pinoy delicacy

Enriching My Inner Pinoy

Have you ever heard someone saying, “You will never be a 100% Filipino if you never ate balut in your life”? Balut is one of the Filipino delicacies, for most of us it seems just normal to eat this aborted ducklings. But for other races it disgusts them, I once watched Survivor in which they challenged their contestants to eat it. They puke for eating the first one. I was like “Para yan lang? kahit ako pa umubos ng benteng yan!

Well that was long time ago, and it has been a long time since I last ate balut, until now. It is like eating it for the first time, and I still like it. The soft ducky duck duck swimming in a tasty soup, the crunchy beaks and nails, the squashy egg yolk, the hard egg white; flavored with salt and vinegar. I ate all of it and it was like an orgasm on my mouth. After all these years, I still like to savor the balut’s flavor! 101% Filipino indeed!