We talked about ringed seals before, so let me share this Finnish evergreen classic Vanhojapoikia viiksekkäitä (”(Old) Moustached Bachelors”) by Juha Vainio from 1982.

The song is about Nestori Miikkulainen, an unmarried old man living on a small island in Lake Saimaa. He has a friend, an old ringed seal who comes to visit him when he plays his harmonica.  At the same time, the song is a sad story about Saimaa ringed seal’s endangeredness and depopulation of rural Finland.

Tanssittu koskaan ei Nestorin häitä,
Maailma houkutti pois morsion.
Vanhojapoikia viiksekkäitä
Mies sekä hylje kumpikin on

They never danced in Nestori’s wedding
The world allured the bride away 
Old moustached bachelors 
Are both the man and the seal”

(Full translated lyrics under the cut)

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