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Tagged by: forever-a-disnerd

1. The character you relate most to?
Belle, I love to read and I would do anything for my family! <3 I also seek adventure in the great wide somewhere :3

2. If you could live in any Disney movie, which would it be?
Wreck-It-Ralph! I’d love to be able to jump from game to game via game central station! I’d probably spend a lot of time in Sugar Rush :D

3. If you could hang out with any character all day, who would it be?
Maybe Lottie, she just seems so sweet and she has a lot of energy and we could totally fan girl together!!

4. Who do you think the most evil villain is?
Oogie Boogie! He tried to kill Sandy Claws and ruin Christmas :(

5. Who’s your favorite Disney heroine?
Probably Meg, I like her tough girl attitude :3

6.Which Disney animal is the most attractive? Lol weird right?
Oh goodness! xP Lets say Simba! meow

7. Favorite Disney song?
This is Halloween :3

8. Funniest scene in a Disney movie?
THERES SO MANY D: gaah how will i ever choose?  I’m going to say when Fix it Felix falls in love with Calhoun! xP That was too cute!!

9. Favorite Disney movie as a child?
TARZAN! I saw it 7 times when it was in theatres!

10. If you could be any face character, who would you be?
I would really like to be Wendy Darling or Snow White! that would be so awesome!

11. Top three favorite Disney movies?
Despite my not mentioning it I love Aladdin, and I also really really love Toy Story!!
I suppose you can also gather I also really like Wreck it Ralph 

My Questions! (I wanna try to have some fun with this so please feel free to answer them even if you’re not tagged <3)

  1. Which Disney character’s closet are you most jealous of?
  2. If you could design a new ride for any of the disney parks what movie would it based off and what kind of ride would it be?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to eat at a disney park (If you’ve never eaten their, what meal have you seen in a disney movie that you really wish you could just reach into the tv and start eating?
  4. Which furry(or non-furry) disney friend would you most like to have as an animal companion/ pet
  5. Who’s your favorite Avenger? (They’re Disney now :3)
  6. Who would you like to disneybound as?
  7. You find a genie who offers you three wishes! What’s your first wish?
  8. You’re having a sleep over with the disney heroines! It’s time for makeovers! Who gets to do your makeup?
  9. Still at the sleep over.. who do you want to give a makeover to?
  10. You’re stranded on an island with a disney character, who is it and how are you guys getting along?
  11. Which disney guy is the best dancer?

Cool! :D Ready set go <3