Jeff.” You were quick to walk away, towards the locker room. You didn’t want Jeff to see the red rushing to your face.

Just as you were about to push the door open a strong hand stopped you. Turning, you were met with Jeff.

“You were amazing out there. Your finishing move was killer.”

“Thank you.” You smile shyly, looking at your ring boots.

“Congratulations on picking up the win and getting the crowd on your side already,” Jeff said, stepping closer.

“I think that was because of you guys. I couldn’t have debuted with anyone better.”

“Can I ask you something?” Finally looking up, you could see softness in Jeff’s eyes. “Sure.”

“Would you like to go out sometime? Get dinner or something?” You bit your lip and nodded. “I would love to.”

Jeff stepped closer and was quick to attach his lips to yours. You were shocked, to say the least. I mean, yeah he was hot as fuck and you wanted to kiss him since you laid your eyes on him. But you were excepting him to kiss you right away.

It took you a moment or so to finally kiss back, once you did, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into you. One of Jeff’s hands slid into your hair while the only laid on the small of your back, pressing you closer to his body.

He slips his hand down your back, grabbed and squeezed your ass. You moaned as you pulled away, taking quick breaths. Your hands gripped his shoulders and he began kissing down your neck, his hands gripping your hips and ass.

He shoved you into the locker room door. You slid your hands up his shirt, digging your nails into his chest.

“Jeff!” You moaned. He smiled against your neck. “Wait…Wait a second.” He pulled away from your neck. “Don’t you think you should take a lady on a date first?”

Jeff smiled. “I am taking you on a date. Just not right now.” With that, he reached up and turned the knob on the door. You both tumbled into the room.

Jeff kicked the door shut behind him as he held you up. You pushed him up against the door and fumbled to lock the door.

You kissed him roughly, as he flipped you so you were now pressed against the door. “Take it off!” You whispered into the kiss, tugging on his shirt. Jeff chuckled before stepping back and pulling his shirt over his head.

You felt up his chest, biting your lip. “Fuck…” You whispered. “Take yours off. Now.”

Slowly you pulled your ring top over your head, leaving you in your bra. Jeff moaned at the site of you. “Fuck. You’re in for one hell of a ride, Darlin’.”

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#40 with Seth!

Prompt: “The kids, they ambushed me.”

Today Seth had been booked to make an apperance a local venue for kids. You loved seeing him interact with the WWE universe, especially the kids. He was currently sat behind a table with a couple other superstars signing things and aswering questions. You smilled seeing them all interact with fans, seeing how happy the fans were to meet their heros. There was a slight pause in the meetings so decided to go out on a coffee run for everyone. Waiting in line for the coffee a couple of fans came over to talk you and take a few pictures, although you didn’t wrestle the fans got to know you through seeing Seth post little snippets of you guys online and luckily fell in love with your’s and Seth’s relationship. Your name was called so you grabbed the coffee and headed back to the meet and greet. Stepping inside you handed everyone their coffee, everyone bar Seth.

“Hey C, have you seen Seth?” You asked Cesaro, handing him his coffee.

“He went out to go say hi to some of the kids” He motioned towards the curtains, peeking your head out you saw Seth on floor with 4 children climbing all over him, ‘pinning him in the ring’. Seth heard your giggle and whipped his head round to see you.

“(Y/N)! You gotta help me! The kids, they ambushed me.” giggling you stepped out from behind the curtain and placed his coffee on the table. You noticed a couple of people were taking photos and video’s, honestly you didn’t blame them it was a pretty cute scene. Crouching down by Seth you turnd to the kids.

“What do you say kids? should I help him?” They all shook their heads screaming a no. “Sorry babe the kids have spoken…..guess Cesaro will have to be my new cuddle buddy.” Sighing you turn around.

“Jackpot!” You hear Cesaro shout from behind the curtain causing everyone to chuckle.

“No. you cant leave me at the mercy of the children! Their power is too strong!”

“Sorryyyyyy. I love you!” with that you went back behind the curtain to chat with some of the guys. About 5 minutes later Seth came throught the curtain looking slightly disheveled and flushed. “Have fun out there?” you smirked at him handing him his coffee.

“You left me out there to die and already had a replacement for me lined up!” He pouted taking a sip from his coffee.

“What did you want me to do? They were to strong!”

“I don’t know, your a woman. All women have like that mom power that can control kids.” You laughed and shook your head at him.

“You survived didn’t you?” You sat down on the edge of the table folding your arms.

“Yeah….but still.”

“Nuu no but still’s. You’re just upset a bunch of kids beat you up.”

Oh I am not!”

“Oh yeah? Well tell your face that.” He rolled his eyes at your comment. Coming to stand between your legs.

“You’re so mean to me. Why am I still with you?” He chuckled at your now fake hurt exression.

“Bitch please I’m to fabulous for you.”

“Damn right you are.” He leaned in and captured his lips with yours. Smiling you pull away slightly.

“It was cute seeing you with those kids though.” Seth chuckled and pulled you in for another kiss.

“Hey! No! Thats my cuddle buddy. Get your damn hands off!” You and Seth broke apart in hysterics at Cesaro’s comment.

“Guess you’re the one who’s been replaced now.” You heard someone mutter to Cesaro.

Prompt from this list.



1) Mourning ring, 1550-75, Europe.

2) Mourning pendant, 1704, Massachusetts, Colonial America.

3) Mourning brooch, early 1800s, England.

4) Mourning brooches, mid 1800s, England.

5) Mourning bracelet, 1840-60.

6) Mourning brooch, 1851.

7) Mourning brooch, 1859, England.

8) Mourning stickpin, late 1800s, England.

9) Mourning brooch, 1887, England.

10) Mourning ring, 1896, England.

Viktuuri had 12 episodes of romantic build up with mutual pinning, a kiss, engagement rings, pair skating and people call it baiting

But all Kubo said was that Mila was kinda starting to be into Otabek and people already think they’ll date, even though they haven’t interacted

Y'all are incredible

What’s in my bag tag!

I clutter irl as much as I do on my builds.
Ah this was fun so thanks for tagging me @wanderlust-sims 🌹

Currently in my bag: oh yikes okay so my handmade sketchbook, reading book , and headphones cause ya never know when you’ll end up at a park or something. Altoids box filled with bobby pins, rings, and necklaces.
My glasses cause I can’t see. A rando lighter. My little baby daisy perfume cause I like to smell like flowers. Me burtsbees chap cause without it I’d be dry as heck. The wallet with no monies
Me medication(that I really need to refill) annndddd my Polaroid camera. annddd this light jacket for chilly nights

I tag: @rosy-sims @spellburstss4 @dreamteamsims @blackmojitos @glitterychaostriumph @anyone else who wants to share c: