I’m pretty sure we need to take a moment to disscuss the fact that Park Shin Hye is one of the luckiest, most talented women out there. She has worked with 6 (and more) of the most handsome actors in Korea, and is very well known for her dancing, her singing, and of course, her acting. Through the years she has done many roles: A cross dressed superstar, a highschool girl stuck in traditional music (and in the middle of a love triangle), a shut in, and now even a country bumpkin. 

This post is a shout out to one of South Korea’s best female actresses.

You go, girlfriend.


“If I could turn back time, I should have left then. They were feelings I shouldn’t have felt. And someone whom I never should have feelings for. Before those feelings grew… while I could still turn back… I should have left. I thought that my heart racing in that moment would eventually subside with time. And then, I thought I’d be able to leave easily… But that was a foolish assumption. An excuse… to stay by her side then.”