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Hi Pinlin! Had you ever thought what the main cast would look like if genderbent? I tried imagining what they would look like and all I thought was what if Sachiro was a girl then he would look like a Loli!!! lol

I haven’t thought about this lol. The very first concept was a normal harem. Though, I did not base off the characters from it. Well, this would be sachiro:

Loli level +++ And this would the heroine, I’m totally not biased.

She should be a shota though. Maybe I’ll do the rest of the maincast someday. This idea is so funny XD

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Hi Pinlin, which character you're most like? I would say I'm most like Ikuya cuz I like teasing my friends for being single, a little bit like Jun for being more active at night, I'm the same height as Heroine (which is a little creepy), being grumpy sometimes like Zeikun... Lol

Hmm, that’s such a hard question. Honestly, I’m not biased to anyone haha. There are a few characters that are hard to write because I don’t fully understand them, like Roya and Chain. It doesn’t mean I like them the least, they are just troublesome guys ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Ikuya is so fun, her teasing and bubbly character is unique in this game. Likewise, the heroine would tease her for being single too. Lioji is a type that would spice things up in their group. He is fun, but in a different way. I’ve written various interactions with Ikuya and Lioji in each route. Every time the player restarts, the story line will feel refreshing and more clues will be revealed about the characters.

I’m a bit like Junoru, soft spoken and don’t have much of a presence. People fail to notice me, even when I’m just in front of them (true story) ( ̄ロ ̄lll)
Like Kurato, I actively go after people I like and it makes me feel like a stalker lol. Sachiro is someone with goals. His determination and motivation is just like me when I work on this project (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و About Zeikun, he is kind of serious. I bet his fans want to see him open up. Who knows if that happens or not…

Rasumi is a joker card I threw into. Same with Kaichi. Sometimes I start out randomly and see what happens. I didn’t plan things, yet every puzzle piece falls in place. From a player’s perspective, I’d have no clue what these supporting characters add to the story. 

Then these twins I almost forgot to mention. The same, yet not same. I drew them a lot in 2013, but they disappeared for some time. I like these dark characters. One minus point is their bandages, it’s hard to draw (T⌓T) Compared to other characters, they look out of place. Sometimes I feel that way too.