So we didn’t make it this Komikon (long story of a canine variety), but we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to launch this third issue in a yet-to-be-titled event tentatively on November 15, tentatively at the Ayala Museum, or so I’m told. We’ll keep you updated on the next…um, update.

If all else fails, there’s always BLTXXX on December 7.

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(Please click on the photo above to embiggen and for the details to indieket.)

What’s that, you say? A colored cover for Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents Issue 2? Yes, yes that is correct. And as you might be able to deduce from the cover, this is going to be the love issue. (Or is it?) So, we hope to see you guys at Indieket about two weeks from now, okay?

Marvel’s Misty Knight by Dominic Dimagmaliw

Peep the review here, guys!



We’ll be at the ReaderCon tomorrow! Many thanks to Josel for inviting us to table with them! Just a couple of shots of diluted gin, dim lights and loud music and we might say that the dude really knows how to treat a lady. I don’t know why I said that.

Also, this concludes the first half of Barrio Namayapa, AKA, “Aswang Village”. The script’s done, and I’ve laid down the thumbnails, we’re just waiting for the next opportunity to conclude this storyline, sometimes referred to as, “free time”.

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