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It's just a matter of time.

God allows certain things to happen to show what you got in you. In other words, to discover how much strength and potential you got. You can never know what you’re built out of if you never been tested, bent, attacked, and broken. Before things can become available in the market they have to go through stages of testing. Before God can take you to the next level He has to prepare you for the next assignment. You may be “called” but that doesn’t mean you’re prepared for your calling.
Could it be possible what’s happening in your life and what you’re going through was allowed by God to prepare you for your future. It’s just a matter of time before your breakthrough; it’s just a matter of time everything you lost turns back double for your trouble. It’s just a matter of time you step into what God has prepared for you. Every struggle, every burden, was not to destroy you but to help you discover what you never knew what you had in you. God is faitful. Don’t give up.

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