Let him run
          Let him  l i v e 
                   But do not forget 

what we cannot forgive


I think they call it the “End Dress.” It’s really, really beautiful. I think Trisha wanted to get an ocean sense. Someone said to me that it was very “Ophelia”. With the flowers and the hair, it does look like I’m drowning. -Natalie Portman

I remember asking Trisha why she chose the specific fabric and color for that dress. She looked at me in bewilderment, and very gently explained that the color-this beautiful azure blue-and the rippled fabric matched the ethereal and melancholy landscape of the Naboo lake retreat at Lake Como, where Padmé and Anakin fell in love. This is where Padmé had wanted to escape with Anakin, and the funeral gown symbolizes her spiritual return to that lake. - Rick McCallum


a mixed cd i made for my friend made up of (mostly) classics.
super fun playlist:
a forest - the cure
cinderella’s big score - sonic youth
rock the casbah - the clash
how soon is now - the smiths
kiss kiss kill kill - horrorpops
love will tear us apart - joy division
murdermill - the kills
rebel grrrl - bikini kill
tear you apart - she wants revenge
This must be the place - the talking heads
deceptacon - le tigre
blue monday - new order
dance this mess around - b52’s
ghost town - the specials

That’s it Devin, just keep fumbling with the wine bottle. Just keep yammering about your bond portfolio and how you saw ahead of the market or whatever it was you were blathering on about during our date. I saw you making fish eyes at Linda! Well, it’s time you got a little reminder about who your real girlfriend is. The kind of reminder I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of.