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Can I ask a prompt Starkquill? If so: After Civil War (like two years later) Team Cap can come back to New York and they're excited to be a team again, but when they reach the tower they see Tony with Peter Quill training, so they come closer to know what's going on and Tony explains them that he has a new team (Tony's still mad, specially with Cap who feels guilty), also Peter is really overprotectove with Tony

“Tony will have to a apologize of course.” Clint says, arms crossed over his chest. He’s the least excited about returning to the Compound, mostly because Laura said she didn’t want him around their kids anymore. 

“And he will, he’s clearly realized the error of his ways.” Steve says, and Wanda nods. Sam looks less sure, but follows them up the drive anyways. “The UN has dropped charges after all.” 

“Yeah, because Stark was directly responsible for the UN.” Scott mutters, keeping his distance from the others. Supposedly he’ll be driven back to Pym Laboratories after the Avengers are dropped off.

“Hi-ya!” Tony’s voice echoes across the yard, and the others turn to see him knocking a stranger to their ground. They pull weapons prepared to attack the trespasser. “Pinned ya.”

“Well played Stark.” The trespasser responds. Tony laughs, and helps Peter up, the two of them swinging around playfully. 

“A pleasure sparring with you as always Quill.” Tony says, leaning in for a kiss. Peter dips him dramatically.

“It’s Starlord.” He says, before kissing Tony. Tony laughs into the kiss, and throws his weight back flipping Peter over. 

“Pinned ya again.” Tony teases, and Peter laughs, but then his smile stills on his face as he catches a flash of color out of the corner of his eye. “He has a blaster level with Steve’s head.” 

“Okay Tones, time to get off me.” He says, and they both slide to their feet, wary eyes on the ex-Avengers. Groot and Rocket come running out of the Milano a moment later, followed by a calmer Drax, and Gamora. 

“The Milano picked up heat signatur-” Rocket starts, trailing off as he notices the ex-Avengers. “Maybe I should let you update it.” He grumbles to Tony.

“Who’s the rat?” Clint asks, and Rocket snarls at him. 

“My new teammate.” Tony says evenly. Steve gives him a disapproving look, and Tony scowls. “This is my new team Rogers, I’ve moved on.” Tony says. 

Where has he moved?” Drax whispers to Gamora, she shushes him with a promise of a later explanation.

“What, so you spar with them? You think they deserve your time more than we did?” Wanda asks, words coming out like acid. Groot glares at her. 

“They do not hate me, they do not expect things from me, and they work with my schedule.” Tony says, glaring moving between Wanda and Cap. “Yes, I spar with them.” 

“We we’re a team.” Steve defends, and Sam looks conflicted. Clint however is nodding along. 

“No, you were leaches, sucking up my money, my time, and my life. I don’t need you anymore.” Tony turns his back on them then. 

“My wife filed for divorce because of you!” Clint yells at his retreating back, and Peter pauses from where he’d turned to follow, spinning back to face Clint. 

“WELL SOMETIMES THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO YOUR ACTIONS!” He roars, nearly throwing the new Starkpod that Tony had given him in his outrage. “You made your bed Barton, now lie in it.” 

“This was our home Stark.” Sam interrupts. Gesturing towards the compound. Tony keeps walking, leaving Peter and Rocket to handle the intruders. 

“Please, the lot of you couldn’t afford a month of rent here on a yeas salary. Newsflash, you were gone for two years, after physically attacking your landlord. You’ve been evicted.” Rocket says, waving his arms in frustration. 

“I am Groot!” Groot agrees, and Rocket pats his arms. 

“I know, we knew they were stupid, but Jesus.” Rocket mumbles, and Clint looks outraged. 

“You are trespassing on private property.” Peter says, “If you do not vacate the premises you will be arrested.” They open their mouth to protest, and Peter pulls out a phone. “5″ He says.

“We didn-” Wanda interrupts.

“4″ He threatens, dialing. Steve looks wary, they can’t afford an arrest right now. “3″ Peter continues.

“We’re going, fine.” Clint starts storming back down the drive.

“2″ Peter says, glaring at Wanda, she huffs, and follows Clint, Sam and Steve right behind her. “Glad that’s over, let’s go check on Tony.” Peter says. 

“You two are grossly sweet.” Rocket says, pretending to gag. Peter laughs, climbing into the Milano.

“I am Groot.” Groot chips in, and Rocket looks disgusted.

“I know it’s romantic Groot, that’s why it’s so gross.” Rocket mutters. “Seriously.”

The Anniversary(: (The Continuation) A Lynn Gunn Imagine<3

*Smut Warning<3*

I was terrified, I didn’t want to screw up.  I had never done anything with anyone before, and thank god it was with Lynn. I could feel her burning, needy lips riding their way down the valley between my breasts. I had been biting my lip so hard I was sure I was close to drawing blood.  I looked down at her only to find her bright lustful eyes staring into mine.  I felt her kisses became sloppier, as she got lower, I tangled my fingers in her hair pulling it back from her face.  We had both been naked, It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I would be.  I was completely exposed in front of her and I was comfortable.  

Leaning up on one of my elbows I seen her dip down between my legs.  She was kissing from my knee inwards towards my core, I bit down harder on my lip as I watched her get closer. Her lips were gentle and skilled across my small bundle of nerves.  I was a moaning mess on the bed, she held onto my hips keeping me locked in place. Every small movement of her tongue made my body lift more off of the bed. I was in pure heaven and I could feel myself being pulled closer to the edge.  My eyes had rolled back as she pushed her fingers deep inside of me, giving me time to adjust as it was my first time. She curled  them to hit my spot head on. I let out a small scream as I hit my high, pulling my legs closed..only to have her pull them back open.  She continued her assault on my body as I rode out my high, I could feel the smirk behind her every move.

I watch Lynn come up and kiss me, it was the strangest thing ever, tasting myself on her lips. She pulled away catching her breath.

“Not bad for your first time eh?” She was smiling at me with her cocky smirk she wore so well.

“Not bad at all” I ran my hand down her body, stroking the area above her heat. My hands were nearly shaking as I did so, but I was ready. I slid my hand down further until my fingers were pressed against her entrance. I heard a soft gasp leave her lips as I pushed them into her, She was warm. I pushed my fingers in deeper into her stroking them slowly against her insides.

The sounds that were leaving her lips were hypnotizing.  I pushed my lips into hers pushing her over onto her back, straddling her upper thighs. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed them along clit, kissing my way down her body.  I gave her soft pink buds special attention earning moans and groans from the girl of my dreams. I made my way closer to her smooth skin tracing small shapes with my tongue. I looked up at her she had her eyes closed, breathing very softly.  Her legs opened slowly as I lowered myself to her aching core. It was all so new to me, Inhaling her scent…tasting her sweet juices as they began to flow on my hand. I lapped it up keeping my eyes locked on her, my arm snaking its way around her leg to hold her in place.

“S..So close…” I heard the words leave her lips and I began sucking on her clit as i pushed my fingers deeper into her curling them, stroking the spot I reached repeatedly. I could feel her clench up on my fingers and tug on my hair.  She was shaking underneath me, I tried my best to hold on and continue what was making my baby so excitable. She rode out her high and began to come back to me.  I sat up licking my fingers and lips, watching Lynn as I did so.

“And that was your first time?!” I heard her peep out between heavy breaths.

“Yep, ever.” I crawled up on the bed curling into her side, becoming comfortable in her strong embrace.

“Well let me be the first and last to tell you…You’re amazing at it.” Lynn kissed the top of my head and I felt a blush creep up on my face.

“So are you baby.” I kissed her fingers, playing with her hand.

“First anniversary…” She  said it slowly, almost singing the words.

“Definitely not our last, or at least I hope not.” I looked down at the gold and black sheets we were tangled in.

“Of course it won’t be our last.” I could feel Lynn’s fingers tickling my sides.  I began squirming around a giggling mess on the bed. Lynn’s smirk was like a permanent fixture on her face. She had me pinned down.

“Ha pinned ya.” She began laughing.

“Oh yeah?!” I pushed her over trying to hold her down, being thrown back on the bed.

“Ha. Pinned ya again.” her laugh was maniacal.

“Hey get off of me.” I watched her shake her head and lean down pecking my lips.

“I love you Y/N” I leaned back up kissing her back.

“I love you too Lyndsey Gunnulfsen” I smirked back at her.


Laura has been taking classes since she was eight. Laura is a skilled martial artist like go back and watch Carmilla’s face she’s so delighted that Laura throat punched Will, then briefly terrified, and then delighted again until just before Will comes into frame with Laura meaning for a brief period of time Laura was handing a vampire’s ass to him seriously listen to all the thuds that certainly mean she’s landing significant hits

Laura Hollis can kill a man with her bare hands

Like, holy shit, Danny’s only been playing at this for three years. Imagine Danny being like “I’m gonna teach you a few moves to defend yourself!!!’ very earnestly and Laura’s like "lol okay” and effortlessly takes her to the mat and Danny’s just, such a confused puppy. She’s like, “wait I didn’t really show you…you caught me off guard…” and so they go again. And again. And again. Until Danny’s all-out sparring for her life and still ends with her flat on her back with a smug Laura going “pinned ya again.” Danny’s???? so???? baffled????? And Laura’s like “you’re so beautiful and your stance is so atrocious here let me show you.” It’s the beginning of a beautiful mentorship, this teeny elfling teaching her Amazon girlfriend how to do hand-to-hand.

This absolute blessing of a protagonist I stfg.

Is There Something in Your Pocket?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: suggestive themes, maybe OOC Peter?

Word Count: 1406 (I got carried away with exposition…)

Summary: “Is there something in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

         “Are you keeping your wrist straight?” You were panting a little. You could feel where he had hit you in the shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to knock you off balance, and that was supposed to be the goal.

        “Yes.” You could hear the control in his voice. He wasn’t tired, no matter what the sweat on his face and arms said. He still had a lot in him. He needed to be riled up if he was going to challenge himself or you. And you needed to be challenged to get anything out of a workout.

        “Then why are your punches so weak, Parker? Come on. I’m a big bad guy out to steal your girl. Stop me.”

        “My girl?”

        “Just go with it?”

        “How can you steal yourself?”

        “Peter, you’ve got to stop saying stuff like that, eventually someone’s going to think we’re actually dating. Now come on and hit me like I know you can.”

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can we talk about how in last night’s teen wolf episode, danny and ethan rolled down that hill like simba and nala and when ethan pinned danny down, i was expecting him to say “pinned ya again” and now i need danny and ethan making disney references because ethan’s a secret disney nerd and danny has seen them all recently because of his siblings.