Negosyo o kalayaan? Bayan o sarili? PUMILI KA.

translation: “Business or freedom? Country or self? Choose.”

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DAGITAB x Starry Night 

A long overdue (fan-made) movie poster painting of one of this year’s entry in Cinemalaya 2014 - Year 10,DAGITAB - Sparks directed by Giancarlo Abrahan, starring Eula Valdes and Nonie Buencamino. 

“…it’s not about letting go or moving on, because they never really leave. They leave a void, and you carry that void with you, always. It’s a matter of growing up, you don’t move on, you just become a bigger person until that void doesn’t feel as big.”

The movie’s 10/10  I hope I get the chance to watch it once more. 


Hello guys! It’s been a while since I’ve said something here. 

As y'all know, last week was Cinemalaya’s 10th anniversary in hosting a prestigious indie film festival here in the Philippines. And as they celebrate it, comes a whole new line of full-length new breed films, and director’s showcase films as well as short features. 

The 1st poster attached along with this blogpost is one of the short films that belongs to a cluster of short films (Shorts A), Asan Si Lolo Mê? , a film directed by a UP graduate, Sari Estrada. I made this poster a while back while she was still doing her thesis in UP, and was surprised that it was one of the finalists for this year’s Cinemalaya; and finally, yesterday, it won the best short film.

I was lucky enough to have made two paintings/posters for two short films that were finalists for Cinemalaya X. One was entitled Mga Ligaw Na Paruparo, directed by J.E. Tiglao.(2nd poster).

Both were really really awesome films so props to the directors.

To have these two works hanged along the Cinemalaya poster gallery was already too much to handle. I was really freaking out to see these two beside each other so I took a “selfie”

External image

And yesterday, a news came to me saying that one of these two made it to the top 3 best posters for this year’s Cinemalaya X, my poster for Sari’s film, Asan Si Lolo Mê?



because it actually happened. My poster, a finalist and one of the top 3 best posters for Cinemalaya. I was too basic to handle the spaz. HAHAHA! I went rushing to my mom, ugly crying, telling her the news that I surprisingly made it as a finalist. Asintado got the prize for the best poster, but it didn’t matter because seeing my posters hanging on the walls of CCP is already something, and having one as a finalist is already gold for me. 

As i’ve tweeted yesterday, it’s a milestone in my freelance painting hobb. And I would like to give my thanks to the directors for trusting me with their movie posters. Thank you so much, you guys. God bless your beautiful, colorful, and cinematic souls. 

Denouement (Ang Katapusan/The Ending)


A novelist struggles in his writing and realizes that his girlfriend may be the reason behind. Now he tries to decide between his beloved art and his beloved heart. Whatever decision he makes will only lead to an end.

Please do watch (if you can, and if in some way you’re in the Philippines) Denouement on October 5, 2011 at the FEU IAS Conference Room. FEU is located in Morayta, Manila. Please do check their Facebook page for other questions..

Spread the word! :)


“Every shoe has its own story.”

A fan-made movie poster of one of this year’s New Breed Full-length films in Cinemalaya X, Maruquina; a film by Milo Sogueco, starring Mylene Dizon as Imelda.

This entry is one of my favorites alongside with Dagitab. It’s nostalgic, it’s cliche-free and it really just hits the spot. 

Kudos to the director!


Ang Liham Para Kay Jillien

Have you fallen in love with a person that you just met? Love at first sight? This story follows the story of a guy as he recalls the things that happened over the past 24 hours.

A Film by Alexis Lim
Starring: Jenna Gomez and Austin Ong
Music and Scoring by: Explosions in the Sky and Up Dharma Down

The Top Twenty Signs That You’re Watching A Pinoy Movie

Sasayaw sa likod ng puno ng buko pag nasa beach yung scene. Alternate pa ‘yung mga ulo nila.

Yung kontrabida yayakap sa bida, sabay taas ng kilay at ngingisi.

Uuwi ang bida na may dalang pancit sa kanyang nanay na si Anita Linda. Tatawagin nito ang mga bata para kumain, at kakamustahin ng bida ang pag-aaral habang kumakain ng pancit. Biglang may titigil na sasakyan sa harap ng bahay at pauulanan ng baril ang pamilya! Mamamatay si Anita Linda, at sisigaw ang bida ng “Inaaay!” at mangangakong ipaghihiganti ito. Moral lesson: Ang pansit nagdadala ng malas - nakakamatay.

Pag may magkaribal na babae, yung mabait deretcho ang buhok at may bangs. Yung salbahe, laging kulot.

Sa pinoy action movies, ang bida hindi nauubusan ng bala.

Sa pinoy action movies, kapag tumakbo ang bida, sa lupa lahat ang tama ng bala ng kalaban.

Kapag may angry mob na pupunta sa bahay-kubo ng manananggal, si Vangie Labalan ang laging lider.

Alam mong moment of truth na ng bida kapag sinabi na niya 'yung title ng pelikula.

Ang tawag ng kontrabida sa mga goons niya, “Mga bata.”

Yung nakababatang kapatid ng bida habang > naglalaro ng bola, mabibitawan at mapupunta sa gitna ng > kalsada. Tapos may darating na sasakyan, tapos itutulak siya > ng bida. 'Yung bida naman ang nasa gita ng kalsada. > Biglang may sasakyang darating. Ang bida, ico-cross lang > niya arms niya covering his face tapos sisigaw 'yung > kapatid ng 'kuyaaa!’ … Next scene nasa ospital na > sila. Simula na ng drama. >

Kapag bakbakan, hindi nasasaktan ang bida, pero umaaray siya pag ginagamot na siya ng leading lady, at kasunod na ang love scene.

Kapag sinabi ng kontrabida ang masama niyang plano sa bida, ang sasabihin ng bida: “hayop ka!”

Ang bidang babae, pag katulong ang role, siguradong magiging anak ng amo niya sa ending.

Ang nanay ng mayaman laging may pamaypay na pangmayaman, at ang nanay ng mahirap laging naka duster.

Ang hideout ng kontrabida, parating mansion na may chicks sa pool.

Ang mga bida sa drama, pag nakatanggap ng masamang balita, laging may pinto sa likod nila para puwede silang sumandal habang nagi-slide dahan-dahan pababa, tapos todo iyak with matching uhog.

Pag di nahuli ng mga goons ang bida, sasabihin ng boss sa kanila, “Mga inutil!”

Laging nakakapulot ng baril na may bala ang bida kapag kinakailangan niya.

Laging mas maganda ang yayang bida kesa sa kontrabidang anak ng amo niya.

Pag ang ending ng movie ay song and dance number sa beach o resort, ang huling frame, tatalon ang buong cast… sabay freeze


And there were these three, Jubal, Oman and Sambag. Do not dare pretend you didn’t sing this infront of mom and dad after allowing you to go see it with your sisters. (True story) And seeing that cult classic of a Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes creation is just life-altering experience. Haha. One of the most fantastically drawn out fantasy films of my generation–of from my side of town.

Telang Bayawak, Sifu, Ana Larrucea, and the Buto Kalansay song–everything is just too beautiful! :) I miss these boys. haha.

Here’s to being reminded of what used to be good. Here’s to being young! :)

Trying Over Again

This movie gave so much feels to me. Maybe not directly to me but to people I know, as to the smokers, I, my friend, is the second hand, I mean, we all thought this is gonna be a huge ‘laugh’ film and it wasn’t very cautious that it’s the other way around.

Of course not, this isn’t about the Teacher-Student relationship, (but I know one if I see one ;) ) My friends, they cried non-stop to this movie. One can’t even sleep last night as the scenes flashes before her eyes. Sure, she can relate to the situation, but what I adore most is the story line because it’s too realistic and on the other hand, it isn’t, at least in my opinion. I’m not gonna talk about how everybody get through the same situation wherein we wasted time and disregarded the love of our lives, instead, this is about Toni’s character being such a strong fucking whore– which is unreal/rare.

If each in everyone of us have Toni’s guts, the guts we never had, if only we can just be that straight forward, which we aren’t, if only we can be that jaw-ingly honest with our feelings, which we are but chooses to ignore it, we might not have our could’ve-beens and what-ifs. I adore the character’s courage. I adore how her mouth speaks for her heart and mind. I adore how she’s head over heels in love and not afraid to fight for it. There was no shame and the only thing she has in mind is her need to know. She might not have her happy ending, at least she pushed her limits and she knew, when most of us didn’t. 

All of us never knew and we all still have the questions. There’s always pride and shame and we accept everything except the truth. These are what hinders us to start over again, not knowing and the way we refuse to know.

The Pinoy Criterion Stamp Collection

Lino Brocka
Ishmael Bernal
Mike de Leon
Celso Ad. Castillo
Brillante Mendoza
Mario O’Hara
Peque Gallaga
Lav Diaz
Gerardo De Leon
Raya Martin

Other NOTABLE Directors
Eddie Romero
Maryo J. Delos Reyes
Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Lamberto V. Avellana
Laurice Guillen
Joey Gosiengfiao
Jeffrey Jeturian
Auraeus Solito
Manuel Conde
Tikoy Aguiluz

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It looks really promising, but we can’t be that sure. It’s produced by Regal Films, one of the biggest makers of disappointing Filipino films.

Temptation Island Full Trailer (by regalcinema)

15 Significant Young Movie Actresses (and their notable films)

1. Judy Ann Santos – Ploning, Sakal Sakali Saklolo, Kasal Kasali Kasalo, Aishite Imasu (Mahal kita) 1941, Sabel, Magkapatid, Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko, Kahit Isang Saglit

2. Claudine Barreto - Sukob, Dubai, Nasaan Ka Man, Milan, Kailangan Kita, Got 2 Believe, Anak, Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita, Calvento Files: The Movie, Mangarap Ka

3. Alessandra De Rossi - Ka Oryang, Palawan Fate, Independencia, The Maid, Mga Munting Tinig, Azucena, Hubog

4. Angelica Panganiban – Bulong, Here Comes the Bride, I Love You Goodbye, A Love Story, Santa Santita, Ang Pulubi at ang Prinsesa, Ama Ina Anak

5. Iza Calzado – Dukot, The Echo, Sigaw, Batanes, Blackout, Mona: Singapore Escort, Fuschia, Adela, Bente, Milan, Sabel

6. Bea Alonzo – Sa'yo Lamang, Miss You Like Crazy, And I Love You So, One More Chance, Pacquiao: The Movie

7. Anne Curtis - No Other Woman, Baler, ‘Wag Kang Lilingon

8. Angel Locsin - In the Name of Love, Love Me Again, The Promise, Sigaw

9. Jodi Sta. Maria – Presa, Third World Happy, Chassis, Cul De Sac, Jologs

10. Mercedes Cabral - Thirst, Serbis, Gayuma, Di ingon ‘nato, Ang Babae sa Deptic Tank, Ligo na Ü Lapit na Me, Ganap na Babae, Kinatay

11. Maja Salvador - Thelma, One More Chance, Villa Estrella, Sukob

12. Lovi Poe – Aswang, Temptation Island, Mayohan, Sigwa, Sagrada Familia, Walang Hanggang Paalam

13. Jennylyn Mercado – Rosario, One Night Only, Blue Moon

14. Toni Gonzaga – My Amnesia Girl, A Journey Home, My Only Ü, You Are the One

15. Sarah Geronimo - You Changed My Life, A Very Special Love, Filipinas