pinnacle collection

anonymous asked:

would lusamine bathe guzma to bring him to her standards. cause i bet he's filthy.

I mean, as filthy as someone who probably has to bathe with wet wipes is. Team Skull is only not homeless on a technicality, here. I’m not sure of Po Town has running water.

Anyway, like. Let’s be real here. Lusamine’s standards and aesthetics, while beauty-focused, show us that she has an… interesting concept of beauty. Her pinnacle is a collection of Lovecraftian horrors.

So here’s the thing: Lusamine created a perfect world for herself. (I can talk a lot about how she desperately clings to love/control but that’s for the actual analysis essay I’m writing on her.) She created a world where ONLY the things she loved existed. The scene in Ultra Space where Lillie asks Lusamine “what about Mr. Guzma?” breaks my heart every time, because she just stops and thinks about him, dejected, before falling back into her neurotoxin ramblings.

What I’m saying is: Guzma, as he is, was so perfectly beautiful that he was the only human that Lusamine actually wanted to have in her dreamscape.

At some point Lusamine looked at this slouching hobo and said to herself “yes. he’s perfect.”