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where do you find pictures for your picspam? its always hard for me because i dont want to get steal someones photo and get sued :\

oooh, let’s see the best sources I’ve got for you:



  • trendhunter: i literally discovered this website about an hour ago. it seems to work really well to find fashion editorials and photoshoots, all you need is to type a theme of what you want and it’ll give you a list of articles. just be aware of the low quality of the pictures, though it does seem to give a link to a better quality along with the source.
  • fashiongonerogue: a lot of people i know on tumblr use this website and tbh it’s probably because it has a lot of great editorials in it with high quality photos.


  • doyouspeakfrench (aka fanny latour lambert): i’m always browsing her archives on tumblr for inspiration. probably my favorite photographer ever.
  • petra collins: the best photographer when it comes to “the boredom of teenage girls” and 80′s-ish stuff.
  • brian ziff: i’ve always loved his flowerly gothic work and tbh i needed to check his stuff again cause it had been at least a year since i last saw it and god, it’s looking super great.

my aesthetics blog: baunilla

there’s probably more but that’s all i can remember now. but if you need more especific help don’t be afraid to ask me, i love helping with that kind of stuff since i barely get any help myself lol
and well, about stealing someone’s photo: it’s complicated indeed but i think if you just pay attention to every source and if they mind or not if you use the pictures (or if the picture has no source it’s most likely it won’t even be a problem) it’s already a lot easier for you to make your edits without too much worry. and let’s face it, with the amount of people that use images without asking the owner for permission, it becomes quite hard for anyone to be sued or even to keep track of it lmao. but then that’s a bit of my opinion anyway…


Robe a l’anglaise de principios de siglo (early robe a l’anglaise)

Yo llevaba mi ropa interior del siglo 18 excepto la cotilla nueva (llevaba mi cotilla vieja) Sobre ello, el peto y la falda azul y por encima la early robe a l’anglaise anudada con cordones en la parte anterior.

I wore my 18th century undergarments (not my late stays, I wore my old stay), the blue stomacher and skirt, and the early robe a l’anglaise. It’s closed with frontal cords.

En el gráfico se puede ver la evolución del tocado:

  • nº1 Representa claramente un fontange (gran altura y en la parte posterior de la cabeza).
  • nº3 Tiene una forma muy parecida al cap grown o pinner with lappets (plano totalmente y se ve minimamente las ondulaciones del encaje).
  • nº 6 El misterioso tocado del que no se su nombre (cae sobre la cabeza como el pinner pero a la vez mantiene el volumen del fontange).
Makeout Session - Yoongi (BTS)

Having a mental breakdown holy shit I’m so biased

Oh Jesus I’m having a heart attack okay. Yoongi is so fine like ugh. He’d be such an amazing kisser his lips are so perfect and everything. He’d be lazy with his kisses, lips pushing against yours with such a light pressure it could almost be considered teasing. He’d as slowly as he could kiss your lips before trailing down your neck and over your exposed chest. He’d want to kiss you anywhere and everywhere. His fingers would dip underneath the waist band of your pants or dance up your shirt, palms cold as they grip your hips or waist.

Yoongi would keep the kisses so slow and sensual, not wanting to rush anything. Neither of you had anywhere to be. His lips would linger over yours, slick tongue sliding over your bottom lip just for a second. He’d let out the most beautiful noises holy shit. He’d whine and whimper and moan and cry and groan and grunt, anything you can imagine to show his pleasure. Breathe out an almost silent “ugh fuck” under his breath while you toyed with his clothes and kissed his neck.

Yoongi is a pinner. He hands (God bless them) would hold you against any surface in the house, a wall, the kitchen counter, the door, he doesn’t give a fuck where. As long as he has access to your lips and neck and chest he’s fine. If he’s feeling extra tired, he may just cuddle you close in bed and torture you there.

If somebody walked in, he’d be smug at first. Like yeah you were his girl and yeah you were gettin it the fuck on. He’d smirk and drag his hand up your back, hips pushing into yours to make you gasp and show them who you belonged to. If not smug, he’d be hella annoyed. He’d, like Namjoon, curse out the person and dare them to say anything about it to anyone, or else he’d kick their ass.