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To the “only one merc” thing

(I have written a really big analysis with references and explanations to this but since the webpage keeps refreshing when I hit the background panel, its lost and I wont rewrite those 500 words again sorry. Its lost. So here is the short version)
Jay Pinkterton has stated that there is only one every merc, one Soldier, one Demoman etc.. no clones.

I went through all comics and noticed that, of course, that we truly never see any merc “double”. But also never more than 5 from RED or BLU (with one excepting I will talk about later) The original team, the classic team and the current team shown in the catch-up comic has the same line up in a 4/5 split.
RED, as we know from the game is an attack line-up: RED Scout, RED Soldier, RED Pyro, RED Heavy and RED Sniper (all 3 Offense classes, 1 Defense and 1 Support)
BLU as we know from the game, has a defense line-up: BLU Demoman, BLU Engineer, BLU MEdic and BLU Spy. (2 Defense and 2 Support).

Throughout the story comics we get to know that the current team got fired, but also gets re-hired by Miss Pauling. Since then, every merc wears RED. We also know, that this team is hired to attack Gray Mann. And what did the latter do? Hired a defending team, the CTF, which are shown in BLU here. the current teams Medic gets also hired by Gray, but he still wears RED. This is the only confusing part for me, because he is hired to help defending, but it could also be meant as a hint that he is still loyal to the attacking/his own team (which he later joins!). The only mercenary from the current team who is not shown in RED is also the only one who is not re-hired by Miss Pauling in the story: The Engineer. He is hired by the Administrator, to build and fix here life-expanding machine, keeping her safe. He wears BLU and I can imagine why, because he hides together with the Administrator clearly defending and supporting her life. He is no way in any attacking position.

In the update comics we also see the mercenaries always splitted up in two teams, but we never see more than 5 people in one team (which also shows the team balance of 4/5 continually). Except from the point where the two Grey brothers die and MvM starts. Since then we only see the whole team, or rather both teams once, in the comic  A Fate worse than chess. They are still 9 people, who just lost their jobs from both sides and they are also still evenly splitted into 4/5 groups! (RED(5): Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper and Spy; BLU(4): Scout, Pyro, Heavy and Medic). And also into clear defined defending/attacking sides. RED has 1 offense, 2 Defense and 2 Support which is clearly defensive, while BLU has 2 Offense, 1 Defense and 1 Support which is the Heavy, medic combo, clearly offensive. After that we see the whole team in a few more update comics, but also only shown in one colour: RED. They are re-hired at that point, fighting for the same side.

From this we can clearly understand what Pinkteron means. The mercenaries get hired by both sides alternating, probably the brothers trying to steal from each other by just paying more, so the mercenaries ge to switch sides as it comes. Blutarch hires the REDs Heavy by offering more money, then Redmond will hire the BLU Demoman in exchange by doing the same. 
This also explains why they already know each other so much and work together so well in the story comic, because they all did fight alongside each other at least once. 

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On July 1, 1892 the HOMESTEAD, Pa., steel strike against Andrew Carnegie begins. Seven strikers and three Pinkertons were eventually killed as Andrew Carnegie hires armed thugs to protect strikebreakers in an effort to smash the union. Carnegie built a fort around the factory and refused to recognize the union in the mill, forcing the summertime showdown. And, then he took off for his castle in Scotland to leave Henry Clay Frick in charge of the fallout! (Image of state militia arriving in Homestead to attempt to crush the strike!)

On June 29, despite the union’s willingness to negotiate, Frick closed the mill and locked out 3,800 men. Two days later, workers seized the mill and sealed off the town from strike-breakers. Frick summoned a private police force, the Pinkerton Detective Agency, to protect the non-union workers he planned to hire. 

300 Pinkerton Detectives came ashore at the Homestead mill on July 6, 1892 and were greeted by well-armed locked-out steelworkers. A hail of stones, then bullets, ripped the air. The confrontation between nation’s largest steelmaker and its largest craft union - -the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers - - dragged on through the summer and in to the winter. 

The union fought for better wages and a say in America’s new industrial order. Carnegie and Frick, had already brought several unions to heel at their other mills, but not Homestead. Although Carnegie would later try to distance himself from the events at Homestead, his cables to Frick were clear: Do whatever it takes. Frick dug in for war.

In mid-November, with families suffering hunger and evictions underway, workers starting trying to go back to the mill. 300 locked-out men applied for work and were rehired. Many more were blacklisted. “Life worth living again!” Carnegie cabled Frick. “First happy morning since July.” With the union crushed, Carnegie slashed wages, imposed twelve-hour workdays, and eliminated 500 jobs. Ut would take well into the 1930s for the steel industry to be organized.

Gonna put some character art up on queue since I don’t know how frequently I’ll be updating. For a project five-5-sixers@tumblr is heading, which is based after the game Psychonauts.

Culver Pinkterton [who goes with Charlotte, and they’re both really thinly veiled references to a particular Video Game].