Tips for dealing with someone with depression

Just quick while my hair is pinned up and drying, I’m going to tell you the things I know that help.

1) Encourage healthy positive choices loudly and often. Lots and lots and lots of positive reinforcements.

2) Don’t just say you care. Show it. People with depression have a hard time believing words. So use some action.

3) The most powerful words are, “ I believe in you. I’m listening. I care about you. I’m so proud of you for fighting. ”. Say them often.

4) Be consistent.

5) Encourage silliness and laughter. They need to laugh. A lot.

OK… Add what has either helped you or has helped people you care for.

ldkfjsdfkjskfljaf pastel!tyler and punk!josh is my favefavefave okay i bet tyler would SO be into those flower crowns n stuff n he’s like a mini-pro and whenever he and josh are out shopping together he’s like “no!! i know the BEST shop where we can get QUALITY flower crowns and floral pins!!” and actually is kind of a nerd for floral stuff & they go to a little secondhand-shop kind of thing where there’s a little old lady running the register and she looks up to the jingling bells of the door opening just to see a cute boy wearing a white sweater and skinny jeans and floral vans + a white rose flower pin in his hair holdin hands with a tattooed boy with a nose piercing and red hair so bright it looks like fresh roses and hes grumblin so hard but later as they stroll through all the cluttered aisles and tylers “ooh!”ing and “ahh!”ing over everything, you can see josh roll his eyes but bite his lip to stop from Smiling So Hard At How Cute Tyler Is.

Miraculous!Nathanaël headcanons

◣ ••• ◢ —

Miraculous!Nathanaël tends to be a little more jealous and open about it, flirting with Ladybug more just so he can be on the same level as Chat, except more of his flirting is praising Ladybug and being a sweet little dork, I.e. Drawing her roses

◣ ••• ◢ —

He also tends to be more confident and happier, his hair is pinned back showing that he isn’t hiding himself and is a lot more excited to be what he never could be!

◣ ••• ◢ —

During the reveal for them, he literally face palms and almost yells at himself for not realizing especially because he’s a gODDAMN ARTIST HOW COULD HE NOT NOTICE THIS SHIT

◣ ••• ◢ —

Nathanaël may or may not think BOTH Chat Noir and Ladybug have the best bodies in their suits cause god da m n