pinky ring is a little much

Lance sees himself as the little finger and dispensable, but the little finger is

  • where the red thread/string of fate is popularly believed to be tied to
  • the finger used for making promises that must never be broken (”pinky swear/promise”)
  • the finger where most rings indicating affiliations to groups or circles are historically worn (pinky/signet rings)
  • (tw: mutilation) the finger yakuza cut off (yubitsume) to show repentance/atonement to their group for doing something wrong (breaking a promise made through “pinky swears/promises”—yubikiri—meant cutting off your pinky as well)
  • (tw: injury) the finger that’s often overlooked but could cost your hand 50% of its strength when lost (you will literally not be able to grip properly if it’s so much as injured)

The little finger is the finger of bonds, loyalty, and support.

Sign Language and Shatt

-Matt is hard of hearing and Shiro is willing to learn ASL so they spend the months to Kerberos learning signs

-Sam also is HOH and helps with the learning, but he lets Matt have his fun

-(this backfires bc sometimes Matt will teach Shiro the wrong signs just to fuck with him)

-Matt can read lips so he makes a great teacher

-when they met matt was too distracted by shiro’s General Everything to focus on processing words and just weakly signed HANDSOME (rub a hand on one side of the face and then the other)

-(shiro: do i have something on my face?)

-it takes a little while, but Shiro finally learns enough to communicate

-The first time Shiro really uses ASL is on a mission with Pidge

-Shiro and Pidge are stealth mode and Shiro tries to sign directions to Pidge

-This backfires when Pidge realizes Matt taught Shiro some wrong words and that Shiro accidentally signed some curse words instead of actual words

-She fixed his vocabulary later

-when they reunite matt is injured and Dying and sees shiro and just weakly signs HANDSOME

-they get matt into a healing pod and shiro over-analyzes everything and yet somehow does not come to the conclusion that matt thinks he’s handsome

-Lance knows some Cuban Sign Language and when matt finds out he makes lance teach him

-keith and shiro, watching: wow our crushes are so smart
lance and matt, signing: wow our crushes are so cute

-lance: hey buddy if you keep rubbing your face like that you’ll get acne
pidge: that’s the sign for handsome
shiro and matt: (blush)

-pretty much everyone on the castle learns at least a little but not all of them are very good

-allura would rather have a hologram monster maul her than sign camping 27 times

Bonus! -Shiro’s sign for Matt is his hand moving around his face in a grabbing motion (the sign BEAUTIFUL) but with his hand formed in a fist  with his thumb in his hand and poking out between his pinkie and ring finger (the sign for M aka Matt) followed by his index and middle finger pressed together, resting on his nose after he finishes BEAUTIFUL, and moving from the tip of his nose to the top (the sign NERD)

-Matt’s sign for Shiro is both hands resting on his chest, with his middle fingers pressed to his heart and shaping a heart (the sign for a cartoon-y heart) and then the hands move more towards his shoulders and move outwards into fists (the sign STRONG)

-alternately, both will refer to the other with their hands flat, fingers pressed together, the pointer facing their chins, and waving it outwards away from the chin (the sign for BITCH :P)

(I’m not deaf (yet, I’m losing my hearing and will be partially if not completely deaf by 30) but I’m learning ASL and deaf culture and would love to hear anyone else’s input on this! Also I asked a couple HOH people about this, so don’t worry, I’ve done my research)

Church Oppa (Joshua/Jisoo Smut)

Summary: The shy little boy next door - complete with a purity ring and church camp certified, not exactly a match for someone who’s spent a fortune in foundation just to cover up hickies. But Joshua caught your attention within minutes and you couldn’t help but hope that God turned a blind eye when you captured his. Smut. 

(AN: Okay I had a lot of fun writing this and it is a little bit shorter than my other ones (5400 words) but eh whatever I hope you guys like it. I focused so much on the pinky ring because when I first saw the Seventeen rings honestly I didn’t know they were band rings, no words of a lie I thought they were purity rings because I had just come from the 5sos fandom and a bunch of people were saying that Luke’s pinky ring was a purity ring and he stopped wearing it randomly after his eighteenth birthday, so… whatever please enjoy the smut and message me feedback! -Tanisha<3)

Empty house - boring. TV - boring. YouTube - boring. Tumblr - boring. Homework - boring. Sunday afternoon - boring, boring, boring. There was nothing good about Sundays and you had no clue who invented them or thought they were a good idea. But, you supposed, whatever day ultimately took their place would suck just as much.

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Drawn to You

❤ Soulmate Drabble (10/13) ❤

Originally posted by dank-svt-memes

Member: Seungkwan
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 596

There’s an invisible string connecting you to your soulmate.

The legend of the red string connecting soulmates was always a little silly to you. How could possible lovers possibly have one single red string tied to their pinkies that would stretch miles without getting tangled or broken? It was ridiculous. Everyone knew that the string connecting soulmates was much less solid. Something that you always knew was there, but you couldn’t really see it. It was something you felt.

It was true, there were stings that connected soulmates. The closer you got, the stronger the pull is. Once you finally get close to your soulmate, your arms basically get yanked towards each other until you finally touch. When that happens it’s said to cause a euphoric feeling of happiness and then a burning around your pinkie. You’re left with a red ring around your little finger, burned in the skin to show that you’ve found the one person that will make you happy for the rest of your life. Well, that might actually be where the legend comes from.

You had always felt a little tug on your pinkie finger. It was comforting knowing that your soulmate was out there, just waiting for you to come to them. Some days the pull was a little stronger, which meant they were closer. Other days you could have sworn it was barely there at all, and you knew that your soulmate had traveled farther away. It was pretty unexpected when you woke up one morning to your hand literally twitching itself off of your bed. In your drowsy state, you weren’t really sure what was going on. Then you realized.

You’d never gotten up so quickly before in your life. You shot up and threw clothes on as fast as you could, realized that you wanted to be clean for your soulmate, ripped the clothes off, got in the shower, put fresh clothes on, and ran out the door. You let your instinct (and the now aggressive tugging at your hand) lead you to where you needed to go. You probably looked like an idiot running full speed down the sidewalk with your arm in front of you, but people could probably guess what was happening. A grandmother smiled warmly at you as you passed by, and you gave her a quick wave with your free hand.

“Congratulations sweetheart, I hope they’re everything you wished for!” she called out after you had passed her, and you shouted a “thank you” back at her as best you could. At this point you felt as if you were being dragged down the street by a huge dog on an invisible leash. You knew your soulmate was just minutes away and you couldn’t stop the harsh beating of your heart in your chest. The pull didn’t feel like it could get stronger anymore until you suddenly jerked forward, crashing into someone you didn’t even see a second ago.

You tumbled to the ground, taking the other person down with you. You went to apologize, but a sudden searing on your hand took the words from your mouth. You immediately looked at the person you’d knocked down. He was looking at you with eyes as big as saucers, holding his pinkie that was starting to form a red ring around it, matching yours.

“I-I’m Seungkwan,” he stuttered, his soft round cheeks reddening as he took in the sight of you. Your chest tightened, and you couldn’t keep the soft giggles that bubbled from your throat in.

“Hi Seungkwan. Sorry to start forever off like this,” you smiled, brushing off your jeans.

- Marcy

What You Leave Behind: Part 1 of 3

Summary: Asha; translated to mean ‘life’. However, this child, so aptly named, would forever be haunted by the life she stole… BBRae, character death.

The ones with the purple flowers.

She pointed at the pair of boots with a little index finger, her hand nearly swallowed by the baggy sleeve of her matching raincoat.

Always purple.

It was her favourite color; Garfield never needed to hear it said to know.

He bent down, his back curving as he crouched low. Her arm instinctively went to rest along his spine, balancing on one leg as she stuck out her little foot, frilly pink socks and all, and wiggled her toes in anticipation.

Her feet looked funny when they weren’t bare.

Garfield always preferred to be barefoot in the house, and thus, she did, too.

He slid the booties on with minimal struggle, making sure they were nice and snug.

She wiggled her foot again, but the plastic of the coating made it hard to notice.

“Other foot,” he instructed, his eyes downcast.

She placed both hands onto his back this time, and kicked up her leg. There was a bit more struggle this time, but nothing his strong hands couldn’t accomplish.

Once shoes were on, he turned to scan her with tired, fatherly eyes. He brought his hands to the hood of her coat, and raised it over her head, tucking strands of her dark hair beneath the hem while tightening the material about her face. Her mouth disappeared beneath the zipper, and she regarded her father with large, deep green eyes, unblinking.

Garfield sighed; he was always tired in the mornings.

Sometimes, she wondered if he’d even get up at all if he didn’t have to take her to school.

There were shadows to his face, a gauntness to his cheeks, and dark circles beneath his eyes.


Garfield patted her shoulders down, seemingly content with his handiwork. He stood up to his full height, until all she could see was the worn-out, brown belt to his faded jeans.

She played with her jacket zipper, sticking the tip of her tongue out to taste the cold, metallic flavor of it before recoiling in disgust.

Keys jingling, jacket on. He slipped his shoes on and made for the door.

She tugged at his hand, pulling him back.

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Prompt 26: “I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again”

I wrote this like…a month ago from a list of prompts I found on my dash, but I’ve lost it, and I couldn’t be bothered to go searching for it, and this was just sitting in my notes. Even so, enjoy some nice Sunday angst!

You stare down at your drink, wrapping your hands around it and trying to glean some kind of warmth from it, but it seems as though your hands have turned to ice.

2D sits opposite you, his relaxed position and blank expression hiding what can only be a storm of emotions behind his façade.

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It’ll Be Late (Warnette fic)

OKAY so, I saw @rhysand-s​ reblog @somewhere-bluebirds-fly​ ‘s post about the Warnette fic prompt and I couldn’t help but write it. I love it too much to just leave it.

This is the post: 

So here it is! I hope you guys like it :)

I haven’t written a Warnette fic this long in awhile so please forgive me if it isn’t too great.

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Tahereh Mafi.



Juliette opened the bedroom door as quietly as possible. She peaked inside to see her fiancee still fast asleep.


She carried the tray of breakfast food into their bedroom before setting on his bedside table. She quickly tiptoed back and shut the bedroom door before walking over to Warner and straddling his hips. She leaned down and kissed his chest softly, the palms of her hands resting on either side of his head.

Warner stirred from his sleep when he felt a pair of the softest lips kiss his chest. He immediately knew who it was. A sleepy smile tugged onto his face before he opened his eyes, still hooded with sleep. His hand reached up and pushed away his fiancee’s tangled hair out of her face before tilting her chin up to face him. She had the biggest smile on her face.

“I would love to wake up like this everyday, love.”

Juliette laughed quietly, leaning up and kissing his lips softly. Warner’s hand immediately buried itself in her hair, the other stroking her back underneath his shirt she was wearing. Their kiss was slow, almost lazy as the morning drowsiness was still affecting them.

Warner pulled away when he noticed she was running out of breathe. He smiled at her, his hand from her back reaching up and cupping one of her cheeks. She nuzzled against his calloused hand while his thumb stroked her cheek tenderly.

“Happy Birthday, Aaron,” she whispered, a smile appearing on her face.

“I didn’t even remember, love,” he laughed quietly, “Thank you, Juliette.”

Her smile quickly turned into a grin, “You thought that was it? Oh, no. Sit up, Aaron. I made breakfast for once.”

He couldn’t help but let out his own grin at her words. He sat up and leaned back against the headboard as Juliette slid down onto his lap. He shifted her over so that she was sitting in between his legs as they bracketed her. She leaned over to his bedside table and carefully set the tray of food onto her lap. It was filled with all sorts of things. In the middle there was a stack of pancakes and waffles. To the side in a small bowl were a number of strawberries and, beside it, a small bowl of melted chocolate. And, of course, a cup of water and a cup of orange juice.

“I didn’t know what you wanted to drink so I brought both.”

Warner leaned forward and kissed her cheek softly, “You’re perfect.”

She smiled before leaning back against his chest.

“Eat up.”

His hands shot out for the fork and knife as he dug into his meal. He cut up the pancakes, taking a bite for himself before cutting a piece for Juliette. She didn’t argue as he fed her, knowing that he loves doing so when he gets the chance.

Within minutes, the food had all disappeared and only the tableware was left on the tray. Warner moved it down onto the floor before leaning back against the headboard completely and bringing Juliette with him. She shifted on his lap, straddling him once again before burying her face in his neck. His hands reached up and stroked her hair softly, loving their moments like this. They stayed in silence for a few minutes before Juliette spoke up.


“Yes, love?”

She leaned back and cupped his cheek softly, pushing a strand of his blonde hair that had fallen onto his forehead.

“I have a gift for you.”

He smiled, “You know that being with you every single day is an enough gift, right?”

Juliette snorted but couldn’t help the blush that crawled up her neck.

“Cheesy,” she paused, “But I do have a gift for you, Aaron.”

He nodded, the smile still on his face, “If you insist, love.”

She smiled, her thumb stroking his cheek softly.

“I know that any gift I give you might not be as special as the one your mother gave you,” she paused to touch the ring on his pinkie finger that his mother gave him with her free hand, “I know she means the world to you in every way and form but I hope you’ll still cherish my gift as much as this one for the rest of your life.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll cherish anything you give me, Juliette,” he teased.

She rolled her eyes, as if annoyed with him, but the smile on her face said otherwise.

“But the gift won’t exactly be here today,” she continued, “It’s going to arrive a little bit late.”

“How late?”

Juliette’s smile suddenly turned nervous as she used her free hand to grab his free one that wasn’t on her hip and rested it on her still flat stomach.

“It’ll be nine months late.”

Warner stared at his hand on her stomach for awhile. His mouth parted and his eyes widened.

“Aaron?” Juliette asked nervously.

When he looked up, she noticed the tears welling up in his eyes. The brightest smile she had ever seen appeared on his face. She felt his hand on her hips start to tremble.

“Juliette. Are you serious? You’re not joking with me right?”

She shook her head, her own tears welling up in her eyes.

“No, Aaron. I’m serious. I found out a week ago.”

He laughed with joy, the tears streaming down his face as he did so. He carefully took Juliette’s hand that was on his cheek and kissed the palm before setting it on his chest. He took both his hands and cupped her face, staring into her eyes.

“W-We’re going to be parents?”

Juliette nodded, her smile only growing by the second.

“Yes, Aaron. We’re going to be parents.”

He jumped off the bed with her in his arms and spun her around. Juliette tossed her head back, laughing at his reaction. He set her down once they were both in a daze, cupping her cheeks once more.

“We’re going to be parents!”

He kept repeating the sentence over and over again, bounding around the room like a five year old. Juliette laughed harder at his reaction before walking up to him and setting a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and pulled her against him, kissing her on the lips. Her hands slid up and wrapped itself around his neck, pushing his head closer. Their kiss was more alive, more synchronized than before. Their hands travelling all over their body while Warner was still processing that he was going to be a dad.

Warner pulled away, a nervous look suddenly on his face.

“Juliette, but what if I end up like my dad? What if-“

She cut him off with another kiss before pulling back.

“Aaron. I know you’re not going to be like your father. You’ll never be like your father. I know you’ll treat our baby right. I know it. Please, don’t worry. Okay?”

He nodded, only realising now that his tears were still streaming down his face.

“I trust you, Juliette. Please, show me how to do this if I ever go off track.”

She shook her head, “I know you won’t.”

He smiled, leaning in and burying his face in her neck and tightening his arms around her waist.


“Hm?” she replied while her hand massaged his head softly. She had to tiptoe to reach his height.

“This is the best present I’ve ever received on my birthday.”

Her heart swelled from his words as she kissed his cheek softly.

“I love you, Aaron.”

“I love you too,” he slid a hand down onto her stomach, “and our baby,” he mumbled, nuzzling his face even more into her skin.

He couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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SS saying they want to spend the rest of their life with companion and giving them the wedding ring? Your blog is amazing! <3

Cait - She hesitantly takes it, as mouth hangs open and she’s speechless. She sobs from happiness as she whispers how much she loves them.

Curie - Puts her hands on her mouth before squeeling. Ring is way too big for her petite hand, so she wears it as a necklace, hidden under her shirt, directly against where her heart is.

Danse - He tells them how much of an honour that is. The ring fits on his pinky finger and he smiles as he looks at it. He then captures Sole in a crushing hug.

Deacon - The ring fits perfectly. He’d rest his head on Sole’s shoulder and he knows, that he may change his face and his outfit, but he’ll never take that ring off.

Hancock - Tries to breathe off the tears coming to his eyes as he gladly accepts. The ring fits on his middle finger. He insists on official proclamation in Goodneighbor.

MacCready - His little face gets all flushed as he fits the ring on his finger. He is left speechless and rather lets his arms wrap around them.

Nick Valentine - “I can’t accept this.” He says, even though how much he’d like to. However, Sole grabs his good hand and gently plcases the ring on his finger. He looks at it before pulling Sole for a kiss.

Piper - Keeps repeating “Oh my god” as she basically jumps into Sole’s arms. Ring is a little big for her, so she wears it as a necklace, for everyone to see.

Preston - Can’t believe it. After everything they’d done for him already, he couldn’t ask for, yet it was all getting better and better. He’d gladly accept and he’d be smiling for the rest of the day.

X6-88 - Emotionless, but accepts and wears it.

Okay, I am afraid this one was way too lame and cheesy, so I am very very sorry.

Contributing to the pedals because I know a lot about baseball (thanks dad)

Something has been bothering me about Arakita’s backstory ever since I watched it. We all know Arakita’s promising pitchers career was ended by an elbow injury, right? Well that’s actually a really common injury in baseball. So common that in the 70’s they invented a special surgery (Tommy John Surgery) to essentially reconstruct the pitcher’s tendons and restore them from what would have been an otherwise career ending injury. It restores the hurt pitcher to their pre-injury abilities, and some even claim it actually improves their pitching. Tommy John’s is very common in baseball, and incredibly low-risk to the point that uninjured players will ask for it to try and boost their performance.

So why wouldn’t Arakita get a relatively safe, career saving surgery?? This really bothered me so I decided to do some research and found that Tommy John Surgery isn’t performed on minors because the elbow injury they experience is very different. Instead of the tendons wearing out, minors can actually damage what’s called their “growth plate” in their elbow called Little League Elbow. From what I could read there’s not really a fix for it.

But what this injury can also cause is essentially a pinched nerve that would numb feeling in the pinkie and ring fingers as well as something called “claw hand” where the fingers involuntarily curl when the hand muscles are relaxed.

You know who makes a claw with his hand?

Arakita Fucking Yasutomo.

Head canon: Arakita doesn’t have much feeling in his pinkie and ring finger and makes that “wolf claw” because his pinkie and ring finger curl involuntarily and that looked stupid so he tried to hide it. Because of his baseball injury.

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How is your wrist? I see you drawing but I am concerned

status update: my right ring and pinky finger are kinda tingling/occasionally lightly numb, my thumb feels a little weird too, and my wrist has just been,,weak. sometimes i feel a twinge of something in my forearm. looks like i’ve got this which is not much of a surprise seeing as i’ve basically been on my laptop 10 hrs per day during work

I like you, theoretically

Pairing: Jikook

Genre: fluff crack FLUFF FLUFF

Word count: 2.2k

Description: Jungkook’s little cousin loves to embarrass him and definitely knows more than she should.

A/N: Well this turned out much longer than expected. Thanks for requesting, anon <3 enjoy~ brb dying from Jikook feels

Jungkook is sure that all the little kids in the world are out to get him. Sure, his little cousin, Jinah, seemed all cute and sweet, but Jungkook was sure that it was all an act. She probably had something up her sleeve.

So when he was forced to babysit her for the day, he knew that probably meant bad luck for him.

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Thinking about millian always reminds me of a little headcanon that I have where, Milah was never comfortable with the idea of marriage & was not partial to it, nor did killian care that much about it in the first place. The idea of it did not put him off as much. So where milah did not want anything resembling marriage, killian didn't mind milah asking things of him at all. & maybe his left pinky ring or, any of his rings, came from her giving one to him as a pseudo 'u kno what I mean' proposal

Yeah, I’ve always seen them as not bothering with any kind of formalities; it wouldn’t really have fit their style. Promises, though… I can see promises. :)

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Captain Canary Prompt #7

Legends Prompts
Prompt #7

Prompt: “Can you please make a head cannon fanfic about Sara asking Gideon to tell her about Leonard’s latest dreams he had before he died? It can be just a straight one shout where he had one dream about their future or a progress to their future like his first dream was about heists and stuff then it turned into something more or just right away about their future please”

I’m sorry inspiration slapped me with this… And this thing came out. Idk I hope this is close to what you wanted.

I also added an alternate ending because I couldn’t help myself.

Thanks for the prompt and follows! Keep ‘em coming!

I hope you enjoy
Sorry for any mistakes.

Please Leave Comments and Send More Prompts!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Legends of Tomorrow or the characters. Wish I did…

“But, that’s what he was,” Sara managed to steady her voice. Snart was a hero to her. She wiped a tear from her eye and abruptly stood up to quietly, but quickly, stride to her room.

She couldn’t stop he tears from flowing down her face. She managed to hold most of them in until she reached her room.

She quickly opened the door and closed it right behind her. The blonde let out a sob and slid to the floor against the door.

Why? Why did everyone she cared about have to leave her. Die.

She tucked her head in her arms and was physically holding herself together. She didn’t let out a sound. Sara surely did not like being weak, or thought of as weak.

She quietly shook as she let out quiet sobs.

Suddenly, she heard a couple of knocks against her door. The assassin stilled sure not to make a sound, but did try to calm her tears.

Maybe they will just go away. Sara was unfocused and too upset to even use her senses to identify her teammate at her door. She did not want to see anyone at the moment.

After a while she came to the conclusion that the person must have left.

She had stopped crying and slowly stood up. Both of her small hands reached for her face to wipe away and signs that she was crying, but her puffy red eyes were still visible.

Her face was still and emotionless, but on the inside she was only holding together by loose ends.

She was about to walk to her bed to sleep her pain away when she heard to strong bangs on her door.

Mick. She recognized his gruff.

“Open up,” he grunted.

Sara sighed and reached to open the door.

The doors slowly stood there and the two… Individuals? Teammates? … No… Friends. After their mutual friend had departed they would have to grieve together.

Silently they stared at each other. In a sense of respect they gave each other a small nod.

Wordlessly he patted her shoulder and held out his hand holding a ring. Snart’s ring.

She looked at questioningly. She felt the tears well up in her eyes.

“He would want you to have it,” he offered her a small smile.

Sara reached for the ring and Mick walked away.

She closed her door and walked to sit on her bed. She stared at the ring as she pulled her legs close to her and leaned against the wall.

His pinky ring. She flipped it in her hands and examined it closely.

She slipped it on to her pinky finger, but let out a little hysterical laugh at how big it was on her. Snart’s hands were much larger than hers. She smiled and slipped it onto her ring finger. Perfect fit.

“Even the best laid plans can go wrong,” she thought to herself.

Plans. Their future. The memories of Leonard and him. He told her he wanted a future with her.

“What were you plans?” Sara smiled speaking out loud to herself.

“Your dreams?” she spoke to the ring on her finger.

“Would you like to view Mr. Snart’s recent dream records?” Gideon’s automated voice startled the assassin.

“I-” Sara reluctantly began to decline, “Uh- Yes,” she managed to mumble.

He was gone. Dead. He wouldn’t care.

She turned her head to the screen behind her on the wall her bed was against.

She started watching Snart’s dreams about him and his sister. This must have been his first night on the Waverider, Sara thought. It appeared to be a nightmare because he was protecting Lisa from their father.

Sara felt a whole new wave emotions come over her.

She continued watching and his dreams slowly began to change.
In one him and Mick were robbing a bank and even managed to take down the Flash. In another one Leonard was stealing the Wave Rider to go stop his father from hurting him and his little sister. Most of them were dreams of great break-ins and thievery adventures.

Dreams of heists and being a cold hearted bastard changed? Dreams of his final weeks began to play.

It began to play visuals of Leonard and her. It began with some light kisses and smiles. Then bar fights and heists. Quiet little thieving and stealing wallets. In each of these dreams, Sara was his partner or by his side. With him. Then one dream there was marriage and a house of their own.

Sara was smiling and laughing with each dream Snart had of her. Of what he wanted with her. The happy tears of each possibility made her hopeful, until the memory of his death came crashing down on her.

His final memory was of her and him. They both seemed a little older. They woke up together in bed and had cuddles and kisses before getting up. She followed every moment of the dream intently. They were in a large house. She heard giggles and laughter of children. That is when Sara saw that in the dream, her and Snart had children.

A gasp and a sharp cry released from her. She cried.

As the video reached it’s end, Gideon shut the monitor off.

Sara would live. She could make it through this.

And everyday before she went to sleep Sara watched Snart’s dreams. Then she dreamed of their future. And of what could have been.


A gasp and a sharp cry released from her. She cried.

The dream continued playing of her and Snart helping their children get ready for school.

“Aurora!” dream Sara called, “You are going to be late!”

Aurora? That was a strange name, Sara thought to herself.

“Rory! You mother is right!” dream Snart yelled out.

Oh. Sara was just pouring emotions now. Her tears calmed as she watched the happy dreams.

She wiped her tears and continued to silently watch the dream play out.

She smiled as she watched Leonard helping their dream son get dressed.

And as the dream came to an end… Sara couldn’t help but feel a peaceful calm arise and wash over her. She grinned and smiled closing her eyes.

“Stalking now are we,” a familiar voice drawled.

Sara’s eyes popped open to a black screen. To see that the dream monitor was off. What?

She turned her head and their in his flesh stood Leonard Snart wearing his signature smirk.

She gasped and ran to jump in his arms.

He caught her and pulled her close spinning her around to compensate the impact of her force.

Her legs were wrapped around his middle and they held each other close.

“Leonard,” she cried burying her face in the crook of his neck.

“It’s me assassin,” he mumbled into her ear holding her tighter.

She closed her eyes as silent tears trailed down her cheeks.

Leonard held her and tangled his hand in her hair.

After a couple of minutes she reluctantly reached the floor and backed away a little.

Her hands ran down his shoulders and arms to meet his hands.

They interlocked both paris of their hands and held on tight.

“What? I- How?” she attempted to ask.

“I-I don’t know. I just know that I am here and that is all that matters,” his voice was serious and cracked. She could her the tears in his voice.

She pulled him back towards her to kiss him. She was so happy to have him back. She just didn’t care.

Suddenly, Sara pulled back and slapped him. Snart was stunned, but amused.

“Don’t ever do that again!” she cried.

He chuckled and pulled her close.

“You have my ring,” he stated. He had felt it on her on impact.

“You want it back?”

“No,” he whispered, “It’s my promise to you.”


“Yeah,” he shyly grinned, “For our future. Y'know if you still… Still want that?”

The hope in his voice was wavering in doubt, but Sara grinned.

“I’d go anywhere with you.”

Together the couple embraced and began to plan their future.

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Hey there, i love all your blog. And i like the thing of ''every-character-that-martin-has-played-and-every-character-that-benedict-has-played'' So, i was wondering if there's a ''oficial list'' of this all this ships,

hehehe. thank you love! (〃・7・〃)

now if you asked if there’s “official list” for this freebatch ships I am afraid there is none,

but the popular ships is on!

● Sherlock Holmes / John Watson (BBC Sherlock)   

(no seriously do you even need an explanation)

● Smaug / Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

 (still though do we even need an explanation for this)

● Khan Noonien Singh / Arthur Dent (Star Trek: Into Darkness / Hitchiker Guide to Galaxy)

now this happens because of the same outer-space setting though? and the fact that Hitchiker’s Guide is kinda related with Star Trek universe?? idk?? but sometimes it’s Khan/John Watson because the ‘kriogenic-freeze-pod-where-Khan-kept-his-family-safe-and-we-joked-about-John-is-also-on-the-freeze-pod’ thing but of course you can change John into Arthur, no big deal. and also Khan/Arthur is completely the opposite so it is cute

● Julian Assange / Oliver Chamberlain ( The Fifth Estate / The World’s End)

… I honestly doesn’t know how and why this happened but I /like/ it. personal favorite. maybe because T5E has IT/Tech backgrounds and TWE also got one. Julian the hacker and Oliver the machine/Blanks/robots? like Julian probably could access Oliver as he pleased and messing with Oliver’s body—- I mean data

Peter Guillam / Hector Dixon ( Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy / Wild Target )

hahaha my personal favorite number one this… oh my god this. this one is actually popular though! and Khan/Arthur is the second. (don’t talk about Johnlock, they’re madly popular above all of this) uhm. this ship has a very obvious hints, like how Peter and Hector wears golden rings on their little/pinky fingers and their job is almost on the same area (aka life and death). AND ALSO THIS HURTS SO MUCH I TELL YOU

Well I guess that consists the ‘popular freebatch ships’. and here’s the ‘mini’ one:

● Stephen Hawking / Tim Canterburry ( Hawking / The Office )

● Vincent Van Gogh / Rembrandt van Djin ( Painted with words/Nightwatching )

● Paul Maddens / Martin Crieff ( Nativity / Cabin Pressure)

and honestly you can paired them up with any character you like. this version is only for fun ( /)u(\ ) (like me shipping Hector Dixon/John Watson or Khan/Hector)

Prompt:  “Anyhow, my request is for a piece where Bones comforts the reader after the loss of a parent.“ - @deartreadmilltoo

Word Count: 1,572

Author’s Note: This story is for the wonderful @deartreadmilltoo, who won my 300 follower skip-the-line contest. I hope you enjoy it my dear, you deserve it!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 25,020

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Koschei tapped the fingers of his right hand on the table while the cyber-spider, known to him as Uncle, worked on the cybernetics on his left. 

A fall, which had broken the bones and torn most of the muscle of his left wrist and hand, had resulted in the cyber-spider’s quick ‘upgrade’ to his arm. Of course, Koschei had been unconscious at the time and had been unable to correct Uncle before the damage…or the repair of…had been done.

Most of his hand was still flesh and blood, though the circuitry did extend up beyond the knuckles of his middle and ring fingers, while completely covering his pinky.

“How much longer, dear?” he asked the spider, not wanting to hurry it along, but he was anxious to get up and check on the garden again. Uncle chirped and finished up, causing Koschei’s finger to spasm a little before he flexed.

A knock on the door interrupted him and he frowned, turning to look. Now…who could that be? No one knew that he was here…

wish you were here

companion to [x]

It’s cold, but not cold enough to warrant a jacket–which was good, because Raphie had left his at home, temporarily traded for a silver ring that rests on his pinkie (the rest of his fingers were much bigger than the ring’s owner’s). He gathers firewood in silence, save for the sound of his boots crunching in the snow. It’s quiet in the woods; most of the songbirds have flown south. Raphie wouldn’t mind so much, except.

Except usually he had someone to share that silence with.

That someone is back at home, though, probably snuggled up in Raphie’s jacket and still finding a way to bitch about the cold. Raphie smiles a little at the thought as he trudges back towards his tent, arms full of the driest firewood he could find. This should be enough to cook his dinner and keep him warm until he falls asleep. In the morning he’d be back on the road, of course, hopefully home before dark–but that’d probably require him to get up earlier than he had been. That was tomorrow, though. Tonight it was just Raphie, his little campfire, and his dinner.

Rabbit. It already smells fantastic. It’s savory–it’s not the sweet vanilla and wine of home, but a good smell nonetheless and it has his stomach grumbling almost immediately. It was good to get out of the castle and stretch his legs a bit, cook for himself, get some fresh air. And it’s good to get out of that goddamned armor for awhile. Raphie just wishes Felix hadn’t been so busy this time–he would’ve loved this.

He always loves shit like this, though. Any excuse to get out of that crowded castle.

Later, as Raphie lays staring up at the top of his tent, he slides the ring off of his pinkie and holds it up, rolling it between his index finger and his thumb. He was so surprised when Felix had caught him by the arm to press this into his palm. It’s important–Felix uses it to check his wine (he thinks he’s subtle about it but Raphie notices every time). It’s supposed to change color if it touches certain poisons, but Raphie will believe that when he sees it. Felix has a spare of course, but this one was a gift from his mother. It’s sentimental. Raphie breaks out into a grin, letting out a short huff of a laugh.

“What a fucking sap.”

I walk along crowded boulevards, letting myself get lost among the masses, troubled and tired of overanalyzing the way things turned out. Twisting the copper ring wrapped around my pinky, I wonder about the mosaic of faces that pass, hoping I might see you, knowing I won’t. In a city this big, it’s impossible to find what you’ve lost. You made me out to be the darkness at the end of your tunnel. Like I had nothing better to do than to hold you down when really, all I wanted was to hold on. I thought I’d move on a little faster than this. It isn’t until now, months later, that I realize hating you would be much harder than people made it out to be. 
—  for the anon who asked if I’d write about a girl who fell for a boy afraid of commitment- hope this didn’t stray too far from what you were expecting

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Hey! If you still doing the drabble thing 2 and 43 and 47. I hope it's fine choosing more than one number and klaine

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
47. "No one needs to know.”
It really fits together …

Kurt is not particularly proud of himself.

Well, he doesn’t regret making the decision he made, obviously, because Tracy looks really good with her haircut, but he does regret not keeping Blaine posted on the decision making.

You did WHAT?”

“I took her to the hairdresser, Blaine, it’s not the–”

Without waiting for me?!

Blaine sounds almost hurt over the phone, and that Kurt doesn’t get.

It pains him, sure, but why does Blaine take it so much to heart?

“She kept on crying whenever I would even hold a hairbrush, Blaine,” Kurt argues, petting her shorter curls to keep their daughter peaceful while he solves this crisis.

That he brought on himself, he’s aware, shut up.

Still, you could have asked me. And how much did you get cut?”

“Well, she has a very trendy, fancy–”


“A little Emma Watson pixie cut.”

Have you lost your damn mind?!”

Kurt pulls the phone away with a wince and Tracy looks up at him with a curious glance.

“Mind your tone,” Kurt says as calmly as he can, “Trace is right here.”

Blaine sighs over the phone. “Send me a picture.

This doesn’t bare discussion or delay, and Kurt chooses the lesser of two evils. “I’ll Facetime you.”


The screen lights up, and Blaine’s tired face feels it. Kurt can see that he forces a smile, but there is no hiding the bags under his eyes or the way his skin seems to be stretched to his limits over his cheekbones.

Hey,” Blaine says, eyes darting downwards towards their daughter. “That’s my baby girl!”

Tracy reaches for the screen enthusiastically, and Blaine mirrors her, brushing his fingers against his side of the screen.

“Hey,” Kurt says softly, and Blaine looks up. “Sorry I didn’t keep you in the loop.”

It’s okay, she looks adorable. No one needs to know that parenting faux pas,” Blaine replies with a crooked smile. “Besides, you’re the one who’s going to deal with the crazy curls that are going to take over.”

“Say what?”

And I’ll get to make the next big decision without asking you first, deal?”

Deal,” Kurt replies, faking grumpiness. “I miss you,” he blurts out, the arm he has around Tracy’s middle tightening while she starts sucking on her pinkie and ring fingers.

(So odd)

I miss you guys too,” Blaine says softly, “so much. But I’ll be back sooner than expected, so there’s that.”

“So there’s that.”

“Baba,” Tracy babbles suddenly, “’ook my bow!”

Blaine giggles, and Kurt can’t help but notice that it’s a little on the sad side of it. “It’s a very pretty bow my darling.”

Tracy wiggles happily in Kurt’s lap, and Kurt buries his nose in her short hair. 

I’ll be home soon, promise.”

“I can’t wait.”

Me neither.”

Pretense - Seungkwan

I haven’t written a lot for Seungkwan and I’m trying to get out of the writer’s block I suddenly got yesterday after finishing 7 Days… Credits to @dailyau // @aangisdead (who is apparently @adribug now) for the prompt bc my mind is dry!! I’ll work on aus when the quality seems to go back up. Until then, hope you like prompts aha (I changed it a little bit though hope that’s okay with everyone ;))

Prompt:  You broke off your engagement with your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend who you were supposed to bring home to meet your family so now you need me to pretend to be them

“Y/N, weren’t you meant to take Ji Hwan home to meet your parents today?” Seungkwan asked, sounding concerned as he looked up from his phone to meet your eyes. Only four days ago you’d broken your engagement to your boyfriend of seven years after you found him cheating, and instead of being broken you’d somehow felt fine. Maybe it was because he did such a horrible thing and so you were happy to be rid of him, or maybe it was just because you had Seungkwan to support you and make you smile. He was best at that.

“Oh, damn. You’re right…” you sighed and started to bite your nails; a nervous habit you’d had since young. He narrowed his eyes a little, sitting next to you on the couch and knocking your hand away.

“Don’t bite.”

“Sorry… But what do I do now?! My mum has been gushing about it since I brought it up last month!”

“Why don’t you go with me?” he asked, smiling brightly.

“Kwannie, they know you. We’ve best friends since we were toddlers.” you pointed out, laughing a little.

“So? We can act like it was always that way. Kind of like - surprise! It’s me! You never told them his name, right? You were dating in secret for almost your whole relationship!” He took your hands in his without thinking, getting a little too excited. “And it won’t be awkward because they know me! Y/N come on - this is perfect!” you rolled your eyes, laughing again before nodding. You weren’t even that reluctant - your parents loved Seungkwan and so wouldn’t mind you marrying him, even if you weren’t actually getting married. “You haven’t returned the ring right?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. You scoffed, shaking your head.

“As if! It’s pretty valuable.” you giggled, slipping it on your ring finger with a small sigh. You hated the sight of it, but all you had to do was get through the night. Seungkwan took his pinky ring off and put it on his ring finger instead, laughing a little. 

“I hope they fall for this.” he mumbled, releasing your hand and getting the door. “I remember you telling me all about this. We have to be there in half an hour.” You grinned until your cheeks hurt, amazed he remembered even the fine details, and left with him. 

You arrived at the house bang on time as Seungkwan decided that one red light wouldn’t be that much of an issue, speeding through the streets and breaking too many rules to ensure you were punctual. You liked that about him. You could always count on him. He knocked on the door and noticed that you’d suddenly becoming uneasy, looking down with a faint smile. He took your hand in his and carefully laced his fingers with yours, making you look up at him. “Relax.” he said in a quiet, strangely relaxing voice. “Jagiya.” he spoke jokingly, beaming at you to try ease the nerves. It definitely worked, a small smile tugging at your own lips as your mother opened the door cheerfully. 

“Oh, Y/N!” She cried happily, pulling you into a tight hug. “And… Seungkwan?”

“Hello!” he greeted joyfully, opening his arms so she could hug him too.

“Are you two getting married?” she asked, sounding excited and hopeful. You found yourself unable to speak and so Seungkwan spoke for you, nodding.

“Yes, we are. I think it’s about time, don’t you?” he grinned, nudging your mother a little. He’d been around so many times they were very friendly with each other, and so seeing him before her made her face light up.

“I do! I’ve been waiting for this since you were teens!” she squealed, stepping aside to allow you in. “Come in! It’s cold out here.” You squeezed Seungkwan’s hand as he took yours in his again. He looked down at you with encouragement, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Maybe if this was a little more… real… you’d be more at ease?” he said with a suggestive tone in your voice, making you confused.

“What do you mean?” you asked quietly, looking around to find that your mother had left to tend to the food cooking in the kitchen. Your dad didn’t get home from work for about half an hour. You were alone in the room with Seungkwan. He leaned close to you, his eyes gazing into yours as his lips stopped mere inches away from yours. 

“I like you. Maybe it’s a little too early for engagement, but I’m happy Ji Hwan is gone. Because it’s okay for me to do this.” he whispered before pressing his lips to yours for a short second. He pulled back to look at your reaction, smirking a little and feeling his confidence soar when you began to swoon a little.

“Okay, Seungkwannie. I guess this is the beginning of ‘us’?”

“What do you mean? We’ve been engaged for a year!” he laughed, holding his ring up before kissing you again.

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He’s way too adorable my h e a r t

I’m working on the writer’s block as you can tell but there you go XD

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