pinocchio and jiminy cricket


Custom Funko Dr. Archie Hopper and Pongo

I’m really proud of this one and I kept Pongo a surprise from those of you who have been following me.  Archie’s body is Mycroft Holmes from Sherlock and repainting all the detail was really fun.  I love the patches on his elbows.  HIs head comes from an Old David Levinson from the second Independence Day movie.  I kind of hate painting glasses frames when they include lenses and this was one of those cases but I gave him horn rimmed glasses.

Pongo is a Labrador Retriever from the Funko Pets line repainted to be a dalmatian.  

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  


Tall Latte Character Sketch Mugs - Pinocchio, Lady & the Tramp, Lion King, & The Aristocats

You really don’t see much Lion King stuff with Rafiki on it, nor Aristocats stuff with Berlioz. I’d jump on these as soon as they hit 2 for $10 each if anyone was planning on getting them :)

Love the art sketch style. The mugs look real gorgeous in person.