School Party! An Original Short by Tuboots

Before reading this please note that this was written when I was Senior in high school and this is about my friends and I back then. If you can tell who my friends are, then you can clearly see why this is so funny! XD I hope you enjoy the story and my crappy paint drawings!

School Party!

It all started like a normal Friday, went to classes then went to club, but then… something amazing happened; something that every kid or teenager dreams of, getting… well let me start on how this amazing thing happened and then you’ll find out what it is. Where to begin… well, you probably should know my name. My name is Elle Backward. You’ll learn more about me as we go on (I don’t want to bore you with my life story right now).

Now back to the story. So it was a Friday afternoon and I was having fun at my club. I started an actual Drama Club in my school because they called our musicals our Drama Club but it’s not really a Drama Club so I started an actual Drama Club. For those of you who don’t know what we do in my club, I’m going to tell you. We play improv games, work on monologues and other scenes, and also work on writing our own plays. So as I saying… it was a normal day at club. My friends were playing Freeze Tag Improv and I was talking to my boyfriend and my V.P. My boyfriend, Chester Norris, was there only because I go to his Game Club every week and because my V.P. is his best friend. So it gets to be 3:30 and I had to start getting everyone out of there before the janitors closed up everything. So most of the club left and my boyfriend and 5 of my friends and I stayed to clean up. Chester and Andy got in an eraser fight which lasted until 4:00. So finally, we’re all about to leave the school when we discover that we are locked in the school! At first we were kind of scared. My friend Jackie went into panic mode, which caused Andy to go into panic mode. Then Chester was like, “Why are we worried about this? We’ve always dreamed about this happening. Let’s just go with the flow and stay here until someone finds us.” He had a good point but then Mark also made a good point. “What about our parents?,” he said, “Aren’t they gonna figure out that we’re missing when none of us come home tonight?”

Now we had a dilemma. Chester was right, we all did want to stay in the school overnight but, like Mark said, what the heck were we gonna tell our parents. We couldn’t tell them that we were stuck in school because they would’ve called someone to come get us out, but we also couldn’t have them thinking that someone kidnapped us then killed us. We had to come up with a way that our parents would not get worried or come look for us. Then Becca had a smart idea, for once.

“How about this: we tell our parents that we’re sleeping over someone’s house? I’ll tell mine that I’m sleeping over at Elle’s place, Elle can say she’s staying over at Jackie’s place, and etc.” We were shocked that she came up with a plan that could actually work. So we all took out our cell phones and called our ‘rents. Once the last call was made we all looked at each other and yelled “PARTY IN THE SCHOOL!”

And so it began. We couldn’t think of what we should do first. Chester and Mark (did I mention he’s my V.P. yet?) went into one of the biology labs and started to play hot potato with the dead cats. Jackie, Becca, Andy, and Sara went into the auditorium and blasted up the radio. I decided that I would go up to the band room and mess up my friend’s band locker. While I did that I started to feel hungry, which led us to our next problem: FOOD!


How could I have forgotten about food? We never talked about what we were going to eat over the weekend. I called Chester and told him to text everyone and tell them to meet me in the North Cafeteria.

When they all got there they talked about what stuff they’ve done so far but once Chester got there he made them shut up.

“Listen up!,” I loved how he took control, “Elle pointed out something very important that we didn’t think about when we decided to do this.”

“What’s that?,” Mark said.

“FOOD!,” I yelled.

Then everyone started to freak out again. Once again Chester got them to shut up. “Look, I’ll go in the teacher’s lounge and kitchen and see what food is left over. In the mean time I suggest you start buying food from the vending machines to hold you over.”

So that’s exactly what we did. I went with Chester to search for food. (I knew where most of the food was. Don’t look at me like that! It’s their fault for not locking it over the weekend. That’s where I spend my lunch time during play practice.)

For the longest time we couldn’t find any actual food. All we could find were bottles of ketchup and mustard and some salad dressing, but then we hit the mother load. Tons of frozen food, just waiting for us to eat it. We texted the gang and told them to head to the café soon to get pizza.

So you can pretty much figure out what we did. We heated up 3 pizzas and pigged out. Our dessert wasn’t really dessert and it came from the vending machine. Becca accidently got 5 bags of popcorn out of the vending machine, we don’t know how that happened but we didn’t care because hello! Free food! Jackie and Mark started a popcorn fight. One hour later all the popcorn was on the floor, Andy and I were hiding underneath one of the tables, and Mark had disappeared. We all started to wonder two things. The first was “Who’s gonna clean up the mess?” and the second was “Where did Mark go?” A minute later we heard a loud crash coming from the auditorium. We all rushed there and found Mark in the trashcan with his feet sticking out in the air. His skateboard was 3 feet away from him.

“Mark! What did you do?,” Sara said, already aware that he must have tried to do a trick and failed miserably, but it was just polite to ask what had happened.

“I tried to go down that ramp and that broom tripped me and my board and next thing I know I’m in a trashcan.”

Sadly this is a classic Mark story. He’s always tripping or falling over/off something. He tripped over air before for crying out loud. Anyway, after we got him out of the trashcan he went back to skateboarding around the school. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. An idea that could end up in a lot of pain but it was worth trying; trashcan sledding.

Sara could tell that I had an idea and she gave me this “Oh no” look. “Anyone wanna go trashcan sledding with me?,” I asked, hoping to hear at least one yes.

“What is it?,” Jackie said with great curiosity.

“You empty out a trashcan, take it to the top of the steps, put your legs in it, and basically go sledding down the steps.”

“Sounds fun, but I value my life… plus I’d probably break something.”, Sara was known for breaking stuff. Becca didn’t really like the idea because it would involve her walking up 3 flights of stairs, she always was sort of lazy. Chester and Jackie were willing to do it though. So we got 2 more trashcans and headed up one of the many sets of stairs. Now one slight problem was how the stairs were set up. They look like this:

It’s like that on both sides, one up side and one down side, so you can see why my idea could become annoying… oh well. Chester and I went down first; it was so. much. fun! I almost ran into a door on the second floor so on the way back up we opened up all of the doors so it wouldn’t happen to Jackie. When Jackie was done she screamed, “That. Was. AWESOME! I wanna go again!” So we did that for a while and next thing we knew it was almost 10:30.

“Guys, what are we gonna sleep on?,” Jackie pointed out. It was clear that we weren’t going to fall asleep anytime soon but we did need to find a place to sleep before we all got too lazy to do so.


Our mission now was to find a place to sleep. We figured out that it probably would be best if we turn the café tables into beds, but we just couldn’t sleep on them without blankets or some kind of cushioning. No one could think of where we could find blankets in the building but I had an idea of where we could find something to use.

“Guys, how about we go look for a set of keys?”

“Why do we need keys?,” Mark said, confused as usual.

“We need to get a set of keys so we can get warmth for our table beds.”

“You know where there are blankets in the school? Why didn’t you say so in the first place?,” Mark obviously couldn’t tell what I was thinking.

“No Mark, we need keys to get into the costume room on the second floor. There are shirts we can change into pillows and maybe there will be a blanket or two that we can use.”

Then Becca said, “I didn’t even know we had a costume room.”

“You don’t know a lot of things Becca.”

“Shut up Elle!”

“Chester, do you know where we could find the keys?,” Sara asked, she knows how he’s tight with some of the teachers.

“They’d probably be in the maintenance office or in the main office.” Chester said, trying to show off.

“Babe, they also might be in Mr. D’s office up in the band room. He is in charge of the musical theater department.”

“Okay, well, you and Mark go look there, me and Andy will check the main office, and Becca, Jackie, and Sara can check the maintenance office.”

“Okay, when everyone’s done looking we’ll all meet up outside the costume room.” They all gave a look like “Where’s that?”. “It’s right across from the South Lecture Hall. Okay? We’ll see you soon.”

So we all split up. I couldn’t help but laugh at Becca, Sara, and Jackie acting like spies down the hallway. You know how in movies the spy or whoever does the roll around the floor moving from wall to wall with a gun in their hand? That’s what they were trying to do.

When Mark and I got up to the band room we went right into the cigarette smelling office and found a set of keys just sitting there. So we headed down to the costume room to see if anyone else was there yet, and to try the keys of course. We were walking down the hallway and we could hear Becca and Jackie from around the corner, they are so loud. When they turned the corner, Becca ran right into mark and she fell over. We all laughed as Mark helped her up. So after the laugh fest we started to try the keys we found in Mr. D’s office. The second one we tried worked so the 5 of us went in. There were boxes of costumes from wall to wall. Becca saw a box of hats and started to try them on. Next thing you know we’re all trying on dresses and hats and other crazy stuff while Mark looked for blankets. Ten minutes later, Andy and Chester show up with 50 keys on one huge key ring.

“You could’ve told us you found the key. I had to break a drawer open to get these keys and you’re up here messing around with outfits…”

“Chester! Chill, we still found stuff to use for blankets and pillows.,” he always got frustrated so easily and I was the only one who wasn’t afraid to calm him down. “Come join our fun! Loosen up! You can be pissed at us after we get out of here.”

“I’m not pissed at you guys…”

“Yes you are!,” we all screamed at him. He decided to shut up after that.

After clowning around for a good hour or so we decided to take our “pillows & blankets” to the “bedroom”. We set up our beds and basically talked each other to sleep.

Halfway through the night I heard, well we all heard Mark’ snoring. We tried holding his nose closed but none of us felt like standing there holding it, and then we tried taping it shut but we were afraid that he wouldn’t be able to breathe so Chester did something that would have to wake Mark up and stop the snoring. We all cleared the way for the Nacho. So you know, the Nacho is what Chester does to his friends to get them up- it’s something he took from that Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre. I’m just going to illustrate, or attempt to illustrate how he Nachoed Mark.

External image

Haha. As you can see, it’s hysterical. When Chester jumped on Mark he was like “Holy Shit!” We all couldn’t help but laugh at him. So after he yelled at Chester we all went back to sleep and even though we were sleeping on tables, we were all surprisingly comfy.

Next Day!

I was the first one up so I went to the bathroom, fixed myself up and started to think of what I was going to do. Finally, I decided I was gonna go up on the catwalk, since I never got to go up there before. So I grabbed Mr. D’s keys and headed up to the doors of the catwalk.

So you guys know, a catwalk is that whole secretish level in a theater that crew fixes lights and puts any technical stuff that needs to fall on stage like fake snow, “rain”, etc. This is how ours is set up.

I may not have been there before, but I have caught glimpses of it. Just as I got to the door Chester called me asking where I was. I told him that I wanted to go up in the catwalk and he told me to stay out of it until he got there because he wanted to join me.

So I waited, and waited, and waited, and about 20 minutes later He showed up. “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for like, ever.”

“Sorry. Mark rolled over on my arm when I went to grab my phone off the table and it took me awhile to escape.” I laughed, wouldn’t you? So we found the key and started to go up the ladder. It was socool, yet extremely creepy. There were a few cobwebs here and there and I think I saw a rat or a squirrel. Never mind, now that I think of it, it was just a giant ball of dust. It was totally gross but at the same time, it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We crawled up to one of the holes where a light was and looked down at the auditorium. It was slightly scary but I just felt renewed; it was like that feeling you get when you just accomplished one of your goals you never thought you’d be able to do. “I feel so, alive. I’ve never felt like this before.”

“It does feel great up here doesn’t it?,” Chester said. I kind of got a hunch that he felt like I did but just didn’t want to show it. “It’s really gross up here but, it kind of turns me on.” He gave me this look that I am very familiar with and then he kissed me.

While we kissed, Mark, Andy, Jackie, Becca, and Sara came into the auditorium, looking for me and Chester of course, and all we hear is Becca yelling “Go get a room!” The others laughed and Chester actually got a little red in the face, which was so adorable! So after that interruption we crawled out of the catwalk and met up with them in the café for breakfast.

Of course, as soon as I get to the cafe, Becca pulls me back out and asks me what Chester and I were doing. “We just kissed, which you ruined, that’s it- nothing else.”

“Are you lying to me?”

“Becca! That’s all that happened. End of story.” She always was asking me what all Chester and I have done but I couldn’t tell her. One reason is because Chester and promised each other that we wouldn’t tell our friends how far we’ve gone and also because I don’t like sharing private details. They’re called private because I don’t want people to know them. She just doesn’t understand that. I wish she did because it bugs the crap out of me. She’s one of my best friends and all but she needs to realize that I’m not comfortable talking about certain things with her or anyone else.

Okay, sorry for that whole flip out thing, I just kind of have some new problems thanks to my old group of friends. I could write a whole book about them, but I don’t want to relive some of that pain. Correction, I don’t want to relive any of it. Sorry, I’m kind of messed up thanks to them and some people from grade school, like I said, it’s a long story that I don’t feel like going into right now.

When we came back into the cafe, Chester was already working on breakfast, which was the school classic, hot cheese. It may have just been a roll with melted cheese in the middle but it was so good! There was only a selected few who didn’t appreciate this delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner treat. I could probably live off of them.

So after we’re done eating we started to brain storm ideas for what we were going to do today. Becca and Andy decided they were going to cover every single blackboard with pictures and games of hangman and etc. Jackie, Sara, and I prayed that they wouldn’t write their own names on the boards. We texted Becca just to make sure she didn’t do that already. When she told us she didn’t we had a group sigh of relief. After that we sat there for a few minutes in silence, and then Sara had a fun idea. “Let’s make that zombie movie we always wanted to make!” “YES!,” we all screamed. We’ve wanted to make a zombie movie for months now, but everyone always had something to do. Now was the perfect time to make it. We taped it on my phone, since it has the best quality and when we were done I would send it to Jackie’s phone and she’d email it to herself and I. She would put it up on YouTube and I would edit it and put it on DVD.

Now we needed to figure out what we would use as props and how we were going to do Mark’s makeup. He’s not gay, he was going to be our zombie and well, he needed to look like a zombie. Blood was easy because we could just use ketchup, but we needed to make him look like his flesh was decaying. We tried using chalk dust but it made him sneeze. Then Jackie said, “I just remembered, I have some makeup in my school bag. It’s still in there from the play.” This was perfect. Now all that we needed was some “weapons” for Chester to use. He was going to be the Chuck Norris of the film.

“Let’s just go up to the costume room and get some fake swords out of there for Chester to use. Do you remember which key it was?,” Mark said. “I’ll take him up there so he can pick a sword that he likes.”

“That will probably be the one that looks the most like a pirate sword.,” Sara said and Chester just shook his head and gave a smile that said “She’s right.”

They started to walk away and as soon as they turned the corner Jackie and Sara asked if I could go with the guys because they needed to talk about something. They always do that; it kind of bothers me sometimes. So I ran down the hallway to catch up with Chester and Mark. When I caught up with them they knew why I was there. “So what are they talking about this time?,” Chester said.

“I don’t know, it’s so random.”

“I bet you they’re secret lesbians and they’re making out. Man, I wish I could watch that.” Chester and I just looked at Mark with faces that said “What on earth?”.

“Why did you just say that?,” I asked, grossed out and semi-curious.

“I don’t know, but it sounds hot.”

“Elle, walk on this side, away from Mark.,” then Chester whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to know what he thinks about you doing to anyone.” I laughed at his comment and switched sides. No offense, but Mark has a really perverted mind. He scares me when he makes comments like that because I start wondering what he thinks about me and then I start to get scared and scream “EWWWW!” One time he told me that I had nice legs and I was scared to go around him for a week. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good friend and all, but one of the scariest things that I’ve ever heard is Mark’s comments about girls. Trust me, you don’t want to know!

Zombie Time!

So… I don’t want to bore you with the costume room story because, well, it’s boring. When we got back to where Jackie and Sara were and started to get everything ready. While we were up in the costume room we grabbed a lost boy costume for Mark to use. So he got into costume and Sara did his makeup. Jackie took some eyeliner to put on Chester’s face; he wanted to look like he had war paint on. I know, I know, it’s weird but that’s how weird my boyfriend is.

Now the next thing we had to do was figure out where we were going to tape it. Mark said the cafe, but that was because he was hungry again. Then Sara suggested the auditorium but Chester refused to tape it in there. But then I said, “Hey, what about shooting it in the North courtyard?”. They all agreed with that. It had some trees that were climbable and it wasn’t kept as nice as the other courtyard. So off we went to the North courtyard, but as soon as we got there we all realized something; we didn’t have a script. We didn’t feel like wasting time to write a script so we decided it would just be a random comedy about a man chasing zombies.

Even though we agreed it would just be a random movie, Jackie still wanted it to have some kind of plot. She suggested that Mark should steal me at one point and have Chester come to save me. She only said me because 1. I go out with Chester and 2. I was probably the lightest one there.

Right before we started to shoot Andy and Becca came into the courtyard. We told them what was going on and they wanted to be part of it. Andy said he would tape it which made my job easier. After everything was settled we started to tape our zombie film. Becca, Jackie, Sara, and I sat on a bench pretending to read books and chat when suddenly… Mark the zombie starts chasing us around the courtyard. Jackie whips out her phone and calls Zombie control, and then 2 seconds later Chester shows up and starts to fight Mark. Mark then tricks Chester into looking the other way and picks me up over his shoulder and walks in the school with me. Then Chester noticed the zombie was gone and started climbing trees looking for Mark. Then Mark had me by the other bench making zombie noises, Chester jumps in, they fight, Chester kills Mark, I yell “My hero!”, and then Chester and I kiss. It may seem like a bad movie to you but it’s much funnier when you see it.

“Woo-hoo! We finally made it!”, Andy screamed as soon as he pressed the stop button on the camera.

“That. Was. AWESOME!”, Sara screeched right after him.

We all celebrated then went back inside to watch it in the TV Studio.

I was surprised at how good it turned out. It really turned out nice. Sara was laughing so hard her face was as red as a cherry. When it was over Chester headed to the café to start dinner while Sara and I edited the video. Becca, Andy, Jackie, and Mark went to the auditorium to do… I don’t know what they did but whatever it was it had them cracking up over dinner.

Today was a blast, but now we didn’t know what we were gonna do tomorrow.

“OMG, the weekend is over tomorrow!”, Becca cried.

“We need to do one more thing before we leave.”, Chester said.

We all agreed that we needed to and the weekend with a big bang, but what could it be? We’ve done so much already. We all sat there and wondered what we could do.

“You know, they do have a lot of different shaped mats in the gym.”

“So, what does that have to do with the big bang, Jackie?”

“Well Andy, we could set up all of the things in the gym and make a huge obstacle course!”

Everyone liked the sound of the idea.

“So it’s settled, we’ll make the biggest obstacle course we’ve ever seen.”, I said and they all agreed.

Chester wanted to start setting it up now but he really needed some sleep so I made him go to bed with the rest of us and told him that he can get up early tomorrow and set it up.

The Last Day! =(

The last day came at last. The end of an awesome weekend just had to come. I hate when good things have to come to an end.

So Chester and I got up early to set the obstacle course up… well actually, he woke me up then carried me to the gym, put me on a mat, then tickled me until I almost wet myself. You don’t know how much of a pain he can be sometimes. So yeah, we were setting up stuff for the obstacle course when Becca comes walking in screaming, “WHERE’S BREAKFAST?”

“Get poptarts out of the vending machine, I’m too busy to cook.”

“But I don’t like poptarts!”

“Well too bad Becca!”, we screamed in unison. After that she walked out of the gym and slammed the door on her way out.

“I love Becca but she can act so helpless sometimes.”

“And you don’t?”

“I’m not as bad as her! At least I don’t have to depend on other people to feed me.”

“True, but you don’t know how to cook.”

“Which is why I save my money and walk to the food store and buy microwaveable or already made meals.”

“You should still learn to cook.”

“Then teach me.”

“I will.”

Then we stuck our tongues out at each other, like when a little kid thinks something tastes bad and then he gave me a peck on the lips. We do that a lot for some reason.

“Hey lovebirds,” Andy shouted, “are you done setting up yet?”

“No, we’re not.” Me (I’m sick of writing he said she said, etc.)

“Do me a favor and fold up all of the dresses and blankets and get them back up to the costume room?” Chester

“But that requires movement.” Andy

“Just do it Andy, I know the others will help you out.” Me

“Fine.” Andy said with an unthrilled sigh.

“You’re friends are really lazy.” Chester

“I know, but that’s a reason why I get along with them.”

So about an hour past. We finished everything setting everything up and the rest of the gang actually cleaned up everything. We were shocked.

The course looked awesome! I’ll attempt to sketch it for you.

That’s not all of it, but it’s half of it. First you have to climb up the mat, land on the trampoline, do the army-tire thing, roll yourself in the second mat until you get to the monkey bars. There you push the mat so it’ll be closer to the next person, go across the monkey bars and climb up the rock climbing wall. Chester just had to add the rock climbing wall. He loves rock climbing and shows off his skills every chance he gets.

When the rest of the gang came in their jaws dropped.

“You two did all this?” Mark

“Yup, he did most of it but he still forced me to help out.” Me

“This is AMAZING!” Sara

“I can’t wait to try it out!” Jackie

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!” Chester

And we were off. Mark and Jackie tripped up the first mat. It was so funny! Then Sara fell off the trampoline, Becca tripped on the tires, Andy didn’t want to come out of the second mat, I held onto Chester as he went across the monkey bars, and all of us, except Chester, epically failed the rock climbing wall. After all the tripping and cheating, we all eventually finished the course. What made it so much fun was that we were laughing at each other so much that we didn’t really care how we did on the course. It was a good end to a great weekend. Now we had to clean the gym stuff up and lock up everything.

It’s amazing how we left everything exactly as it was before. We even cleaned up the trash that was in our trashcan sleds. The school looked perfect and it sort of killed us because we knew the rest of our classmates would ruin it within an hour. Now we actually felt like we belonged to the school; like we’re actually a part of it. It’s weird how just a few days can change your point of view of things you hate.


Mr. Hoffman walked into his classroom, put his coffee and his briefcase on his desk, then turned around and fainted. Mrs. Peterson heard the loud thud and ran to his room. She checked to make sure he was okay but when she looked up she saw why he fainted. The whole chalkboard was covered in pictures of flowers and penguins and colorful games of hangman. There wasn’t one little dot of black on the board. Another teacher was walking by and saw the board.

“They did that to my board too, except mine has bunnies and rainbows on it.”

“Who did this?”, said Mrs. Peterson.

“No one knows. Every chalkboard in the school is like that.”

“How odd.” Mrs. Peterson

Then Mr. Hoffman woke up.

“What the heck happened to my board?”

As soon as he said that the janitor showed up and said, “I’m not cleaning that up.”


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