pinkwash this

When you say “Cancel Israeli Pinkwashing” I can only see that as two things

  • Either you mean you want Israel to not be as LGBTQ friendly as they are because it’s inconvenient to your demonization of Israel.
  • Or you mean that you want Israel to stop existing alltogether, and be replaced by a Muslim Palestine that will most likely pull back on all LGBTQ rights Israel had.

So either way you’re both anti-semitic and Anti-LGBTQ rights for Israelis.

If you have some other explanation to “cancel pinkwashing” that doesn’t make you sound like an absolute monster, please, be my guest.

Something that totally happens according to Zionists

IDF soldier: Get out. We’re bulldozing your home.

Palestinian: Well, guess what? I’m gay.

IDF soldier: Oh. I’m sorry. You and your family can continue to live in your home in peace. We’ll even make sure that your house never gets hit by Israeli missiles. Also, we’ll let you freely go anywhere in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Israel. You see, Israel’s existence actually makes life better for all LGBT people, not just the ones who are Jewish Israeli citizens.

Can we please stop perpetuating the idea that if you are not out you are somehow still “waiting” to have the “courage” to lead an authentic life? How many narratives of queerness are you erasing with this fake one-size-fits-all coming-out-of-the-closet narrative? Newsflash: there is more than one legitimate way to be queer, it is patently NOT safe for every queer person on this planet to be out, and telling queer people otherwise is violent and problematic as fuck.

So I do worry that certain gay and lesbian rights – and I do say gay and lesbian, here rather than, bi-, queer, trans or intersex – are being used by states to argue against new immigrant communities, or to defend states that are highly militaristic, or to defend forms of nationalism that are highly racist. It’s not just that the states are instrumentalizing gay and lesbian movements, but there are huge splits within those movements, as some people are only interested in a very narrow idea of sexual freedom that involve the ability to exercise one’s personal liberty and to exist politically as an individual – people who believe in individualism and all the implications that has for capitalism and even for certain ideas of masculinity. I think it’s a time for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and questioning people to come together on very very strong issues of equality, very very strong anti-racist principles, very strong issues of alliance that would make it impossible for gay and lesbian rights to be used for racist purposes or to justify nationalism or militarism. If we actually get to the point where we allow our movement to be used for those purposes, I think we’ve lost. Then we will have lost our emancipatory potential and that deep sense of alliance that I believe was really part of the queer movement as it came together to think about, for instance, HIV/AIDS. The point then was just not to save gay men, but it was to extend the analysis to sex-workers, to people who were using intravenous drugs, to people who had blood transfusions, to people who couldn’t afford drugs or didn’t have education. So there was a very complex demographic, and it still is regarding HIV/AIDS, especially in Africa. That issue established the necessity of a really broad range of coalitions and ideas of equality: equality to education, equality to health care, you know, that equal grievability of lives, the equal value of lives that we need to hold on to and continue to transpose into these contemporary situations so we don’t find ourselves as a movement signing on to war militarism or racism.
—  Judith Butler, “In the Hands of the Social: an Interview with Judith Butler.”

Shavua tov I’m angry

Saw some cards about “queers against _______” blah blah blah things

One was like “LGBT against militarization!” and said “stop pinkwashing Israeli apartheid”

Fuck you. There is not a strong enough phrase to express my level of fuck-you-ness.

First, these are unrelated issues. Stop with this bullshit about how in order to be a good LGBT activist, you have to take certain political stances. I see that ALL the time and it’s the number one reason I stay out of queer activism. Being bisexual, being transgender, it has zilch to do with economic policy or national security or foreign policy. If you’re going to make me choose between supporting the Jewish homeland, which is a country that protects gay rights, and earning Woke Gay Points by bashing it while doing nothing to actually advance gay rights in any way, you’re probably going to be really disappointed which one I choose.

Way to push Jewish and pro-Israel gay students out of the picture.

The whole concept of “pinkwashing” is antisemitic. That’s it. There’s no two ways about it, because you are literally criticizing a country for doing exactly what you wanted and championing the same cause you claim to be fighting for just because of what country it is. You can’t sit there with any sense in your head at all and say that being mad because Israel’s not as evil as you want it to be is “reasonable criticism of Israeli policy.” It’s not. You’re mad at them for being too progressive about something because it would be so much easier to demonize them if they weren’t – and yet, these same people never criticize Muslim countries for their terrible records on gay rights. It’s absolutely a double standard. You’re singling out this one country, no other country. Israel can not win. If they do something bad, they’re the worst monsters the world has ever seen, and if they do something good, it’s only because those sneaky world-controlling Jews Zionists are up to some sinister hand-rubbing plot. Fuck you so hard for this.

You can’t hang up one of those stupid “everyone belongs here” signs with a stupid Star of David in a stupid heart and also have this bullshit here and expect pro-Israel and Jewish students to feel welcome. I’ve been thankful that so far, being on a conservative campus and having a lot of queer Jews around, this hasn’t been a big issue, but this makes me sick. I feel deeply betrayed. You’re asking me to choose between two parts of my identity and let me tell you what, my Jewish world does not criticize gays or liberals to one-hundredth of the extent that “my” gay/liberal world criticizes Jews, so it’s an easy decision for me. But the fact that you’re sending this message that you’re not welcome in a space unless you swallow all its bullshit opinions is disgusting. And that’s what it is. They don’t care about LGBT Israelis, obviously, or they would be praising advances for LGBT rights in Israel, independent of what they thought about other Israeli politics. But those gays aren’t the right kind of gays, so not only is their protection not praiseworthy, it’s a bad thing. If you don’t conform to the mainstream American leftist narrative, you can be hung out to dry for all they care. This is a place where they jerk off thinking how progressive and open they are but it’s all lies.

I know you’re a bunch of naive morons who also think we can get rid of prisons and build separate unisex bathrooms and that we should spend our outrageous tuition costs on building an entire new queer studies minor when we can’t even pay our existing teachers enough so they go on strike but I hate whoever is involved in this so fucking much, go to hell. You’re so fucking full of shit. How can y’all sit around talking about how we need more minority representation in the multicultural center and faculty (we do) and still pull this shit, unbelievable. Your activism is fake and masturbatory and I trust you in the negative percentage.

i hate shit which poses pinkwashing as conspiracy theorising like,

nobody is suggesting that the Israeli state is giving queers rights as a ~ruse~, but we are saying that it consistently uses that it’s done that to pose itself as a champion of human rights when it’s actually like. summarily executing Palestinian children in the streets.

like if u think this isn’t part of a coordinated PR campaign and Israel is just coincidentally blasting a global TEL AVIV IS THE GAY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD COME PARTY W US message for no reason then? you actually are the one who’s no longer talking about reality? anyway end the occupation


#notproud of Auckland Pride Parade 2015. Keep talking about this, keep challenging the prison industrial complex, the police as an institution that serves and protects power and property instead of people, pinkwashing of capitalist exploitation, Israeli apartheid and state violence against indigenous people. Keep up the queer-powered resistance against this interconnected festering yuck that is All Oppression. 

If you call someone anti-Semitic just for opposing the state of Israel, you are being anti-Semitic against me, personally.

If you use the words “Jews” and “Zionists” interchangeably, you are being anti-Semitic against me, personally.

If you say “this offends Jews” when you mean “this offends supporters of Israel,” you are being anti-Semitic against me, personally.

If you believe that any state represents the Jewish people, you are being anti-Semitic against me, personally.

Loving and supporting the Jewish people means understanding that we are not a monolith, that we have intense disagreements, and that many, many, many of us are proudly anti-Zionist, and stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. You honor the Jewish people by granting us this capacity for full humanness, and you insult us when you imagine that we have such a narrow, prescriptive character.

Israeli Pinkwashing

Israelis supporting a “gay rights victory” is fine.
Israelis supporting a “gay rights victory” and completely ignoring the lack of freedom Palestinian LGBT+ people have in Israel and under Israeli occupation is not fine. Though it is not pinkwashing, it is (I’m not sure if this is even a thing, but it is now) being a pinkwashing apologist.
Pinkwashing is not something an individual (usually) does, it is a part of a system of using LGBT rights to excuse capitalism, imperialism and racism, Individual “pinkwashers” don’t necessarily exist, unless they are the sole organizers of policy. That being said, a group of pro-Israel LGBT people who disregard the struggles of Palestinian LGBT people is guilty of pinkwashing.

I wanna talk about how the first time I kissed a girl was at a party held by an anti occupation Jewish org and how I felt so great there seeing all these other gay couples make out and how this reflects my previous experiences on the internet of there being more queer Jews represented in anti occupation spaces than in other spaces despite all the pinkwashing that Israel and pro Israel orgs do but I know a museum is going to be too tied in to American Jewish institutional forces that my story’s not gonna be chosen anyway.

The constant reference of Zionists as Nazis is such a bizarre and historically incoherent trend.

Sure, I suppose you can liken certain aspects of Israel’s atrocious policies against Palestinians to the ideological premise and political manifestation of Nazism, but from a comparative standpoint, the two have very little in common, which is why activists from Palestine usually reference other cases of oppression (Jim Crow - new and old- or apartheid South Africa) to allude to their own and draw inspiration from.

Perhaps its the shock value of referring to people as Nazis, or maybe its a cheap shot against Jewish Zionists to throw the history back in their face (which is fundamentally antisemitic), but its not an apt parallel. The entire premise of settler colonialism, pinkwashing, faithwashing, normalization by presenting it as a “conflict” rather than “genocide” or an archaic battle of Muslims and Jews, PR firms, historical erasure of Palestinians, the global packaging and profiteering of culturally Arab cuisine and traditions as their own, paid agents and so many other facets of Israel’s political mechanism disappear.

Zionists aren’t Nazis. And they aren’t similar enough to solicit such a scandalous correspondence. Aside from the fact that no Jewish person should ever be called a Nazi, they’re Zionists. Being a Zionist means sanctioning the largest refugee population, countless massacres and the attempted erosion of a people and that is bad enough. They don’t need to be preemptively resembled to any other oppressor. The political narrative of Palestinians is urgent enough without sensationalist titles for the oppressors.