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Oooh gosh could you do exr with #14 of your prompts?!!?

e/R | sex toy shopping

Enjolras seriously regrets asking the rugged man behind the counter for help.

For one thing, talking to anyone at all about sex toys is awkward enough. Talking to a guy who comes alive when he talks, gesturing animatedly with his hands and glancing sideways and smiling at Enjolras to make sure he’s still following and slowing down when he isn’t—well, that’s a problem of a different kind.

Enjolras treats sex a bit like he treats food: something to take part in to stop his body moaning at him. So all he really wants is something easy to take care of his physical needs, except now the shop guy, Grantaire, is showing him a plethora of options, and his body is getting unnecessarily perky thinking about it. He probably shouldn’t have waited this long.

“What, exactly, is a fleshlight?” asks Enjolras, looking down at the fat tube of pinky fleshy silicone. It jiggles as Grantaire picks up the sample one.

Grantaire shows him the little hole in the front of it. “Essentially a fake portable vagina?”

Enjolras coughs. “Hmm. Oh. Well.” He wrinkles his nose and tries not to make a face. “No vaginas please. Fake, portable or otherwise.”

Laughing, Grantaire picks up a different one. “Well, this one is shaped like an anus inside?”

Enjolras stares at it. “It… does not look more appealing.”

When Grantaire sets it down, it jiggles some more. “Well, your other options for penetrating are a sex doll,” he says, gesturing to the frankly terrifying doll in the corner, “or a real person though we can’t help you with that in here.” That, at least, makes Enjolras smile.

“Here, we have the buttplugs and the dildos.” There are a couple lying around as samples, and Grantaire picks them up, talking about flexibility and durability and Enjolras mostly tunes him out and instead stares at his hands stroking up and down the dildos.

“Well, whichever one you’d recommend for a beginner,” says Enjolras, licking his lip absently, because that’s socially acceptable and drooling isn’t.

Grantaire squints at him a bit. “Like, a beginner beginner, or a beginner?”

“What?” Enjolras blinks at him, definitely not noticing the absent way Grantaire rolls the dildo around in his palms.

“Sorry,” says Grantaire, “I mean – are you a beginner to using a dildo, or a beginner to anal sex completely?”

“Oh,” says Enjolras, who’s never been shy about sharing this fact. “The second one. Sorry.”

“No need to apologise,” says Grantaire, grabbing one he’d talked about off the wall. “I can definitely show you how it’s done—” He freezes, realising what he’s said and stutters to a halt and to Enjolras’s surprise, he blushes. Enjolras does a mental fistpump. “I mean. We have books? Out the front? And leaflets with websites on, and things.”

“And things,” says Enjolras in amusement.

“And things,” says Grantaire sheepishly like he’s forgotten his lines.

Enjolras plucks the dildo out of Grantaire’s hands. “I’ve got to say,” he says slowly, turning it over in his hands, “I’m still pretty confused.” He looks up from under his eyelashes, and grins slightly. “If you did want to show me how it’s done, I’d be grateful for any help.”

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Tom Hardy and McG at TMW Press Conference are talking about how different Tom and Chris are in their fighting techniques.

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What’s fascinating about “Stuart” dvd is that it contains an interview where Tom is talking, laughing, self analyzing, flirting with Benedict Cumberbatch for entire “30 minutes”…!!  Hallelujah…!!

Tom is so sincere, explicit, funny, adorable in everyway.

And his voice, accent and gesture….Wow!

Isn’t this too much with me trying to look very objective at work this early in the morning?

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