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The first Filipino to get into the Kpop Star finals, the first Filipino to personally choose between training with JYP and YG and  reject JYP to his face…

and now the first Filipino to solo debut as a kpop artist. amazing. She is all kinds of fan goals come true. congratulations at mabuhay, Kriesha Chu!


okay this is a bit late but I just wanna say how proud i am. after more than 40 years, we finally get to bring home the crown again. Miss Philippines, holy shit i have no words. just absolutely beautiful. all the contestants SLAYED tonight. let’s not talk about the confusion that happened, just understand that people make mistakes. shit happens. it was still a great show! ❤️🇵🇭


The gawjus and kind sandersmcgee tagged me for the 20 Beautiful Women thing floating around *blushes profusely* so hahaha y’all gon have to suffer through some more of my selfies! :D

Now let’s see, the 20 lovely ladies I’m tagging (in no particular order): thafineness letmalikharrysdimples justbethany scandalalldey janellebearden kawaiiflowerchild trublulotus afro-elf nanamixbaby recovery-after-depression sindels-scream lemme-sit-this-aaash-onya yungpoundcake webcop brownglucose kehinki mochafleur onlyblackgirl thoughtsofablackgirl kiarasnaps

Trans Male Filipino-American

Beauty Standards 

After the Europeans colonized I’ve noticed there’s been LOTS of cases of colorisms. It seems lots of people want to be white, and most pinoy actor (esses) and on ads are white too. A lot of kids tend to be looked down for having dark skin and it’s been seen as a symbol of poorness in Pinoy. My Pinoy side of family was proud that I “looked white”. We also treasure beautiful women with long, luscious hair.


Our clothing, speaking modern is pretty normal. As a kid I wore a lot of casual clothes but my nanay kept wanting to tie up my hair and cutting it because it was so long. Traditionally speaking, males usually wear clothing called a barong which is an embroided formal shirt. I see more often people are beginning to design to appear more cool and modern, which is really creative of them.

As for women, they usually wear baro’t (shirt) and Saya (skirt). Either that or mestiza dress with kimona. Barot Saya is more common, though.


We borrowed lots of things from other cultures , namely Japan, Spain, and US after they colonized us to do our own! Which I don’t really like very much tbh, to me it’s sort of a harsh reminder that we’ll never have a “real” culture after we were taking advantage of and colonized. Also I’ve noticed Filipinos are usually more accepting of gay, trans, etc. But my nanay isn’t very accepting of the fact I’m a trans boy, unfortunately.

Identity Issues

I always worry that I’m “not a real Asian” or not “Asian enough” because I came from southeast Asia instead of northeast Asia. I also worry I’m too white but I think that’s it.


I live in a very white populated place and you’re lucky if you see like 2 Black people. So there’s lots of micro aggressions after people found out I’m Asian. This one girl asked me if I ate dogs or what’s the difference between Japanese and Chinese eyes. If you know how bad our history is its even worse people think I’m Chinese. My friends say I’m not a real Asian. Everyone tells me I’m hospital and friendly.

(Yes, this is a stereotype because the Philippines was constantly taken advantage of and payed for low rate jobs in order to support themselves. Not a compliment, po.) 

People talk to me in choppy Japanese. I’m boarded constantly about my Asian-ness just because I’m the one of the two only Asians in my whole school (can you believe it? I know I can’t). 


We have 119 languages in all, but the most popular one is Tagalog. You talk to any Pinoy and chances are they speak tagalog. Teachers teach students English at a very young age, and we’re one of the most fluent countries in speaking English. 

Things I’d like to see less of

The whole hospital and friendly stereotype. Yes, there are very friendly and familial Pinoys. There’s lots of them, but this is a stereotype by Europeans to keep us in our place after we were constantly colonized and taken advantage of. I’m not saying you have to make them a villainous, unlikable selfish asshole, but I’d at least like to break away from this stereotype.

I’d also like to break away from the shy, resilient stereotype of the Pinoy. Especially if it applies to women. 

Things I’d like to see more of 

More representation of Pinoy in general because we’re lucky if we get a character that is like 1.5% Filipino, more focusing on culture and putting it in everyday lifestyle, more asshole Filipinos, more loud and proud Pinoy.


Toni: Daniel, ano sa tingin mo ang naging dahilan kung bakit ikaw ngayon ang aming Big Winner?

Daniel: Sa tingin ko dahil mahal na mahal ko kayo. At syempre, some people would think na… [Kahit] di ako Filipino, I’m so much more proud to be a half Filipino by heart than many others out there na hindi proud sa country. I am here. This is an amazing experience, you guys have no idea what… yung sa loob ng Bahay Ni Kuya. I am a true Filipino buong katawan ngayon. And I’m very proud to say that dahil sa pag-ibig niyo sa akin dito. It was the craziest experience in my life. I'm really really happy to see so many people. It's been a long time! It’s been a long time that I haven’t seen your faces. And I’m so so happy to be here. And thankful! Thankful first to God who gave me this opportunity. One day, sinabi niya sakin na I had a purpose dito sa Pilipinas. And I guess this purpose is today. Mahal na mahal ko kayo! Thank you for all the love! Love you guys!

mcu tagalog classics - pinoy marvel fans represent

Somebody reminded me of all the old cheese-tastic Tagalog films and I’m like OMG but what if the MCU characters said them.


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“Isang bala ka lang” - Bucky Barnes (You’re just one bullet.) 

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“I-pack up mo si Lucy Torres,  ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto, ako na ang bahala sa red stilletos mo.”  -  Natasha Romanoff giving romantic advice.  (Pack up your inner martyr; bring out your bitch and I’ll take care of your red stilletos.)

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“Sabihin mo na ang gusto mong sabihin, pero gusto kong malaman mo na huwag ka munang magpaikot, hindi pa tapos ang laban!”  - Steve Rogers quoting the King of Philippine Films Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) himself with a line that could probably fit comfortably in ANY Captain America movie.  (You can say all you want to say but don’t give me any bullshit, the fight ain’t over yet!)

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“Umpisahan mo, tatapusin ko.” - Look, Sam Wilson would also find plenty to quote from FPJ too.  (You start it; I’ll finish it.)

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“Ang mga tala… mataas, mahirap maabot. Pero ipinapangako ko, Inay… bukas, luluhod ang mga tala!” - Clint Barton, who I originally thought might say something else but this is the guy who said “You walk out that door; you’re an Avenger.”  Therefore this is ENTIRELY SUITABLE.  (The stars are high and difficult to reach.  But I promise you, Mother, tomorrow, the stars shall kneel!)



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“You’re nothing but a second rate. Trying hard. COPYCAT!!!” - Anthony Edward Stark, ladies and gentlebeings

@caveat-monstrum - PINOY MCU FANS REPRESENT

the top ten things i learned from heneral luna

1. Ensaymada goes with everything. Even British tea and crumpets.

2. Aim before you shoot. Don’t waste bullets.

3. No one is above the law. Not even the President.

4. Filipino women have the biggest balls of them all. They will stand their ground fighting in the trenches, even as other soldiers desert their posts. They will run under heavy fire to rescue the wounded from the battlefield. They will tell two men too busy in a dick measuring contest to stop acting like children. Filipinas ain’t got time for bullshit; they got a war to win.

5. Listen to Apolinario Mabini - he’s the truest patriot and the real brains of your outfit.

6.  You cannot catch the wind.  You don’t need a Mabini to tell you this.

7.  You cannot fight both against your enemies and your allies.  Nakakapagod. (It’s exhausting.)

8.  You can quite sequester this train! You can run out of English! Nosebleed! Punyeta.

9.  When assigned a near impossible task (such as getting 2000 volunteers to dig your massive defensive trench), just ask for three days.  You can get it done.  

10.  You cannot claim to be a true Filipino patriot if you cannot choose between your self interest and your freedom, your nation or yourself.  Choose wisely. 

Been seeing lots of posts about Michael Christian Martinez. So happy to see him with lots of support and love! And also…wow, kudos to those who have taken those wonderful pictures of his performance!

Seen tons of gifs about him, and here are some that I liked. XD

Not sure which part of the video this was (still searching for it), but it gives this feeling of “Get ready for this…”

And especially this one.

He’s like, “*waves jacket and looks at screen* Wait, am I holding it right? *looks at jacket* Oh, I am! *smiles at camera and continues waving the jacket*

He’s so adorable and such a cutie! So proud he has reached this far! Hoping him all the best and more support onto his next steps and to another round in the next Winter Olympics!


Jabbawockeez never fails to make me say, “WOW!”

This is AWESOME. :)

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My ex told me i needed to wear braces and i need my nose to be matangos daw. I left him ahaha and he also took me for granted what the hell

That’s so magaling of you! You don’t stay with mga tao like that! They you know.. gusto you to be someone you’re not. So kapal ng mga people like that! Tell him na Pinoy you and you’re proud pango!! HAHA :))))) #MedyoConyo ah! HAHA :))

Asian Food Time: Simple Beginnings -  Longganisa and Garlic Fried Rice

Longganisa is derived from the colonial Spanish Longaniza, but with a Pinoy twist. This one’s been made with ground pork, and flavoured with pepper, garlic, salt, sugar, and soy sauce, put through a grinder and into skins and cured before being fried. A cheats way to getting good longganisa (my mum’s way) is mixing the packet longganisa mix with tocino mix, which gives you that red colour and sweetness to the meat.

This is served best with steamed rice or garlic fried rice. If you want, fry the garlic and rice in a little bit of the oil used to fry the longganisa in to get the rest of the flavour into the rice.