gem: andesine labradorite, or just andesine!

alignment: previously neutral, leaning towards crystal gems

pronouns: he/him

gem placement: belly

weapon: warhammer (rarely used; can usually charm his way out of battle)

story: first implanted in the kindergarten near the end of the war between homeworld/earth, and “hatched” a while after it ended. found other kindergarten gems left behind, most who were strong followers of the diamonds, and some questioning their allegiance. heard of the crystal gems through stories of the war and rose quartz, adopted star symbol in admiration. he has always wanted to find the main 4 gems just to know if they truly exist, and he has a strong feeling they do, but isn’t sure what exactly lies outside of the kindergarten beyond vast empty grasslands.

etc.: this is a gemsona based off the lovely @thatsthat24! tbh i thought up of most of this on the spot, especially the story, i may or may not have gotten a little carried away ^^;

anyway enjoy this ms paint doodle i just did

revised some simple math concepts today. i’ve realised that sometimes i get so used to learning more of the complex formulas and functions that i forget practical math things like long division hahaha the weather was nice today and i really enjoyed it. on the bad side of things, i clumsily slammed my pinky toe and its counterparts into the door today and i am limping everywhere now ahahaha oh whale