ROASTED BEEFirrific with kalamansiiiimm!

With the color of the plate and the ambience..some Pinoys might easily recognize where this photo was taken..Yes ,folks got it right..its JABEE or JOLIBEE! Yehey! Haha
The Filipinos love to have a “sawsawan” or any kind of soy sauce,vinegar,chili sauce with peppers..and sometimes a combination of all of these. Like this dish,it’s meat with a hint of kalamansi to produce a taste that makes you go Oooh-ooh-ooohh! Because of it’s sour taste.. like it?

I missed my mother’s cooking with scrap big fish bones, surprisingly I’d get to buy a big Talakitok fresh fish scraps in Antipolo market, usually tuna cooked in sinigang. Talakitok is the local name that applies to several species of Trevallies / Jacks (Family Carangidae). This fish scraps wasn’t only cheaper than the fish meat itself, it can also produce more than flavorful fish stock, this time in a dish which Filipinos love, sauteed in garlic, onions, tomatoes and ginger (lessen the fish smell), putting tamarind powder makes it a real sour soup. Add veggies like Kangkong or Kamote Tops and Winged Bean which is now in season.

 Talakitok Sour Soup (Sinigang na Talakitok)
20 Nov. 2011 | Antipolo City

Photo by VerJube Photographics.


“It’s definitely a breed apart”
just like the signature line of a c0rned beef commercial. Pin0y p0rk meat,or any kind of meat is well cultured. It may n0t be outstanding but when Pin0y cooks laid their hands on these meats ,you’ll definitely say,..
Isn’t it :) ?

Homemade Laing with Lardons and King Prawns.

My first time making this dish! I went to my local Asian supermarket and found some dried taro leaves (or gabi leaves) so I decided to make this. I have always loved this whenever my mum or Lola cooked it plus the boyfriend wanted to try it - anything to help him eat more veggies! Normally, this is made with smoked mackerel but the boyfriend doesn’t like it so i substituted it with smoked bacon lardons. 


  • 1 pack Dried Taro/Gabi Leaves
  • 2 cans of coconut milk
  • smoked bacon lardons
  • king prawns
  • 3 chillies
  • a thumb-size ginger
  • 1 pack Kale

First soak the kale in some hot water to soften. Meanwhile, fry the lardons and ginger together. Then add the 2 cans of coconut milk and bring to the boil. Once bubbling, add the taro/gabi leaves to the coconut milk. Strain the kale and squeeze the excess water out. Add the kale and chillies to the coconut milk and turn the heat to a simmer. Let the coconut milk reduce down and thicken. Add the prawns last to ensure doesn’t overcook.

It tasted really good but be aware that it is quite rich so don’t have too much of it!

TIP: It is typically served with rice, but I gave my friend some of this and she served it with rice noodles! It tasted very good together :)


It’s a bit obvious that this dish is from a fastfood restaurant here in the Philippines. It’s none other than Chowking! It’s that chicken they show in the commercial ..the one that is crispy..juicy and flavorful..hey,who’s sounding like a commercial ad now..haaha..anyway,CHOW FOLKS!;)


ito ang isa sa mga hilig ng Pinoy ..tuwing breaktime,after lunchtime,meryenda time,after dnertime,midnight snack time,madaling araw snack time ,bagong gising snack time..lumpiang shanghai,banana cue,maruya at kamote cue ang paboritong lapangin ng mga Pinoy..Ito ang ultimate partner ng maanghang at maaaaaaaassssimmm asiiim na SUKA! hehe Nangangasim na din ba kau?

I stumble upon this question while Googling about some Filipino recipes - What Pinoy food do OFWs miss the most? It is not easy to get/cook Filipino foods for meals abroad as some ingredients are not available. My grandparents are from Ilocos region that’s why our dish always have a touch Ilocano flavor. Thus, seeing photos like these makes me crave and miss ‘home’. Here are some of my must-eat foods I’d love to indulge in when I get back.

Ilocos Longganisa - Far far different from other Longganisa’s. This one is made with garlic and meat marinade in Ilocano’s local vinegar. Best for breakfast.

Empanda Espesyal - The usual Filipino Empanada’s contains  chicken meat, potato, chopped onion, and raisins wrapped with flour dough but in Ilocos it’s different. The filling contains green papaya, monggo beans, and upon request, chopped ilocano Ilocos Longganisa, and egg.  Unlike the usual empanada these are orange wrapped in orange colored dough, deep fried rather than baked. Thus, it’s savory and crispy.  I love eating this after pouring some Ilocos Vinegar, the sourness and crunchiness makes me kilig.

Bagnet My dad loves this. I get the idea of putting the bagnet into almost stir fried veggie dishes I know from him. It adds texture to your dish and you might need some extra rice.

Pinakbet - This is one of the famous Filipino dish made-up of different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste. It is a good dish on its own but it is better when paired with Bagnet. :)