Here’s the thing, we deserved canon non-unrequited romantic!jalec - actually the fact that they’re parabatai, an ancient term for a pair of warrior lovers (check it up), should’ve given it for granted - so now my brain cannot escape the what-could-have-been (@cuddlylighwood here it is, you asked for a post and now you’re getting the whole long long headcanon thing. this is all impromptu so warning for sappiness, angst and unpolished writing - and did i mention how long it is? i apologize in advance)

little jace and alec finding solace and company in the other, they’re best friends. until something shifts - they’re thirteen years old and alec starts to realize that what he feels for jace goes far beyond what a best friend should feel. he knows it, but he buries that knowledge deep into himself and tries to unsee it. and what if he oftentime looks at jace for longer than necessary or he starts hyperventilating everytime they spar and jace pinns him down or gets a little to close…there’s nothing to see here. it doesn’t matter that when jace asks him to be his parabatai and he accepts, something inside of him shatters and he spends the night crying. 

but what about jace? alec is the most special person to him, but they’re just close friends, special friends. alec is in one chategory while ‘romance’ is in another where he likes to flirt with and kiss girls. alec is the one he does everything else with - he should ask him to be parabatai? it’s just right. it’s not until years later when they’re a little older and alec has become more closed-off that something shifts for him.

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