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My Favorite Scenes of Tom Hardy Movies (21/23) : “Wuthering Heights (2009)”

I’ve seen many versions of this classic novel, even Timothy Dalton’s tv drama. So I can tell you that Tom’s Wuthering Heights is not the best as a movie.

But Tom’s Heathcliff was something new and unique.

His interpretation is so intuitive and he doesn’t use theatrical technique.

Nevertheless, Tom’s Heathcliff affected me so deeply that I got sick emotionally and physically maybe.

Actually, I still get hurt everytime I watch Tom’s Heathcliff.


(Pinky Tube 1, 2Behind the scene ,  Kravtsova’s MV )

My Favorite Scenes of Tom Hardy Movies (17/23) : “Stuart : A Life Backwards (2007)”

“The "Mushroom!” Scene"

This is so heart breaking and Tom, how can you perform like that?

What can I say? I love every single scene of this movie!

The scene where Max shows, Mushroom scene, Convict curry scene, Walking together scene, The Court scene, The Puppies scene, The Scream scene, ‘One thing only’ scene…every single scene is precious!

What’s your favorite? Is there any?


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My Favorite Scenes of Tom Hardy Movies (20/23) : “Bronson (2009)”

Here’s “Bronson” at last!

And this is my favorite “Andy Love”, “making tea” scene.

I know there’s “A Little Thing” missing here! Sorry for that, haha..

Or should I have put that “little thing” in this clip?


(Pinky Tube : Tom’s working out for Bronson,  Interview,  Behind the scene)

I know you’ve seen this interview more than ten times.

But isn’t this short (one minute) segment worth watching 10 times and more?

“And actually I’m a big softie. 

I’m naturally a quite fearful person, okay? 

That’s what I trade on anyway, so I don’t go around all the time getting angry.  It’s ‘cause I’m a sweetheart.

I want everyone to love me.”

(Pinky Tube shows Tom’s gorgeous laugh)

My Favorite Scenes of Tom Hardy Movies (23/23) : “Inception (2010)”

I love all the scenes of Eames but this is what I like the most…!

“Grrrreat! Thank you”

Actually I’ve made a collage video from all the scenes of Eames, which lasts about 13 minutes. The problem is when I had uploaded the earlier version of this video which was short of 7 minutes, YouTube blocked it on the base of copyright policy.

Should I try it again on Pinky Tube?

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Tom Hardy and McG at TMW Press Conference are talking about how different Tom and Chris are in their fighting techniques.

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Tom Hardy Interview on the set of “LD50 Lethal Dose”

At 2:17, can you hear what Tom’s saying to the make-up lady?

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My Favorite Scenes of Tom Hardy Movies (3/23) : “Simon : An English Legionnaire (2002)” aka “Deserter”

0. Above all, this movie is quite dull.

1. Tom’s accent.

2. In the first scene Tom is super-serious, which is so funny (I don’t know why).

3. The way he sucks that cigarette is kinda sexy.

4. In the second scene he’s drunk and dancing(?).  In the other scene of this movie he dances again, if you can call it a dance. (Where else can we see him drunk and dance?)

(Tom’s whole scene in Pinky Tube)