BREAKING NEWS! The Philippines Elects Its First Out Trans Congressperson
Geraldine Roman is ready to serve her country

SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

“It is looking very, very likely that Filipino citizens are about to vote their first out trans person into public office.

As the polls closed on Monday evening (local time), Geraldine Roman had a commanding lead over her opponent, Danny Malana, to become the lower house representative for the first district of the Bataan province, which is located north of Manila.

Roman is a member of the sitting Filipino president’s Liberal Party, and has run on a progressive platform. She hopes to overturn current laws that prevent trans people from legally changing their name and sex on official documents, and to back an anti-discrimination bill that would legally enforce equal treatment of LGBT citizens in schools, hotels and the workplace.

“That somebody of my condition is going to enter Congress for the first time is a statement that even transgender people can serve our country and should not be discriminated against,“ Roman told AFP News. “If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would not approve of discrimination. I firmly believe that.”

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CONGRATULATIONS GERALDINE! I’ve been following this story and am SO HAPPY to see today’s news!


One of my favorite moments in Heneral Luna was the fact that while the male soldiers were fleeing the battlefield, it was the female soldiers who stayed at their posts, prepared to go down fighting.  . 

This is Captain Nieves Fernandez, a schoolteacher from Tacloban who picked up her bolo and homemade shotgun and led Filipino guerillas against the invading Japanese in World War II. 

In the above picture, she’s showing an American soldier how she made the enemy wet their pants.  Also, they were so terrified that they put a P10,000 bounty on her head. 

She survived the war with nothing more than a scratch on the arm from a bullet. 

Filipinas, yo.  We get the job done. 

The Philippine culture is a uniquely indigenous culture that has been neglected for aeons because the colonization of these people distorted their culture enough to that it is almost unrecognizable in the modern world. What the Philippines is missing is a sense of legacy and pride in their uniqueness. Instead, the people have fallen under the spell of the Western world, and their priorities and goals are a hollow echo of the old, outmoded values of Western civilization. The Filipino people are starved for an identity that goes beyond Spain and America. They don’t want to be some other stepchild. They deserve to claim their inheritance…

Having been colonized for so long, we have to rediscover ourselves. European culture is the legacy of kings and the commerce of merchant bankers. Our own culture has been suppressed by centuries of colonial subjugation, and that cannot be achieved without restoring to our people the pride of identity.

—  Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions

my favorite thing about being Filipino is that EVERYBODY has an aswang (monster) story and it’s never weird

Like in American movies there’s always the whole “ghosts aren’t real” “monsters aren’t real don’t mess with me” but with Filipinos you say “so one time I saw a manananggal outside my window” and the response you get from even the soberest most serious grounded people is “oh what happened, how old were you when it happened?”

Like you have a younger kid talking about how they saw a white lady ghost in the bathroom one time and an old and sensible great uncle will chime in with how their house was FULL of ghosts and how they wouldn’t leave their rooms at night because that’s when the tiny black figures of crawling children would wander the house, though they could leave the door open and see them padding by in the corner of their periphery or hear them on the wooden floor when they were getting into bed

I can tell people about how I used to be harassed by a duwende (dwarf) with malicious intentions and how it took an albularyo (medicine man) blessing our houses with talismans to make it go away and they’d be like “oh that’s cool, did the duwende leave or is it just hanging around not bothering you”

When it comes to pinoy monster movies you completely skip over the bit about “what the hell that creature is” and all you get is “what is that” “aswang” “OK what do we do about it”

And it’s not even just a provincial thing, any city born person will just accept that oh, an aswang might kill you if you wander out tonight, so don’t do that

There’s a ghost and monster story for every corner of this country and skepticism about their existence is virtually non-existent, you kinda just accept that they probably do exist but not where you’ve ever seen them
Transgender politician poised for historic win in Catholic Philippines
Geraldine Roman blowed kisses to the crowd and serenaded them with a love song as she proudly campaigned in the mainly Catholic Philippines.

“The Philippines is set to have its first ever transgender lawmaker in its lower house elections on Monday.  

If the 49-year-old candidate wins, it would be a remarkable breakthrough for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Conservative church dogma is a dominant force in Philippine politics: divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage are illegal, while there are no openly gay politicians at the national level and an LGBT party has long struggled for influence.

Roman has been mocked and abused on the campaign trail in recent weeks but, after living as a woman for more than two decades, she refuses to be cowed.

‘My life has not been a secret,’ Roman told AFP in a rare interview after a day of campaigning in Bataan, a rural province just north of Manila where her mother has served as congresswoman for nine years and the family holds immense political sway.

Roman hopes winning on Monday will help in the fight for gender equality.

Roman said, if elected, she intended to back an anti-discrimination bill that has been languishing for 16 years that would give the LGBT community rights, such as equal treatment in the workplace, hotels and schools.

She will also campaign to make changing gender legal.”

Read the full piece here <- SERIOUSLY, READ IT! AN AMAZING STORY

“I think the Filipino experience varies for everyone—because no two people in the country can say they have exact experiences. What defines the Filipino experience and connects it to everyone, I believe, is the soul of the Filipino nation itself, in all its beauty and tragedy. I think that, despite being a country full of happy and resilient people, there’s an unspoken sadness to it too. Maybe it’s from a history of being ruled by successive colonial powers, or maybe it’s from the powerlessness felt by the people towards our own government. Or maybe it has to do with the vision of what we want the country to be in contrast to how it actually is, whether we want a sense of unity despite its multiplicity, or we hold to it standards we perceive from other countries that we wish we had on our own.

Either way, I think there’s a sadness to this country beneath its fire, and that it’s the thoughts and feelings of other Filipinos and how they see it that ultimately define what the Filipino experience is. I suppose a simpler way to define it would be that the Filipino experience is an experience of many, composed of different fractured pieces to compose something that’s very beautiful.”

- Photographer Alex Cruz. Read the rest of the interview now on GUNITA.ORG.

Philippine Mythology as told by my childhood: Tik-tik

The Tik-tik, a variant of the aswang, is characterized by its long tongue and the sound it makes when it is out hunting. It is drawn to the scent of an infant in its mother’s womb and uses its long, thin tongue to suck the blood of the victim by passing it through the mother’s navel.