It was a long hunt, and the extra adrenaline was just coursing through him still as he entered the bunker. He had half a mind to go to the training room and work it off until he passed out. Until he saw Cas. Cas, wearing one of his shirts. 

He waited until his brother was gone before approaching the angel, grabbing him by the arm, and slammed him into the wall, kissing deeply. Sam was already half-hard at this time, and groaned out, “Need you, Castiel.”


Saying Farewell (Retired Verse)

He wanted to do this while he was still able.

The steaks, vegetables, and everything was the best that he could afford. It wasn’t perfect, but for Dean Winchester little was.

But for this it had to be. It had to be perfect this time. Sam had vacated the Bunker with his wife for the evening out of consideration for Dean. He hadn’t actually stayed in the Bunker since Sam had married Hannah, which had been for several years and he “retired” from Hunting.

The table was set with the best tableware, wine glasses, the wine in an ice bucket. Dean had cooked everything to perfection, just the way that the Hunter remembered Cas liked his steaks. The plates and everything was ready before he asked Cas to come down.

He vaguely wondered how he might look to Cas now. He was pushing fifty now; eyes were less lit, lines deeper in his face, his hair greying at the temples.


I’m sharing a little peek of my new and improved room today, along with a very silly kitty called Bass and the book I’m currently reading. I’d planned to go out to take photos in my new blouse and old pinny but the weather just wasn’t in a cooperative mood that day! So I just squished the life out of Bass while my live-in BFF snapped a few photos.

A little about the blouse I’m wearing which was sent to me by Calae, an up and coming plus size brand recently launched online. I’ve talked before about the dearth of plus sizes in India, so it’s heartening to see retailers here wanting to cater to plus size women. To quote directly from the brand manifesto - Calae is a style driven line of clothing for the self assured curvy woman, with international standards, fits that fit, and sensible price points. The launch collection mostly has cute and super wearable tops including this summery floral blouse that I picked. Fitwise, the line runs very true to standard international (UK) sizing. I went with the 18 as I usually wear a UK18 in tops, and the fit is just as comfortable as I prefer with enough room for movement - especially in the upper arm which is where I struggle with most Indian brands. The range currently runs from size 16-24, and it’s my sincere hope that Calae expands their sizing upwards in the future. Overall I give them a solid thumbs up of approval.  

Wearing: Blouse ℅ Calae // Cord pinafore from Primark // Bass not for sale ;)

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