This is my cat Nubby. Nubby was abandoned by her previous owner and when the SPCA found her she had skin cancer in her nose and ears. Unfortunately her ears had to be removed.

I had previously fostered a white cat with cropped ears and I fell in love with her. I named her Chopper and brought her out of her shell, but had to eventually give her back to be adopted. When i saw Nubby I knew I had to take her home.

At first Nubby was extremely timid and would only appear to sit with me, if anyone else came to my house she would hide. She’s very adventurous and playful now. To make sure she doesn’t get burnt on her ears again she has to wear sunscreen, which is a bit difficult to apply to a cat… So I made her these ears.

She was a bit reluctant to wear them at first but seems to be used to them now, which is lucky because she loves the sun