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Five Fucking Years

For five years I have been bullied physically, sexually, and mentally.

For five years I have been battling depression, anxiety, mild ptsd, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

But that’s in the outside world. I came to the Internet, to tumblr and the fandom to get away from all of that, but instead?

I get five years being sent message upon message telling me that I should die, that I should kill myself, that I should be raped and abused, that I don’t deserve anything but a shallow puddle as my grave because of the characters I like, the characters I ship, and the shows and movies I like to watch.

For five years I have seen others get sent the exact same messages, for five years I’ve had to say goodbye to friends who leave this site because they can’t take the hate anymore, and for five years I have had no idea if they are still alive or not.

For five years I have tiptoed on my blog, afraid to set off anyone that I might upset enough to be told that I should kill myself.

And I Am Done. I Have Snapped.

I do not care if you like X character, or Y ship, I do not care if you hate X character or Y ship, but telling someone that doesn’t like or hate the same things as you to kill themselves, or that they deserve to be hurt, or that they are worthless is fucking disgusting.

You can have your discourse about why X ship/character is toxic or how Y ship/character is The Pinnacle of Perfection, but it stops being discourse and turns into abuse the moment you tell them they deserve to die.

I have wanted to kill myself Four Fucking Times because of messages like that that I have gotten for the five years.

I was 13 when it started.

I was thir-fucking-teen years olds when I was told to kill myself because I didn’t ship A with B but instead with C.

Do you have any idea what that does to a 13 year old?

You make them hate themselves, you make them hate what they love, you make them hate the thing they used to get away from the real world.

You took the love they had left and smashed it.

You have mentally abused them. You have made them feel less then they are.

And it has to fucking stop. Because now it has bled over to actors and directors and screen writers and authors.

Telling someone that they deserve to be hurt or that they have to kill themselves shouldn’t be used as some parlor trick to get one over on a person.

Next time you want to do something like that, first answer this question very fucking carefully:

Does a life and mental health of a real person matter less then my opinion on fictional characters?

And the answer better fucking be no.

For five years I have been fighting this, and I know I’m not the only one who had, or the only one who’s done with this shit.

Goddamnit no one, fucking no one deserves this mental abuse from people behind a screen just because they do or do not hate or like something.

And that’s fucking final.

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God, there was just such…integrity in the first iron man movie that none of the other MCU movies have. A maturity in the way the characters presented themselves, themes based in realism and heroics and focusing on the victims instead of the villain. There was no such thing as an “inherent good” character. No one tried to paint any of the characters as the impossible pinnacle of human perfection like what happened in the next Iron Man movie, the Cap franchise, and onward. Pepper had flaws. Rhodey had flaws. Tony had flaws. Everyone had flaws but at the end of the day, who gives a shit? Who gives a single fuck about any of the past mistakes when a job needs to be done and you’re the only one who can do it? When people need to be saved, who cares that you used to sleep around, that you would value the life of your boss and friend over the lives of the innocent, that you had a huge falling out with someone you consider family. Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey all stepped up and changed but it’s so subtle. So casual and so realistic. Actually watching a movie with such respect for the characters and confidence in its storytelling was amazing, and personally why the original Iron Man film is still the best of the MCU.

  • what cis people think the ultimate goal of a trans woman is: to pass as a cis woman
  • the actual ultimate goal of a trans woman: to accept and love herself no matter how she chooses to express her gender-- even if this includes breaking the norm and showing off her 'masculine' features as feminine pinnacles of perfection

Mika’s never been 100% in the mental health department, even if he’s good at hiding it. Some days, though, are worse than others.

(Mika has a panic attack. Yuu helps. Please do not read if any of this content is triggering for you.)

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Okay I hate myself but this is more like the filler part for what’s going to happen next I told y’all I have a lot planned yikes

Read part one

No matter what the princess had said, Eita was an absolute devil. Of course, Satori had to take in consideration that a knight too far up on his high horse would rather be stabbed than take care of someone like him. He wasn’t sure what he expected from him, really. Every time Eita would douse his chest in antiseptic, he’d do it without forewarning, leaving Satori hissing when the chemicals reached his open wound. Eita would shrug, mutter a shallow, “oops” before repeating the same thing all over again.

“You think this is bad? Try pouring it inside a cut.” Eita muttered, placing the bottle of antiseptic up against Satori’s chest and letting it dribble into his wound again. He groaned, and Eita only shook his head. “What the hell even happened to you?”

“Mobs.” Satori shrugged. He watched with tentative eyes as Eita started wrapping his torso up with bandages. He noticed a small furrowing of the knights eyebrows. He was careful when he was wrapping him up, almost as if he didn’t want to hurt him, although he forced him though the antiseptic ritual. He had to admit the tightness of the bandages was nice, though.

“Mobs?” Eita echoed, taping the bandage up and rising up from his knees. “They still do that to you? I thought that trend ended a while ago”

“No, I just learned to fight ‘em off.” Satori shrugged, sliding off the table Eita had forced him upon. Eita stood there in silence, arms folded across his chest. Satori just figured he was being judged again. He ignored it, slipping the clean shirt donated to him over his head. It was stuffy, he noticed, and tight in all the wrong places. So were the pants and the shoes he wore. An indigo, velveteen vest sat in a crumpled pile at the far end of the table, and Satori contemplated whether he should put it on or not. He decided to go with it, although it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen.

“You know…” Eita began, suddenly. His rapier was in his hand now, and Satori would’ve been lying of he said it didn’t make him the slightest bit nervous. “…I don’t know why the princess likes you so much.”

Satori shrugged at this. His eyes caught Eita’s suddenly, but something in him forced him not to look away. He wasn’t sure what happened next, because Eita’s eyes widened and quickly darted towards the floor. Satori could’ve laughed at the look on his face. He wasn’t trying to establish his dominance here, nor was he trying to be intimidating. This knight couldn’t even look him in the eyes, but the fragile princess could dart straight towards him in the darkness of a back alley.

Satori huffed, he knew there was something odd about this kingdom, but never expected this.

“I didn’t mean that to be rude.” Eita cleared his throat in attempts to defend his previous statement. His eyes were still glued to the floor, though.

“Okay. Didn’t say that you were.”

“I’m just saying, I’ve never seen the princess go out of her way for someone like that. If so much as a bit of lint comes in contact with her dresses, she loses it.” Eita turned around on the heel of his boot and left the room, tapping his rapier against the door frame as a gesture for him to follow. Satori complied, trailing behind the knight as he swiftly maneuvered his way around the castle halls. He stopped focusing on what Eita was saying, rather, the way he treated his surroundings. Even for someone who lived on these grounds, Satori thought it would be damn near impossible to get accustomed to such a place. Though Eita seemed to be more comfortable than the princess, greeting every guard at every doorway, tumbling down each staircase as if it’s spiralling elegance was nothing. Satori knew this was definitely not the place for him.

Eita took him back to the grand entry he came in from. The princess stood there idly, cleaned and prompt in a large lavender gown. She would’ve been the pinnacle of perfection if it weren’t for the stank face she shot up at Wakatoshi as he scolded her. Satori thought that made her all the more endearing, though.

“You are not a peasant who can walk the streets as you wish, Princess, even during the day.” Wakatoshi had his hands balled tight into fists. Worry was evident on his face as he continued with his spiel, all whilst __ rolled her eyes. Satori assumed they must’ve been close, a brother sister relationship, or so it seemed.

“You don’t think I know that? You know I could get you killed without explanation if you even try telling my father.”

“Don’t pull the execution card, Princess. I’m the one who does the executions.”

__ placed her hands on her hips and sighed, shaking her head up at the knight.

“If anybody happens to find out, can we say I woke up early to visit the knights at main entryway? Father won’t question it, neither will Mother.”

“But what about The- I mean-…” Tsutomu pointed towards Satori from behind Eita. “Him?”

Satori cocked an eyebrow, only for the princess to send him a curt wave.

“We’ll just say one of you happened to see him on the streets.” She shrugged, becoming even less focused on Wakatoshi as Satori stalked closer towards them. He felt so uncomfortable in a setting like this, a definite fish out of water. The vest was definitely a horrible idea.

“Eita, you can take the blame, can’t you?” She peeped, nudging the knight in the arm the moment he took her side.

“I’m not compassionate enough, everyone here to the kingdom over knows that. It has to be you.”

Satori found the way she interacted with the knights to be strange. He didn’t have a vast knowledge about how those who were rich were supposed to act, but he reckoned they weren’t ones to be so friendly with those who worked for them. Perhaps the princess was lonely, it wouldn’t surprise Satori if that happened to be the case.

“Fine, I’ll be the one who saw him. It has to be one of you who retrieved him though. I get yelled at if I’m on the balcony by myself.” The princess shrugged, running her hands across the silk of her skirt.

“I’ll do it, but only if you promise not to pull something like that again.” Wakatoshi sternly bowed, and exited the commons towards the front steps again. “Because Princess, if something like that does happen again, it is my duty to tell your father.” The other two knights followed him out the door, Eita stopping to shake Satori’s hand before he followed.

“If you ever need anything-” Eita muttered, pulling his hand away as quick as he slipped it in. “-Uh, don’t hesitate to ask me.”

Satori merely nodded, not even sure how to rely to such a demand. Eita was quite the character, in Satori’s eyes. The knight had armor of his own, or so it seemed. It didn’t take him long to step out of it around him, though. Was it really that easy for him to get comfortable around a stranger, or was Eita just degrading him? Eita shut and locked the front doors behind him, and once the lock clicked, Satori shot the princess a glance and sighed.

“I can tell that you feel uncomfortable.” The princess smiled, shuffling closer to his side.

“What gave it away, now? The vest or the awkward handshake?”

“Both.” She spun on her heel to face him, rapidly twisting a ringlet of her hair around her fingers. “Purple really isn’t your thing.”

“This entire outfit isn’t even my thing.”

“I know. You’re allowed to leave anytime you wish, I was just hoping you’d stay around for a while.”

Satori felt his stomach drop. The look she was giving him screamed “pity” and “adoration” at the same time, and he hated it. He couldn’t read her emotions like he could with everyone else’s. If anything, she was the one frightening him.

“See, I don’t mind staying. Do your parents mind me staying, hm?” Satori inquired. He began to fiddle with the tassle hanging off his vest. Damn, did he hate this thing.

“They won’t mind. The place is too big for them to even notice your presence, to be honest.”

The princess waved her hand at him, gesturing him to follow her. She lead him into an ornate den, obnoxiously gold and maroon, and plopped down on one of the couches. Satori was wary if such a delicate thing was even meant for sitting on. He did though, keeping his posture up even better than the princess. He thought it was a bit funny, he’d never seen someone sit cross legged in a gown.

An awkward silence draped over the two, __ caught up in fiddling with her hair, and Satori just staring off into space. The distant sounds of teacups clinking could be heard from down the hall.

“Say, Princess.” Satori muttered suddenly.

“__.” She corrected.

__. Are the knights your friends?” He inquired, watching as her once amused face turned downward. He hit a soft spot, he figured.

“Not really. I mean, I get along with them just fine. Wakatoshi’s been living here since I was ten or so, so has Eita, we grew up together. Still, I wouldn’t call them my friends. They’re here to protect the castle, they’re paid to put up with my problems.” She maintained a solemn eye contact with him the entire time, forcing a fake smile when Satori cocked his head. “It’s pathetic, I know. Mother tries to get me to be acquainted with the princesses in neighboring kingdoms, but they’re all getting married and such. It’s pathetic if I say I’m sort of lonely, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think it’s pathetic.” Satori peeped. “I’ve been living alone since I was seven. I know what it’s like to want somebody.”

“I’m sorry. What happened? To abandon you like that, I mean.”

“Tha-at’s a story for another day.” He grimaced, his focus drawn to a golden peacock resting on the mantelpiece. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed she was still staring at him. He figured she would look away herself when she realized he wasn’t paying attention, but she didn’t. It made him a little bit nervous. He figured her loneliness and his arrival were tied somehow. By the way she acted around him, he had no doubt that she had some interest in him, aesthetically or platonically, he wasn’t sure. Although, he couldn’t help but wonder if him intriguing her had sparked the idea to befriend him. Maybe all of this was about her finding a friend in someone. The likelihood of that was high, especially regarding someone like him, a person with nothing to give. He darted his eyes over to meet hers, to which she looked away quickly, flustered, at the least. He found himself smiling and unable to control it. 

Maybe life in the palace wasn’t going to be so horrific after all.

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What about physical preferences? Blondes? Big eyes? Small noses? More chubby? Big boobs? Etc etc

For emotional/social preferences, see here! (Sorry I assumed emotional last time, and for how long it’s taken to get this done for you! Hope you enjoy!)

Eren: Is weak for smiles that light up a person’s face. Smiley people just get him; there’s something about the way that a smile communicates feelings that really speaks to him. He’s also into curvy figures (in all their forms,) and he’s known to be a boob guy. 

Mikasa: Really likes nice eyes and soft lips. She’s known for falling for skinnier people, those with lean limbs, although she doesn’t really have a preference for body type, that’s just how it’s happened so far. She’s also really weak for the dark hair/light eyes combination. 

Armin: Falls in love with eyes. He notices people’s eye colors right away, and just loves pretty eyes, no matter the color or shape. If the eyes are pretty, he’s weak to them. He also tends to fall for people who are really expressive, whose faces and gestures communicate every emotion to clearly it’s adorable even when they’re angry. 

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My name is SLOTH,
and I am exhausted.
I am tired, tired, tired and I will have none of the world before me
but to lie in my own circle of comfort.
I am the child of inertia,
supine and lethargy incarnate.
I am SLOTH, and I will have your hands.

My name is GREED,
and I want.
I will have excess in every form, and I shall be draped in the finest
gold and silver, with jewels on my fingers
and clothing of the finest silk.
I am indulgence, longing, avarice.
I make the greatest of men bow at my knees
and beg.
I am GREED, and I will have your possessions.

My name is GLUTTONY,
and I am hungry.
I crave, I thirst, I need to be filled with luxurious delights
that sicken the tongue like the sweetest honey draped over the sour sting
of rotten meat.
I am ravenous, I will consume and destroy.
I am secretive and shameful, I am vomit in a bar bathroom.
I am fast food nightmares and cotton candy daydreams mixed with heroin and the vague hope
that morning will come so I can be satisfied once again.
I am GLUTTONY, and I will have your tongue.

My name is VANITY,
and I am beautiful, perfect, spectacular,
the pinnacle of perfection,
ultimate pleasure and aesthetic conceit.
I will be worshipped- I will be adored
under any circumstance, and woe befall those
who deny my gloriousness.
I am VANITY, and I will have your eyes.

My name is WRATH,
Fury and fire and rage,
burning hysterical heat on the back of your mind.
I’ll tear you apart with your own words
and make you drown in the consequences.
I am bitterness, convulsion, a hemorrhage of emotions
you can’t control, won’t want to.
I am WRATH, and I will have your mind.

My name is LUST,
Stolen kisses and hurried whispers in the night,
salacious weakness that will reach inside to your center
and burst out through your fingertips
until they brush against mine in the office,
at the bar, or at my house 
in a rough tumble before the wife comes home.
I am an itch that can never be satisfied.
I am LUST, and I will have your heart.

My name is ENVY,
and I can never have what will fulfill me.
Each one but me is dressed in finery,
gifted with treasures beyond compare, and unwilling to share, to bestow.
I am prejudice, resentment that melts into hatred
and springs forth from covetousness.
I will destroy every friendship, break every trust.
I am the ultimate thief.
I am ENVY, and I will have whatever’s left.

—  SEVEN DEADLY, by Sarah LaPidus 

why is he so perfect? <b>why god did you have to make him this perfect </b>









THAT WOULD BE THE PINNACLE AND THE PERFECT THING??????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Papyrus prepares perfect pasta with poise and precision.
Papyrus picks plump tomatoes and purees them in a particular progress. Papyrus prepares in a pan, his pasta, which can be Penne, or Pillus, or Pacherri, or Papperdelle, Pici, Puntine,Perciatelli, and Pelmeni. Papyrus peaks his pasta with Parmesan and a pinch of Parsley.
Papyrus is provoked with puns and playful pups procuring to place paws on his precious pasta, but he persists in his practice, for Papyrus is prim and proper. Papyrus will plate the proportions promptly and posthaste, for his pals and peers with picky palates push Papyrus to portion the picture perfect pasta with a passionate personality.
Popular and prestigious Papyrus is proud and pleased for the pasta he prepares is the pinnacle of culinary perfection.

…so I like alliteration
Also I substituted for  some of the pasta that I could not find. 
I may not be as great as the Pasta Master Papyrus when it comes to macaroni art, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

This is the amazing original HERE

And a very happy anniversary to this blog. It means a lot!

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How would you describe Adrien?

You’re going to have to give me a minute to answer this.

Adrien Agreste is a kid who has the perfect set up to be the type of character to lash-out and act like a (pardon my french) complete ass. He’s ridiculously wealthy, the heir to a presumably international fashion empire, he’s ignored by his father for the most part, left in the care of his father’s personal assistant and the family chauffeur, and his mother is just gone. His only friend during his childhood was the queen of self-entitlement Chloe Bourgeois, the mayor’s daughter. Dear old dad, Gabriel, has practically groomed Adrien to be the pinnacle of perfection. Adrien’s career as a model focuses entirely on his outward appearance, and his face has been plastered on billboards, magazines, advertisements, posters, etc. for years. 

Almost every aspect of his background would lead one to believe that Adrien would not be the nicest guy to be around. That he’d be just as snobby as Chloe, since they both come from similar backgrounds.


Adrien Agreste is one of the most compassionate and affectionate and caring characters on the show. Time and time again he has shown that he genuinely likes and cares for his classmates, friends, and complete strangers.

In Origins, when Marinette thinks he put the gum on her seat Adrien is visibly nervous and desperate to assure her that he would never do something so mean. 

In Kungfood, Adrien is standing by Marinette’s side, helping her defend her Uncle’s reputation.

When Nino confesses that he has a crush on Marinette, Adrien does everything in his power to try and help his friend. 

Adrien Agreste is extremely selfless, and is the type of person who can’t stand by if he sees someone in trouble.

There is a reason Master Fu chose Adrien Agreste as the person worthy to wield Plagg.

Plagg has Cataclysm, the literal power of destruction. In comparison to Lucky Charm, Chat Noir’s power is way more dangerous and easily the most frightening of the two powers. In the wrong hands, Cataclysm has so much capability to do real harm to good people.

On top of that, Chat Noir is the other half of Ladybug, her partner in everything. He has to be trusted to be just as strong as Ladybug, to be there for her when she needs him. To pull her back and take her hit when need be, because without Ladybug there is no defeating Hawk Moth.

And who does Master Fu entrust such a dangerous power and heavy responsibility to? 

Adrien “Please Believe I Didn’t Stick That Gum On Your Seat” Agreste

Chat Noir is flirty with LB, but he respects her and her boundaries. He loves her (those long, lingering gazes he gives her are proof of that) and he doesn’t really push her to reveal her identity. 

For the most part, when Chat Noir and Ladybug have to get a little more intimate during fights: hand holding, sitting on laps, catching the other person, etc. Adrien is a gentleman and acts professionally. Even though he may wink or wiggle his eyebrows suggestively, he never oversteps a boundary or takes it past casual flirting. 

All this kid wants is the ladybooty affection, and he’ll take it in the form of friendship, partnership, and my goodness I’m sure he’d appreciate it if his dad would give him some fatherly affection too. 

Another thing, Adrien Agreste is responsible. He has his job as a model, and everything else his father gives him to do. Adrien could play the rebellious teenager and not listen to anything Gabriel has to say. Instead, he does everything that is expected of him without much complaining if any. Why? 

This is kind of meta, but it might be because Adrien Agreste understands that there are other people aside from his father that are relying on him to do his job. Adrien Agreste is not that much of a trouble maker. And despite what might be believed, I truly don’t think Chat Noir is that much of a trouble maker either.

As Chat Noir, Adrien is certainly freer, more loose in his attitude and has less reservations. However, he doesn’t really neglect his duties and responsibilities as Chat Noir either. Ladybug relies on him, and even when Ladybug might call it quits (see: when she leaves Chloe in Chat Noir’s capable hands during Evillustrator) Adrien stays to fulfill his responsibility as Chat Noir. This is not to put Marinette/LB down, but to point out that Adrien takes his duties as Chat Noir very seriously. Even when LB might say it’s safe, Chat stays just to make sure, which LB is perfectly fine with. 

In conclusion, Adrien Agreste is a suave gentleman in the way a suave gentleman should be: he is compassionate, kind, loyal, selfless, respective, responsible, and is made to be a superhero like Chat Noir, even if he believes Ladybug would be just fine without him.

Watching the IKON comeback vids like

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Yo Mai was the worst in the comics because she literally did help her dad. She hid his attempts, that's aiding and abetting a criminal. She was aware that her dad was going to try to kill zuko and his family again after she watched him try the first time. Then she guilt tripped Zuko into apologizing for it? That's literal gas lighting. Plus she never acted like she was wrong or sorry at all? She didn't care what happened to key lo either? This is all canon too. You don't even gotta twist it

{{ Oh I know it’s all canon, I’ve read the comic books all up to the recent one, I know that Mai hid what her father was doing from Zuko, and she did use Kei Lo to get Intel on her father. It’s PAINFULLY obvious that Mai doesn’t know how to have a functioning relationship. Everything she ever did was for her benefit and her’s alone. 

She cared little for Kei Lo’s feelings, even AFTER he shared a secret with her that he didn’t share with anyone. She was playing a part that she felt was necessary to get the information she needed in order to help SAVE Zuko and his family from the FIRST attack. She was trying to save him because she didn’t WANT Zuko dead. 

Mai isn’t as cut and dry as everyone is making her out to be. She’s not some horrid bitch that is so evil and doesn’t deserve to be loved. I mean sure, she’s mentally and emotionally abusing Zuko, and that’s HORRIBLE. He deserves better and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it. Still, the way Mai is acting is a LEARNED thing and not something that she just does because she’s deep rootedly selfish and self centered. 

Mai is emotionally stunted, from an early age she was molded to be the perfect daughter for a man in the political career. More akin to a child needs to be seen, not heard. Made to be presented as the perfect example of a child of the Fire Nation. The perfect daughter for a diplomat of the Fire Nation. She was always told that her fathers career was important and that was the ONLY thing that mattered. No one ever talked to her about her feelings, asked her what was wrong, or even to ‘open up’ because to fly off the handle was unladylike and would set a bad example for their family. 

She was never too exceptionally close to her parents, and since she’d been told not to explain or talk about her feelings she simply learned to bottle them up. The Fire Nation, that I’ve noticed, was always about appearance, and how they looked to everyone else, so they needed to be the pinnacle of perfection to the outside world. Mai is a result of that, not saying her parents didn’t love her, but they focused more on the politics and getting ahead. Not realizing they were damaging their daughter. 

She grew into an emotionless, easily swayed teenager whom held no opinion one way or the other. Not caring about anything is how she dealt with not feeling cared about or loved. If she didn’t feel anything, she couldn’t be hurt or disappointed anymore. (Which would explain her clear detachment from the whole fiasco with Tom Tom and trading Bumi for her brother. She was QUICK to leave her parents because it got her out of the shadow for awhile. 

Though even as you watch her, she holds no clear respect or care for authority. Simply following orders because it’s ‘something to do’. Though underneath all that, is a screaming girl crying for help…but because of the way she was raised, she never let it out. Being an only child for 15 years essentially didn’t help things. As such she got everything she ever wanted, and as long as she listened and was well behaved she would never hear no. 

So when things start not going the way she wants them too, ESPECIALLY from someone whom she’s showing a small amount of affection toward (I.E. Zuko) She becomes angry and enraged at the fact. Not caring about the reason or circumstance about why it happened, just the fact it wasn’t what SHE wanted and what SHE expected, it upset her and so YES Zuko was the bad guy. 

She was hurt, and she was angry at him for it because it went against EVERYTHING she was taught and believed. It’s like her world was tossed upside down on her before being left in the dark again. Especially when, in the beginning, she does try to help soothe Zuko’s anger by trying to distract him, if she had truly not cared at the time she wouldn’t have even bothered to try. 

She doesn’t know how to handle someone with Zuko’s temperament because she hadn’t dealt with someone like him for a long time. She WAS trying though, but, again, because she doesn’t talk about feelings…she shuts other people talking about it because ‘if it was all right for me, it’s all right for them’. It’s what was FAIR in her mind, is it right? No, but because she was raised to speak when spoken too, it kind of rubbed off on her personality. 

Mai isn’t heartless, and she’s not a robot. She can get hurt, and she does get angry but she is EXTREMELY flawed as an individual. And COMPLETELY wrong for Zuko. 

They butt heads WAY too much because their on two separate wavelengths. 

So when it came the time to chose between taking her father in, someone who’s her FAMILY and RAISED her, as well as CLOTHED her and kept her fed and nurtured her from an infant, (whom I believe also manipulates her emotionally and mentally) OR the man whom she has nothing in common with, argues with all the time and has an on again, off again relationship? It’s not hard to see WHICH of the two she would choose. 

I mean, I would have chosen MY father. 

So hiding her father from Zuko, and not revealing the fact that he was trying to kill was made out of loyalty to her father and her family (Because we all not how important loyalty is to them). She regrets it and in turn ends up going with him in order to stop whom ever is doing this once and for all. 

And of course, the classing gas lighting she does is something that she’s USE to doing. She has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong and was ALWAYS having the best interest for her people at heart. Zuko was the one whom was wrong, and hurting people. Why didn’t HE understand what it was like not turning in her father. I mean…Zuko did the same thing. I mean it too Zuko YEARS before he realized that his father was in the wrong. So of COURSE Mai was going to throw it in his face. 

Does it make it right? No.

Should she have apologized? Absolutely. 

Was she wrong? Yes. 

But she was molded to be that way from birth. I mean, look at Azula. She was in the same boat as Mai, kept her emotions in check, she rarely EVER reacted out of anger and kept her cool in any and all situations. Until her father turned her back on her and she had nothing left to fall on. 

Mai is the result of poor parenting, where politics too precedent over her own happiness and well being. It created a desperate, greedy and lonely child whom will do anything to keep from seeing that anything she does is wrong because she NEVER does anything wrong. She was raised not to. So it is, and always WILL be everyone else that takes the fall and will be to blame…believe me. I know, I live with someone who does that to me all the time so I know what gas lighting looks like. 

Being a victim of it, I can understand WHY Zuko apologizes to her, because he loves and cares about her. He feels bad he ever made her feel that way. I struggled with it for years….and I still am so I know how harmful it can be…but until Mai realizes that she’s hurting people and grows out of this mindset…I don’t think she’ll ever stop doing it. }} 

Silmarillion concept art, my take on Fingon rescuing Maedhros from Melkor. Hope to colour this and NOT ruin it > <

*Updated it, lightened Fingon and added a few scars. I know Tolkien’s lore had elves as the pinnacle of perfect beings and such but really the whole Kinslaying filler is like a green light on elven flaws. So my headcannon; elves pull off scars as if they are the models for scarred characters. \( * u * )/