Hi and welcome back to week 4 of, our round up of new music posts here on Jungle Indie Rock.

Leon Bridges - Better Man

Gypsy & The Cat - Can’t Stop Me Now

Auction For The Promise Club - This May Hurt

Courtney Barnett - Dead Fox

Slim Customers - Pretty Girl

PINS - Young Girls

Desaparecidos - Backsell

ScotDrakula - Break Me Up

The Marphoi Project - King of Majesty

Girlpool - Before The World Was Big

Muse - Mercy 

Ryn Weaver - The Fool

Spoon - Inside Out 

Breaking Benjamin - Failure

Young Josh - The Day I Left (feat. Rachel Swanepoel)

Lunisolar - Safety

The Analog Affair - Lies

Louis Berry - 25 Reasons

The Vaccines - Night Changes (One Direction Cover)

Sunflower Bean - I Hear Voices

The Milk Carton Kids - Poison Tree

Holly Miranda - All I Want Is To Be Your Girl

Bob Dylan - The Night We Called It a Day (David Letterman)

The Milk Carton Kids - Monterey

Lila Rose - Confessions

Vague Advice - Aster

The French Broads - The Floor Below

HARTS - Streets

Foo Fighters - Everlong (David Letterman)

Tame Impala - ‘Cause I’m A Man

Destroyer - Dream Lover

Aquilo - Put Me Down

Dutch Party - Howl

Eddie Vedder - Better Man (David Letterman)

Rosechild - Sea Of Green

Water District - Dear California

Rob May - Welcome Bachelor

Brandon Flowers - I Can Change (Lyric Video)

Jaws - Bad Company

Aloe Blacc - I Won’t Cry Anymore (Marvin Gaye cover)

Brandon Flowers - Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Live @ SiriusXM)

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