• EXO

Saw this somewhere. Actually, it’s more of heard. All of them sang here. I think that’s just adorable <3. It was said that this song is for the fans. EXOtics there! Give this song a try! You’ll love it. Seriously, I’m suffering from LSS since I heard this song :) 

*the song isn’t mine*

*All credits belong to the rightful owner(s).*

Infinite! This is one cute chibi of them. :) Why is it difficult to find cute fan arts of Infiniite? Not many people make fan arts of them. I hope I have good friends with the laptop, computer, mouse pad and mouse. But I don’t. LOL. I can only draw with a pen/pencil and a piece of paper not with any electronic gadget :). I’ll have to work on that this summer, that’s if don’t become lazy. haha xPP. 


Last post for today ‘cuz I really need to study and it’s like 11:00 PM already here in the Philippines xP

So I figured, since it’s my last post, I’ll share something about myself. My name’s Aiah (A-Yah) . So what does that have to do with the picture of Boyfriend above? Here it goes. When Boyfriend released IYAH (which is pronounced the same way as my name, LOL xP) I was at my friend’s house. There were 3 of us watching the MV together. We’re all fangirls. Lucky me! After listening to the song which goes “Nae IYAH~….” They always sing that line in addressing me. I find it cute though. They say the song’s for me. LOL. Feeler me xD. They still do that until now- sing IYAH when I arrive at school or when they’re calling me. I have crazy friends but I love them <

That’s it. Enough spazzing for today. I gotta study if I want to pass. Goodnight, folks :) Annyeong!! <3