I’m not saying all of these things are true. But what could have been the truth? I see there are a lot of things the history books are hiding for us. I haven’t confirmed the things “revealed” here, but what if they’re really true? Can you imagine how much information is deprived from us by books and education that is one-sided (aka pointing to Marcos-is-bad)? I guess some parts of this video is quite overly making Aquinos look bad and Marcos look good, but I guess the same goes for elementary education making Marcos look really evil too.

I am not really a Marcos supporter, but we can’t deny that he did a pretty good job with the Philippine economy and stuff. Also.. Cory, a regular housewife suddenly winning just because of his husband, it’s like people voting for Erap before because he’s an actor.

But anyway, I hope we can get rid of rich people just getting richer and richer and poor people getting poorer and poorer.

Fight Filipino Ignorance. More videos of Pinoy Monkey Pride here.  /though I haven’t watched all of them either/ Other vids here are a little too harsh/blaming-aquinos-for-everything, I guess.

Also, we just can’t blame everything on the government. I mean, we all have our own faults for what’s happening. [also pointing to lack of discipline]

Let’s watch with an open mind. I’m not saying we should believe these videos easily, but let’s also not believe everything the media or other things easily too. [Well, isn’t the media part of the oligarchy too? They may say it’s the truth, but of course they choose what truth to show.]

/di ko alam kung bearing tong blog post na to. but whatevs. /not supporting and not hating anyone in this post. just some thoughts. promise.

/I learned about these vids from a friend, but I was amazed at how I can relate these to what we are talking about in Pan Pil 17.


I’m sorry but, I am already too embarrassed about some of my country men’s mentality. The way they are brainwashed into thinking about way too much of their pinoy monkey pride. It reflects everywhere, not only inside the country, but outside too, not only in television but in the government too! 

The Jessica Sanchez not winning American Idol issue has gotten way out of hand! Filipinos are so insensitive towards this. Just because you can vote in skype doesn’t mean you can rig the votes by voting 50 times just to force what you want. You have to respect that AMERICAN IDOL is made and to be decided by the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is unfair of the Filipino mass to force what they want into another’s country. It is embarrassing how uncivilized some of the filipino mass are being bitter about it, when they DO NOT have the right to vote for something that should be decided by ANOTHER NATION. MM sounds like current political issues eh *coughpacquiaocoughsottocough*. Like one of my acquaintances said, “the rest of the world is just an audience.”  We don’t involve ourselves in things that’s none of our business.

And when the Filipino mass do not get what do they want, THEY COMPLAIN, like a whining pregnant housewife almost ready to be in labor. And they would call it CHEATING.  Geez, this reflects a lot on how you blindly vote for your government officials too ain’t it?

People keep forgetting to use their commonsense over the pinoy monkey pride to represent our own country. I don’t care if it’s because she’s filipino or you’re just speaking your mind to express your bitterness because you voted 5989584905849 times to support. YOU HAVE TO RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE OR NATIONS TOO AND RATIONALIZE. LOVING YOUR OWN COUNTRY/HERITAGE IS NOT ENOUGH IF YOU DO NOT USE YOUR BRAIN TO TAKE CARE OF IT. RESPECT. LEARN IT.

Regardless of talent or not, we shouldn’t feel bitter about things we’re not involved in. We have our own problems to deal with, vote your pinoy idol not some other country’s. HAHA.


NINOY + PEOPLE POWER: Hidden Truths The MEDIA is NOT Telling Us!  

para ito sa ika-26 na taon ng Himagsikang EDSA