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What are your ten favorite and ten least favorite GG episodes?

unto oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yes. i love this. these aren’t going to be in order at all, but omg this is fun 


  1. wedding bell blues!!!!! - ok, this one is my favourite. absolutely. number one. 
  2. rory’s birthday parties
  3. driving miss gilmore
  4. come home
  5. there’s the rub
  6. those are the strings, pinocchio 
  7. a tale of poes and fire
  8. the lorelais’ first day at yale
  9. girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist
  10. you jump, i jump jack


  1. keg! max!
  2. french twist
  3. dead uncles and vegetables
  4. that damn donna reed
  5. lorelai’s graduation day
  6. here comes the son
  7. afterboom
  8. we got us a pippy virgin
  9. i’m ok, you’re ok
  10. unto the breach

this, right here is me working off of my memory, so this list might change (and it does with every rewatch)….so i only stand by this list for the next 15 minutes :P

Why 'Pinocchio' is Important to Me

It may not be the drama that brings you the most squees, but it is the one that sets out to make a difference. Written an hour before the final episode airs, this is not intended to put down other projects, but briefly talk about why ‘Pinocchio’ was my favourite drama of 2014.


When we first heard that Dalpo (Hamyoung) and Inha were to be uncle and niece, I had my doubts; but I should have trusted the writer. These two have no one else in their heart but each other. Instead of bickering and being suspicious of one another, Inha’s syndrome made them honest to one another. They communicate, they learn to understand, they move forward holding each other’s hand.

When we look at the other characters, there are none that I hate – not even President Park. From the smallest intern to the mightiest Song Cha-ok, from a murderer hyung to a Russian-speaking sunbae, their reasons and personalities were all painted with the deftest pen-strokes.

Even the usually sidelined second male and female leads are adorable in their own right – one is a chaebol who finally makes friends and learns the meaning of truth and responsibility; one is an ex-sasaeng who is relentlessly driven, not because she is trying to win the love of the male lead or any other man, but because she has pride in her own ability.

Park Hye Ryun is intent in creating a world with characters who we can identify with; but not just that. She creates characters who are slightly more idealistic versions of us. Starting with Inha’s inability to lie, she creates this world where justice is served and truth is upheld. It makes us feel that it is not completely silly to yearn for a world like that.

Social Implications

Receiving a CPI score of over 240, higher than 'Infinite Challenge’ and only under 'Misaeng’ for its running period, 'Pinocchio’ is undoubtedly a drama that leaves a mark in the hearts of the Korean public. It takes the dirty laundry of the reporting industry and airs it out. In an article last night, one of the highest voted comments was: “Such a amazing drama with amazing acting. Points out the evils in our country; are there really reporters like YGN in our world?”

If only one or two people know about it, then you keep their mouths shut. How about when a thousand, or ten thousand people know, how can you keep it quiet? The world would have to acknowledge it.

The writer aims to send out a message – a message that we should be wary of the information we spread. We should be wary of how our media is manipulated and how our emotions are exploited. In many ways, Park Hye-Ryun is Song Cha-ok in this moment, but she broadcasting this message not through news, but through her drama.

True, she is not above being heavy-handed – Song Cha-ok practically delivers a speech in the drama about how she favours Impact over Fact. In episode 19, we are presented with a step-by-step of how rich families and the government work together to cover their mistakes. The reason why the drama has to be so clear is to ring a warning bell in its audience. Watch out for these signs in your news.

Read more. Investigate more. Look at it from all angles and never succumb to a predestined emotion or belief. Be ready to accept the truth as it is, or it will come out sooner or later. What wonderful lessons.

Before we watch the final episode and sign 'Pinocchio’ off as just another Korean drama we watched, let me end on this note.

While 'Pinocchio’ was airing, two cases happened in China. One of which is an abandoned factory which caught fire, some of the firefighters ended up dead in the accident. When the media attention suddenly shifted towards general sympathy for the firefighters, there were a lot of comments on Weibo saying that “we should not forget to look for the real reason of the fire, like in the drama Pinocchio”.

Two, there a tragedy that involved people getting trampled in a New Year’s Celebration in Shanghai. The media attention fell on a girl who alleged threw out handfuls of cash coupons and caused the crowd to go berserk. Again, in the top Weibo comments, people were asking the public to be calm and not go after this girl without proof, otherwise “we would victimize an innocent person like in Pinocchio”.

This is the power of a drama. And this is why Pinocchio is important.

The signs are stupid random crap my friends and I said in a group chat while watching the Republican debate
  • Aries: If you light a candle within fifty meters of trumps hair, will it catch on fire?
  • Gemini: he has that trained doctor voice and hand motions that feels like he's about to tell you your operation didn't work and you're going to die
  • Cancer: The tear is actually on the left cheek of the emoji
  • Leo: Why does Cruz look like an adult Pinocchio?
  • Virgo: I just wanna light his hair on fire so I could tell him "you're fired". Tables have turned, bitch.
  • Libra: none of them get embarrassed when they're proven wrong
  • Scorpio: we didn't finish the enema
  • Sagittarius: there is no shame in this shit talking conference
  • Capricorn: Like you know that feeling you get when you look at a leaf on the ground in the fall? Like, you wanna step on it to feel and hear that satisfying crunch, right? I get that same feeling when I see his hair
  • Pisces: Best product from Spain since the gasoline brothers (HE WASN'T EVEN TALKING ABOUT THE RIGHT RUBIO)