So my blog turned 5 a few months ago and I just hit my 4.5k. I’ve been meaning to make a little ff of the people who have been with me through all these years. Starting with Skins? Then Glee? Oh, Santanasgaypanic. cringe. Now we’ve got Orphan Black, Faking It, Carmilla, Lost Girl, Ouat, the 100. It feels like I’ve went through all of it with you guys, so thanks for that. Anyways, here we go.

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Special s/o to
sayyoulovemeback for being the first person I ever followed/my first follower. Anddd, for being the reason why I came out to one of my closest friends way back when.
bioshockandawe for walking into my yearbook class, not knowing who I was and sitting next to me while i cried about Brittana, and then watching the episode and crying with me.
kordeihamilton ashesonqueenstreet howdowefeelaboutbearspray for all those times we spoke during the Glee days, knowing we all lived in or around Toronto, who I didn’t really think to meet until OB happened. I’m glad I met you little shits. Thanks for sticking up with all my crap.