When @therealjacksepticeye sent the news about having the PMA merch out, I just asked my uncle ASAP and buy me one of Jack’s PMA pins, because, well I liked pins. However I’ll only be able to get it on december since he doesn’t have time to send it to me right now.

but I’ll still wait for that pin. I’m gonna wait it until the end. I’ll get that pin no matter what. Because if jack taught me one thing is that I need to have a more positive outlook in my life.

And I really want to say thank you to jack. You coming into my life is the best thing that happened to me.

A few years Ago I started drawing a lot of fanart for a lot of other youtubers, but then you came across those youtubers, then I suddenly started drawing a lot of fanart of you a bit more. And from last year on Oct 31, I was going through a lot of hardships and I didn’t know what I was going to do to and felt like I should give this up. and then when I was going through the list of videos, I saw your video about the septicart special you were going to feature for halloween, and I participated in it just in case you might feature it. I didn’t really think of it much because I thought you’d dislike it from the start, but when I sat and watched through the entire video, I saw what I didn’t think would be possible; my art

When I watched you and hear you giving me a lot of compliments and how great it looked, I felt like I could cry, because a lot of the times, when I send fanart, most of it would be ignored by a lot and noticed by a few. But after you, who was kind enough to take some time and browse through a million of us fans making fanart for you, found my work, was the only thing I needed to get myself back up again.

And then I started doing a lot more and eventually you started to notice it again

and again

and I know I might sound repetitive, but I still want to thank you for saving me through my hardships. Your videos are really the best things I could’ve watched in my entire life. They kept me upbeat and optimistic. And the community is really nice and they all have that good PMA spreading like wildfire everywhere. 

So jack, I just wanted to say


The kickstarter is now live!!!

You can click here to check out the kickstarter, and you can support my project by backing it!

It has from now until September 16th to be funded!

In order to have the above iron man pins created, I need to reach my goal of $400 - this will cover the production cost ($325-370), plus shipping, supplies, printing, and kickstarter fees.

Every backer $15 or more will receive one pin once the project is fully funded!


Thinking of doing some patches or pins for my LGBTQIA cryptid and paranormal lovers! Whaddyathink?

Also send me suggestions for more, they’re in development!

EDIT: Prints available now on Etsy at


Pocket Sigils Enamel Pins 

The talimans pins arrived at home and here are a few pictures of them! They look so great!! ZapCreatives did such an amazing job!! 

I’m currently packing everything for all the Kickstarter backers! ♥ 
They won’t be put on my online shop before September! 

Also, you’ll find me at Harajuku Festival (Paris) again this year! I’ll have the pins and all the other merchs! I’ll try to do something new! 

Thank you for your support, lots of love to you all ♥

This is something I’ve actually thought a lot about. I see so many posts and people mentioning how difficult it is to get through the day as a genderfluid person, when your gender identity shifts during activity or specific situations.

I’ve seen some people come up with cute solutions to this, such as a bracelet that has pink on one side, blue on the other, and people can flip it, or even certain codes or gestures. That’s when I started to think about this pin.

Then I thought of another one.

I got so excited about the idea of pins I thought about also making little pins of maybe food with flags on them.

However, I ran into a slight problem….

I have no idea how to make them.

and I currently don’t have money to spend learning how to make them, or to get the tools required to. But I do really like these ideas, and wanted to see if anyone else liked them too.

Congrats on 20 million @therealjacksepticeye pin design