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What do you mean with at least it's not susan g komen ralph?

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there are lots of issues with breast cancer awareness marketing, and there’s a whole phenomenon around pinkwashing (not the LGBT one). One of the most egregious examples of it is when the NFL wears pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s a pure marketing stunt because outside of wearing pink for a few games, the NFL regularly allows men that commit domestic violence against women to stay in the league, so they don’t actually give a fuck about women.

Past that, there’s the constant sexualization of breasts as a means of promoting breast cancer awareness. you don’t need to save boobs because they’re sexy, you need to save the person who those boobs are attached to because their breasts are trying to kill them.

Susan G. Komen is a terrible charity for breast cancer. It’s almost a complete scam. Luckily this concert doesn’t go to that charity, but an organization that provides support to younger breast cancer survivors, and from a cursory look around, does good work.

This event happens every year and has had tons of musicians perform at it, and it seems to be a Grammy hopeful stopping point every year, so I’m not going to be holding my grudges against the whole movement to Harry at all.

But I’m also going to have to hold my nose a little if I watch the broadcast.

people who do not belong at pride:

  • cops
  • soldiers
  • corporations 
  • homophobes & transphobes 
  • racists
  • assholes who fetishize lgbt people and think we’re all weird party animals and treat pride as if it’s a zoo 
  • performative “allies” who treat this as their token “good deed of the day” they can write about later 
I have some thoughts about Chicago Pride
  1. The Chicago Dyke March included everyone–except Jews
  2. This was because they made people feel “unsafe”
  3. People were claiming “pinkwashing”
  5. “Well done Israel–Hitler would be proud” 

I hope you all are really proud of yourselves.

how to combat pinkwashing at pride (aka: why slapping a rainbow on everything isn’t good enough)


- create initiatives that help low-income lgbt people access banking services.

- stop allowing donations to anti-lgbt hate groups, the kkk, and other hate groups that target lgbt people.

- donate money homeless shelters and local organizations that work to eliminate lgbt poverty.

- ensure lgbt employees have access to health insurance and liveable wages.

alcohol companies:

- stop the showing of advertisements that portray binge drinking as healthy

- donate to local lgbt friendly addiction services

- start a program that teaches lgbt inclusive health services for local community organizations that deal with addiction treatment

- work in collaboration with nightclubs and bars to promote “panic buttons” in washrooms, as well as other methods of keeping lgbt patrons safe

- remove sponsorship from events and companies that are known for not being lgbt inclusive


- be a part of a political party that actively advocates for the rights and freedoms of lgbt people.

- work in collaboration with local governments to advocate for lgbt rights

- listen to the lived experiences of lgbt people and do not speak over them, or consider your input more valid than theirs

- vote for bills that help lgbt people, vote against those which hinder our freedoms and safety

- do not accept donations from people or organizations that campaign against lgbt rights.


- do not hand out promotional material at pride parades unless the information directly benefits the lgbt community specifically.

- do not use the platform of pride to advertise at all, unless doing so would specifically benefit lgbt people.

- do not treat pride like a party; it is, and has always been, a protest and a show of resiliency.

- do NOT create initiatives and events that cater only to white, able-bodied, cisgender gay men. inclusivity means ALL lgbt people are welcomed and heard.

- use your position as a straight ally to ELEVATE the voices of the lgbt community, but do not speak over them. do not tell them what they want or need. trust me, they know better than you do.

when someone says “well would you just prefer we go back to when everyone was homophobic?” you can say “no, i’d prefer that corporations and politicians do MORE than painting a rainbow sign and dancing with feather boas, and here is how they can start.”

what a lot of these contemporary queer theorists have done is they’ve collapsed critiques of homonationalism into their critiques of what they term “homonormativity” which is their fancy way of saying that cis gay and lesbian people are Evil and Catered To or some shit. but understanding homonationalism and pinkwashing, which are very much different from “homoassimilation”, is incredibly important, especially because lgbt people of color are impacted by homonationalism. 

lgbt inclusion in the military; corporations at pride; “pro-gay” corporate ads; drone operators and soldiers and CEO’s who are lgbt; white nationalists such as milo yiannopolous; patriotic pictures of white lgbt people with the american flag overlaid on their faces; wanting cops to be included in pride parades - this is all what homonationalism is. prioritizing capitalist notions of success over liberation is what this is. israel touting itself as “pro-lgbt!1!!” while blackmailing gay palestinians is what this is. 

gay people wanting to get married is not a bad thing and it’s not “assimilationist” of lgbt people to want to lead happy, healthy, safe lives with their loved ones, lol. however, gay and trans people being pro-cop and pro-military and pro-capital and white lgbt people aligning themselves with white nationalist ideology is very bad and you really cannot use your hatred of contemporary queer theory to ignore actual critiques of homonationalism. 

One thing that especially bothers me about the Chicago D*ke March is the implication that LGBT Jews merely existing is inherently pinkwashing. It politicizes LGBT Jewish identities by stating that all LGBT Jews exist to distract people from the Israel/Palestine conflict. And that is entirely antisemitic and a gross misrepresentation of LGBT Jews.

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Do you think that anti-Semitism and anti-zionism are synonymous? I didn't think so, but many have said that they are, which doesn't make sense since zionism is separate from the religion and ethnicity and culture (but maybe this is wrong because I'm reading non-Jewish people's viewpoints and it's a way for them to be antisemitic while being edgy)

While anti-zionism isn’t technically the same thing as antisemitism, the line between “Jews don’t have a right to a safe homeland” and “I hate Jews” is awfully precarious. Few can walk it with care and far fewer even bother to try. Anti-zionists are prone to treating accusations of antisemitism as more offensive than actual antisemitism.

Anti-zionists will often use the idea that anti-zionism isn’t anti-semitism to defend antisemitic actions. Just a few things I’ve seen defended as “just anti-zionist.”

- Spreading Rothschild Jewish Banking Conspiracies
- Accusing Holocaust Survivors of controlling the US Government
- Blaming Israel for 9/11
- Denying Jewish History 
- Denying Jewish genetics
- Derailing any conversation of antisemitism by injecting Israel/Palestine into the debate
- Spreading Khazar theories
- Policing how Jews talk about our own history and experiences
- Dictating to different groups of Jews how they should feel about other Jews
- Silencing Israeli Jews on college campuses even if they are there to criticize Israeli Policy
- Treating LGBTQIA Israeli Jews as if their very existence was the same thing as “pinkwashing” Hasbara
- Comparing Jews with Nazis
- Downplaying the severity of the Holocaust
- Acting like the Holocaust was the beginning and end of antisemitism
- Denying that Israeli Jews are Majority non-Ashkenazi and that they are there because of oppression and expulsion by MENA countries.
- Talking over said Jews about how they should feel about Israel
- Dismissing antisemitism against white and/or Ashkenazi Jews 
- Defending and promoting antisemitic figures in the “Pro-Palestine” movement like Holocaust Denier Paul Eisen and Blood Libelist Alison Weir
- Tokenizing Jews most other Jews find reprehensible like the Neturei Karta and Gilad Atzmon so they can prove they aren’t antisemitic
- Dividing Jews into “good Jews” and “bad Jews” based on our opinion on Zionism (which is probably far more nuanced and informed than theirs) and not caring about anything else we think or feel.
- Telling Jewish victims of antisemitism that they should blame Israel instead of the perpetrators
- Blaming Israel for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh
- Ignoring or denying the plights of Jewish refugees
- Ignoring Jewish voices when it comes to our own history and experience of antisemitism
- Cheering and/or justifying the deaths of Israeli civilians
- Boycotting Israel and only Israel despite countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey and others committing the same sins, frequently on much larger scales
- Demonizing Jews for being activists on anything other than Israel/Palestine
- Telling Jews what is and isn’t antisemitic
- Trying to excuse their own antisemitism by deflecting the question with the etymology of “semite” - Chaim’s Law
- Telling MENA Jews they have no right to their own cultures
- Telling Latinx Jews they have no right to their own culture
- Identity Policing Jews
- Acting like there’s no difference between Jewish refugees from murderous antisemitism and colonial conquerors who came to exploit the local population and resources for a foreign mother country

I could go on.

My point is there’s a reason most Jews I know, even anti-zionist Jews have a severe distrust of non-Jewish anti-zionists and much of it has to do with the points above and so many more. This goes triple for any anti-zionist who isn’t Palestinian. Unlike Palestinians, there’s a good chance their country expelled, oppressed or murdered their Jewish populations, necessitating Zionism in the first place. The fact of the matter is most Israeli Jews are survivors of genocide, oppression and expulsion who went to the one place in the world that would take them in. You can’t treat that last point as a hypothetical. They went to Israel because they wanted to live. They are frequently damned for making that choice by the very people who gave them no other choice. That’s just cruelty. It demonstrates a callous indifference to Jewish life and suffering, and if many Jews consider that to be antisemitic, do you really think you can blame them?

Anti-zionists need to change their tactics and their associations in a major and visible way if they want to avoid accusations of antisemitism from a majority of Jews. And that’s on them, not us. 

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do u know any lgbt arab movies u can recommend ?

This list is of queer middle eastern films that include queer arab films

Circumstance (2011) - film explores love and sexual rebellion between two women under the watchful eye of the government and through family dynamics in modern day Iran.

Caramel (2007) - “a beauty salon in Beirut is a safe haven for five women in this Lebanese romantic comedy. Follows the love lives of five Lebanese women, one of them is the stylist Rima who does not know how to handle her attraction to a female client.

Mondial 2010 (2014) - “is a film on love and place. A Lebanese gay couple decides to take a road trip to Ramallah. The film is recorded with their camera as they chronicle their journey. The viewers are invited through the couple’s conversations into the universe of a fading city.” In reality Lebanese cannot drive to Ramallah as they are forbidden into Israel and this plays with the significance of a same-sex relationship in the Middle East and what it means to be a queer Middle Eastern.

Lola and Billy the Kid (1999) - “Murat, the youngest son of a conservative Turkish family, is struggling with his sexuality as well as with the demands of his patriarchal older brother. When Murat meets with Lola – his estranged brother who now is a drag queen – and her macho Turkish lover, Billy the Kid, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous new world. 

Oriented (2015) - feature documentary that follows the lives of three gay Palestinian friends confronting their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv.

Fifi Howls From Happiness (2014) - “I will tell you my life story so that no idiot will write my biography the way it suits them,” says legendary gay Iranian artist Bahman Mohassess in this documentary about his life. 

A Jihad For Love (2007) - feature documentary to explore the complex global intersections between Islam and homosexuality. This movie focuses on Islam in multiple regions of the world rather than just the Middle East.

Mixed Kebab (2012) - centers around a TurkisH character and talks about the struggles of being a gay poc in a conservative Muslim household in a western country and having to defy middle eastern expectations of you. Best of all, the ending is a happy one!

I Say Dust (2015) - “Two Arab-American women in New York City fall in love, argue home and identity, engage in a chess battle, and express themselves through the power of the spoken word. 'I Say Dust’ explores poetry in cinema through the story of Hal, a poet belonging to the Palestinian diaspora in NYC, who meets Moun, a free-spirited chess boards sales girl. Their brief love affair challenges their understanding of what makes home.”

Note: There are more LGBT films produced and directed by Israelis but I don’t recommend them. They pinkwash Israel’s violent acts towards Palestinians by diverting your attention and targeting the queer audience, in specific, to claims that Israel supports LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer) rights. 

The films usually depict a Palestinian struggling with their sexuality and their community’s rejection of their identity and a “free” Israeli that fall in love and Tel Aviv is the safe haven for their love. Basically using representation that Arabs are savage and Israelis are here to free us. 

Truth is there is no rainbow bedazzled hole in the Israeli West Bank Wall that allows you a free access to ‘freedom’ if your ass is queer. When they bomb Gaza they are bombing Palestinian including queers one. Besides the fact that they are killing us, this just shows their LGBTQ rights  (all their human rights) are just a show to divert your attention and this is effectively done through media including movies. This is why I do not recommend Israeli queer films depicting the Middle East.

This sign was placed on the edge of the main stage at Outside the Frame: Queers for Palestine Film Festival in San Francisco 

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hey, sorry if this has been asked before but could you explain what pinkwashing means? thanks ✨

Pinkwashing is defined as the “disingenuous effort by the Israeli government to use the country’s generally positive record on LGBTQ+ rights to distract attention from human rights abuses in Palestine.” And it’s definitely a real thing! There are absolutely contexts where the Israeli government has said “Oh, don’t look over there, look here! See? Progressive!” Also, it’s not just Israel. One of the reasons why people have been protesting the presence of both police officers and banks at Pride is because both of them have a tendency to try to use their involvement as PR whilst simultaneously targeting vulnerable populations, often at the expense of brown and black LGBTQ+ people. 

I also personally feel that when people make statements that dismiss Palestinian concerns or desires for self-determination by throwing the gay rights records of the OPTs in their faces and saying they should be praising Israel instead, that it is also an example of pinkwashing. It’s in very poor taste to say that people shouldn’t be able to seek improvements for themselves as a sub-group within their own society on their own terms. This isn’t much different from atheists telling LGBTQ+ Orthodox Jews they can’t exist, or that they are oppressed for choosing to leave their communities and assimilate. Overall, I like Tablet as a publication, but they wrote a trash fire of an article on CDM debacle that did effectively use this tactic, amongst other problematic things and it really, really pissed me off. 

All this being said, however, and I can’t stress this enough: 

LGBTQ+ people existing in Israel is NOT pinkwashing. 

The Tel Aviv Pride Parade is not pinkwashing. Beit Hillel rabbis in Israel urging better inclusion of gay Orthodox Jews is not pinkwashing. Same-sex partners of Jewish people fleeing persecution being allowed to come with them to Israel is not pinkwashing. And of course, gay Jews being visibly Jewish at a pride march in Chicago is not pinkwashing, either.

Calling pinkwashing out when it happens is not in any way problematic. Seizing upon any instance of Israelis—or now, it seems, all openly Jewish people—just living openly as LGBTQ+ people, however, is, because it politicises existence, which in term effectively demands that the people in question stop existing. 

There’s a huge difference between saying the Israeli government engages in shady publicity campaigns to distract from their treat of Palestinians, and saying that until gay people in Israel personally stop their government from engaging in oppression that they can’t advocate for themselves or openly exist in public.

I am against the occupation of Palestine, but sometimes the ways anti-zionist leftists characterize Israel makes it seem like Israel doesn’t have any kind of culture or history and that everything about it is dedicated to imperialism and subjugation with absolutely no other purpose behind it. 

For example, while some Israeli politicians and Zionists definitely exploit Israel’s record on LGBT rights to further imperialist ideology against Palestine and Islamophobic rhetoric, I feel like some anti-zionists seem to honestly believe that Israel only has established LGBT rights and acceptance as part of a conspiracy to further its imperialist agenda. Or that its LGBT acceptance is nothing more than a lie told to further their imperialist agenda.

Honestly, I am highly critical of Israel and I want the occupation to end. I consider myself pro-Palestine and believe the Jewish state is built on nationalism, colonialism and racism. But if you truly believe that every single positive thing about Israel is either a lie or part of a conspiracy you’re veering toward antisemitism. 

Losing count of the people who follow up on messages about the D*ke March by saying “Oh I just learned one of the Jews that got expelled was from a ZIONIST GROUP that was PROTESTED AGAINST at Creating Change last year, now it makes sense.”

You goddamned clueless ahistorical mob-following, Wave-exercising, Stanford-Experiment-prison-guard virtue-signaling fucks, it was THE EXACT SAME KIND OF EVIL RACIST “PROTEST.”  These people see a screaming mob of goyim burst into a Jewish prayer space, shove people and strangle one guy with a flag, and come away saying “Gosh, those Jews must have done something to piss them all off so much!  I’d better support the NEXT group to harass them, or else they’d start trouble!” 

Right-wingers attack Jews while saying “Fuck the Jews!”.  Left-wingers attack Jews while saying “Protect the weak!  Inclusion!  Tolerance!”  It is more of a…. how shall I put it… stab in the back

it bothers me I can’t actually talk about the things that I dislike about Israel because people will take it to mean that I’m antizionist or worse, use it in their antizionist arguments. That’s exactly the opposite of what I want. Because of my Zionism I want Israel to be a better place for everyone. I want Israel to be a safe haven and I want to promote equality. I want to talk about queer problems without discussing pinkwashing, I want to talk about the kidnapping of yemenite children without talking about Palestinians. There are issues in Israel that need to be discussed and I can’t talk about them without inadvertantly supporting people who hate me, my ideology, and my country.