pinnacle pro


Check out this video and learn how to use the Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer.

I have these things for sale

xbox 360 loads of games controllers and stuff - around £150-200

vaporizer pinnacle pro, the best on the market atm - £150

peavey bass guitar - £75

decent pa system + mics and cables - £150

maybe a 32 inch bush tv and sound bar not even a year old, depending on offers - £250

if any of this interests you, it is all in full working condition and taken care of, selling to make money to move. Please message me for details and prices.

Did the death of Eddie Guerrero send Chris Benoit over the edge?

One of pro wrestling’s most untimely deaths was the loss of Eddie Guerrero. Seemingly at the peak of his career, Guerrero’s tenure in biting and scratching to reach the pinnacle of pro wrestling had ended, as he stood tall as one of its key heroes. But in November 2005, Guerrero’s life ended, and some say his end was the beginning of his best friend’s.

Chris Benoit has become infamous for the circumstances surrounding his death. Those who were close to Benoit say that the guy was a family man, but when away from his family, could be a bit “unhinged”. Punishing himself for making mistakes in the ring, taking himself too seriously when everyone else was having fun, Benoit was often cited as being difficult to control - not by his peers, but by himself. Is it possible that Guerrero’s death further shoved Benoit down the spiral, causing detrimental, irreparable damage to the psyche of the Rabid Wolverine?