Cardiorespiratory fitness contributes to successful brain aging

Cardiorespiratory fitness may positively impact the structure of white matter in the brains of older adults. These results suggest that exercise could be prescribed to lessen age-related declines in brain structure.

The findings, which appear online in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, are the first to show a relationship between fitness and brain structure in older adults, but not younger adults.

The researchers compared younger adults (age 18-31) to older adults (age 55-82). All participants had MRIs taken of their brains and their cardiorespiratory (heart and lung) fitness was measured while they exercised on a treadmill. The researchers found cardiorespiratory fitness was positively linked to the structural integrity of white matter fiber bundles in the brain in the older adults, while no such association was observed in younger adults.

“We found that higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness were associated with enhanced brain structure in older adults,” explained corresponding author Scott Hayes, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and the associate director of the Neuroimaging Research for Veterans Center at the VA Boston Healthcare System. “We found that physical activities that enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, such as walking, are inexpensive, accessible and could potentially improve quality of life by delaying cognitive decline and prolonging independent function,” he added.  

According to the researchers these results provide evidence of a positive association between fitness and brain structure in older adults. “We hope this study provides additional motivation for older adults to increase their levels of physical activity, which positively impacts health, mood, cognition and the brain.” They caution that additional research is needed to track changes in fitness and brain structure over time, as well as clarify the impact of specific exercise programs (such as strength, aerobic or combined training) or dose of exercise (frequency, intensity, duration) on white matter microstructure.

  • Brain:you know what'd be a great idea?
  • Me:don't you fucking dare
  • Brain:no but hear me out... ONE day--
  • Me:shut your face
  • Brain:write stony. write sweaty, filthy, shameless stony. write passionate, side-scratching, shoulder-biting, back-arching stony. write 616!stony. write mcu!stony.
  • Me:pls stop
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  • Me:.....*whimper*
Brain-damaging space rays may keep people from Mars.

Mars One, which plans to send civilians to colonize the Red Planet by 2027, is already controversial. Financial worries, exaggerated support, terrifying predictions of death and colony-wide explosions — it seems like the litany of concerns for the mission never ends. The most devastating roadblock? It turns out that the settlers might not make it to Mars without suffering brain damage.

Okay, but


Do you guys REALIZE what this means to me???? (Of course you do, you’re in the same boat as me)


I need to rewatch their scenes about 354358465354486526564 more times, but here’s what I’ve got about Philinda right now from my faint memory:

  • Phil only calls her Melinda when he’s being completely open, vulnerable, personal, and wants to comfort her
  • I think he’s been trying not to let her too close up until now, because now he realizes she almost lost her faith in him and he can’t handle that, so he wants to completely let her in now. No more walls (a shipper can dream, right?)
  • WHAT THE HECK DOES “WE HAD OUR BOUNDARIES” (I can’t remember exactly what she said) EVEN MEAN?!
  • He remembered exactly that he promised to apologize to her “at length” which proves to me that it wasn’t an empty promise. He looked willing to do anything to get her to forgive him!
  • Phil knows about Bahrain now. The whole truth. But instead of looking at her in horror, he only looked hurt for her. And she didn’t even hardly see that because she walked away from him so quickly
  • Phil let her go because he knew she needed space
  • I think they left that Bahrain conversation open to bring it up again sometime later. Hopefully with a love confession attached to it next time
  • He wanted her opinion on the op
  • His voice was super quiet and–again–vulnerable when he asked her
  • He immediately accepted her opinion and showed how much trust he still has in her
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