Wishing the Pinecest fandom a happy holiday

I’ll be mostly out of touch for the next week, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best over the Christmas season. I hope it is a happy time for all!

To my friends in the brain trust, you all are such a huge part of my day-to-day existence. To say that you’ve made an enormous difference in my life would be an understatement. Shout out to @sprucepinecest, @mrdaxxonford, @pinestimes2, @pinewreaths, @pinkpines, @panpacificpines, @pinetreeoverme, @yaschiri, @asterism-pinoideae, @spywi, @equilateral-asshat, @pinessap, @mabelsguidetolove, @dddippinsauce@handleonthescandal, @sevralships, @inlineforpines, @starsnpines, @pinecesttrain, @pinesongs, @sirwaddlesesquire, and all the others that pop in and out. You’re all supremely talented writers and artists, and awesome mates to have around to share my guilty pleasure with!

I want to thank everyone who created all the phenomenal Pinecest fics and art this year. For a show that ended almost a year ago, I still see a lot of enthusiasm and passion for this fandom, and I love it!

And to my followers and fans, who have read (and even liked and reblogged) my fics: I’m sorry I didn’t write that much this year, but I hope you liked what you got. It was my pleasure to post stories of my trash ship here for you. And as a bonus, you’re going to get one more before we’re done for 2016: a new Christmas-themed fic is ready and waiting in my queue to drop on the morning of the 25th. Watch for it!

Merry Christmas, all you sinners! :-D