Got my Genderflux shirt from houseofalexzander and promptly wore it doll shopping with my girlfriend, pinkrocksugar.

We did not find the dolls we wanted, but I did find this amazing cowboy hat and she took a really silly picture of me.

Turns out I ordered the shirt a size too big, but it’s SO COMFORTABLE AND SOFT.  I will order another later on and use this one for sleeping in.

In the meantime, I’m off to bring some law and order to this gol-dang town. *rides off on sparkly unicorn*

Photo credit to @pinkrocksugar.

pinkrocksugar asked:

Yusef is big and tough and scary, and he LOVES sweets. He has a huge sweet tooth. When he makes iced tea, he has to make two pitchers. One for himself and one for everyone else, because he puts so much sugar in his. He drinks overly sweetened coffee, likes maple syrup on anything breakfast, and always has dessert. His favorite dessert is the coconut meringue pie at the BBQ place on Highway 62.

Etienne is tall, but he isn’t tough and isn’t really that scary looking normally (when he’s in the water it’s a little different but scary isn’t really his thing.) He also has an insane sweet tooth though. Mostly for chocolate. He will eat anything that has chocolate on it. 


My kelpie Declan doesn’t process sugar very well so anything that’s too sugary gives him horrible stomach cramps. Like he’s actually on the floor hurting. 

coconuttygrey asked:

Favorite summer time activities for your boys?

Solomon:  Reading.  Indoors.  Like Nature intended when she gave us trees to make books.  And anytime there’s no school, I can get in a lot more training with Yusef.

Ariel:  Awww, summer is great!  Playing at the lake.  Lying in the sun outside.  Lying in the sun inside.  Watching birds at the bird feeder and laughing hysterically because birds are ridiculous.  Helping mama in the garden.  Eating dinner outside.  Meeting all the neat people who come through town!  And the lemonade stand!  UGH, so GOOD!  And last, gotta be catching fireflies with my baby bro.

Jordan:  Meh.  Summer is kind of boring.  Exploring town, I guess.  Tourist-watching is fun.  Going to the movies in Rogers, if I can find someone to go with.  There’s really not much to do here.

Thane: Barbecues.  Mostly barbecues. Yeah.  Barbecues.  Pit barbecues, grill barbecues, BIG grill barbecues, campfire barbecues.  Roast me some meat.  Man, the more you type that word the less real it looks.  Barbecue.  Barbecuuuue.   Also, there’s a shop downtown that’s only open in summer, and I really like to go visit the dog that works there.  Lulu the pit bull.  She likes me.  She’s not scared of me like a lot of dogs.  Which sort of makes sense, since she tangled with a mountain lion at some point, and I’m way less scary than one of them.

Tank: Going up to Reverie to hang out with Jordy and do Reverie stuff in town.  Visit Babylon, get myself a little action that doesn’t mind a little fur if you know what I mean, though that’s no longer an issue with Mattie around.  Thane’s not around any more, but Jordan’s out of school.  Also really like cookouts, going to the lake and setting stuff on fire, swimming … this is all shit it sucks to do alone, though, and my friends group in Houston is a little thin these days.

Danny: Shopping!  All the shops are open, and for the really intense touristy part of the summer they’re open later.  It’s way easier to get in before they close and look around.  And ICE CREAM.  I can’t have much but the specialty ice cream shops are open if I want good ice cream, and Penguin Hut is open if I want shitty ice cream, and the fudge shop is open…

Bonus Teenage!Joey: (who is not a boy but should be included because she’s cooler than the boys tbh)  Doing ALL the things with my brother!  Movies!  LOTS of sleepovers!  Lots of time to draw!  Lots of time to SLEEP!  Staying up as long as you want!  Skulking around town in the middle of the night for no reason at all.  Making out next to the spring up on the hill as long as the corpseflower isn’t blooming.

Bonus Adult!Joey: Work.  I get to work.  The tattoo parlors don’t do a whole lot of business in the off season.  It’s okay but not great.  You make it all back in the summer, but you have to work hard.  Fortunately I love what I do.

Eeeeesh, did I forget anyone?

pinkrocksugar, you wanna add your boys just fer fun?

Infernal Lycanthropy

Because coconuttygrey asked, here’s my take on some worldbuilding for mine and pinkrocksugar‘s RP ‘verse, sorta derived from the tabletop ‘verse we play in.

Got questions about it?  Ask me!

Now we’re gonna cover infernal lycanthropy, a controversial but widely-used label for wolfy-type shapeshifting caused by possession.

Possession.  It happens.  This can be the result of a negotiated deal: a summoner allows a demon or spirit to inhabit their body and gain access to the mortal realm, and in return the summoner gains its power.  It can be a “gift” bestowed by a greater demon lord: thank you for your service, how would you like to turn into a giant fire-breathing hellbeast?  It can be accidental/opportunistic: the victim for some reason finds themselves in proximity to an eligible spirit or demon, suddenly battling for control of their bodies and minds.

The spirit or demon may be relatively minor and weak, no more intelligent than an animal and possibly only newly-created, or may be as awful and clever and ancient as an actual greater demon lord.  There is immense variety here, making them difficult to predict and kill.

Infernal possession can be total – nothing remains of the human at all, the demon just wears the body around and shifts at will – but is most usually partial, as most spirits/demons are not strong enough to overtake a human’s mind immediately.  The process of assuming complete control, if this is what the intruding spirit desires, takes time, leading to breakdowns, delusions, fugue states, missing time, seizures, all kinds of nastiness.

Greater demons who favor a wolf shape may be able to “bestow” lycanthropy via a bite, thus creating melancholic werewolves.  The subject would have to be very, very strong, though – most humans would simply die.  For this reason, it’s rare.

Infernal lycanthropes are very rare, but are by far the most dangerous sort.  The voluntary ones especially.  That sort are overwhelmingly spellcasters – they had to summon the thing, didn’t they?  The demon’s strength and power and the human’s magical power are a terrifying combination.  The more powerful demons are often spellcasters, themselves.

They are as unique and varied as the demons and the humans that host them.  Each case has its particulars.  They are the hardest to fight, as the creature’s vulnerabilities and powers can vary widely.

Generally speaking, they heal swiftly, can only be injured by special weapons – silver, holy oak, cold iron, it varies.  (Not holy water.  Holy water is not a thing.)  They have superior senses.  They are extraordinarily fast.

They are the only type of werewolf capable of changing their mass to any significant degree.  Sometimes quite considerably.

Lesser types may be almost entirely mentally nonhuman in wolf shape, but this can generally be improved with practice.  More powerful types may have control of the human’s body only when shifted.  The very strongest can assert their dominance at will.

Strong-willed humans can gain control of the demon, using its abilities at will.  This is often what spellcasters who willingly summon a malevolent spirit to inhabit their bodies are going for, and what they seldom get.

Their appearance may range from hideous to beautiful, monstrous to nearly-natural, but overall they tend to have marked demonic traits and are usually easily recognized for what they are.  Some are more lupine in form, some more human.

Some people object to possessed individuals being called lycanthropes at all.  These people have a point.  Possession by a demon that looks like a lion or boar works exactly the same.  “Therianthrope” is becoming the preferred term for a person whose symbiosis with a possessing entity allows them to take on an animal or animal-like form.

It should be noted that there are traditions that do not involve demons, but involve spirits of a more benign nature conjured from the mortal plane, and both parties have consented to the deal.  These unions are not usually traumatic, and these lycanthropes are not hazardous.  To these individuals, the label “infernal” is offensive in the extreme.  “Liminal” has been proposed as a label for these people, and as they are being studied and better understood, the need for such a label has become apparent.

Politics in subsets of lycanthropy.  A very real thing.

coconuttygrey asked:

“Hit it really deep." Solomon

“Hit it really deep,” Solomon said as Sean drew back for another stroke.  His fist tightened.  “Just pound it.”

“This is hard,” Sean panted.  “My God, how long can this take?

“Just a few more.  Get it really in there,” Solomon urged, shaking hair out of his face.  “Come on.  Almost there.”

“Easy for you to say.  You get the easy part.” His voice came through gritted teeth.  “You just gotta kneel there and hang on while I’m pounding as hard as I can.”

“You wanted to drive, dude,” Solomon snorted, bracing himself.

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An Anime Post For Sugar

Okay, rather than try to speculate as to your personal taste, I’m just listing a bunch of anime that I personally like. I like slice of life, character-centric anime that doesn’t necessarily have bombastic pacing. Trip to a hot spring or beach?? I’m in! Lots of fighting? I’m outskies!

I’ll try to hook u up with links if there eps available online, et cetera. (I have almost all of these in some form or another, so while they may not be on Crunchyroll or YouTube, I’m still happy to loan.)

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pinkrocksugar asked:

Rohland loves applesauce, but only homemade from the apples from his family's orchard. He won't eat the store bought stuff.

Pretty sure Eden gets their apple butter from Roh’s parents’ place.

Also pretty sure Ariel was like 16 before he realized there’s no butter in apple butter, ‘cause he’d never seen it made.

Melancholic Lycanthropy

Because coconuttygrey asked, here’s my take on some worldbuilding for mine and pinkrocksugar​‘s RP ‘verse, sorta derived from the tabletop ‘verse we play in.

Got questions about it?  Ask me!

This time we’re gonna cover melancholic lycanthropy, the sort that can be transmitted by bite, like in the classic wolfman movies.

It entered the human population multiple times, through various vectors.  Most have their origins in a curse of some sort.

It is not properly a disease, but a curse that spreads like a disease.  It is magical in nature, and even though there are different “strains” with slightly different properties, they all function in a very similar way.

If someone gets bit by a melancholic lycanthrope, they stand a good chance of dying as the infection settles in.  If they don’t die, they become a lycanthrope themselves.

This is a traumatic process, as there is rarely support in place to help the person through it.

It can be headed off at the pass by someone who knows what they are doing but it’s a risky process, it’s tremendously unpleasant, and is not guaranteed to work.  The treatment involves “lunar caustic,” infusions of alchemical tinctures into the blood while the wounds are irrigated with the same solution, then cauterized with silver nitrate.  It’s dangerous.  The goal is to begin treatment after the infection has begun to mess with the patient’s metabolism and healing ability so that it doesn’t just kill the patient outright, but finishing the process before it sets in so deeply that it can’t be broken and driven out.

The process is much more successful at preventing death than staving off infection.  See chart at the end of this post for a detailed breakdown.

[Fun fact! Doc Morgan in Reverie, AR considers himself to be at the front of the field, and reports an intervention success rate of 35%!]

Melancholic lycanthropes are highly dangerous.  Their first shifts are violent, painful, disorienting.  It tends to drive whatever human consciousness is there away for the duration of the shift.

The natural shifted state of a melancholic lycanthrope is a half-human shape, and they do not always look exactly like actual wolves.  Hereditary werewolves have a balance and grace to their forms that melancholic lycanthropes often do not.  It depends on the strain.  Some can shift into a wolf-like beast but the majority (~60%) retail an upright or semi-upright posture.

Melancholic lycanthropy is not a death sentence on its own, but since afflicted individuals tend to lose their cool for the their early changes, and this frequently involves fatalities, they tend to be tracked down and killed.  Usually by hunters, but some groups of hereditary werewolves seek to eliminate as many melancholic werewolves as possible since most people – yes, even the ones who know werewolves are a thing – don’t tend to draw the distinction, and will attribute to hereditary werewolves the melancholic’s chaotic and inherently unstable nature.

Those who survive may learn to control it almost entirely, but it is more difficult than it is for hereditary werewolves (for whom it is often completely possible). This is the type of werewolf most subject to being taunted into a shift, the most subject to emotional shifting.

Nonhuman beings are often not susceptible to this form of lycanthropy.  Obviously, hereditary lycanthropes are ineligible for the prize package, as are vampires, most demon hybrids, and many fae.

The melancholic lycanthrope is often a tragic figure, self-isolating for fear of harming loved ones, unable to reach out for help since they may not even know help is available.  Even if they do reach out, they risk attracting the attention of someone who would want to kill them.  Suicide among melancholics is a thing, yes.

Not all hereditary werewolves have prejudice against them, but the larger, stable packs that have been together long enough to have a shared culture tend to despise them quite strongly.  Smaller family-unit packs may have no opinion at all, or may reach out to and adopt melancholics in an effort to keep them safe from harm and safe from harming people.

Melancholics have improved senses.  It hasn’t been as extensively studied as it could be, but they are thought to be more or less the equal of hereditary lycanthropes in this regard.  Perhaps a bit better off overall – some lines of hereditary lycanthrope are dichromats, and can only see in a limited color palette.

With time, melancholics will likely find themselves acquiring more animal characteristics and mannerisms in their human forms.

Yeah, it’s kind of a crap deal in a lot of ways.

(subject to change without notice)

Bitten: 100*

Survive: 5
Contract lycanthropy: 5
Remain human: 0

Survive: 20
Contract lycanthropy: 13
Remain human: 7

* Susceptible individuals only.

pinkrocksugar asked:

For Joey: Do you have any unpopular opinions? For Ariel: What's the biggest lie you've ever told? Did you get caught? For Tank: When was the last time you cried? Thane: Have you ever been arrested?


I don’t lie much.  Yeah, I’ve told some big ones, but most of them just … don’t feel that bad – I had a good reason.  The one that bothers me is one of the only ones that was totally selfish, and involved the whole damn family.

So I went to school with this tank-sized turbo-Christian jock named Harrison.  “Scary Harry.”  At some point we hit it off and wound up helping each other with homework, and he eventually wound up telling me that he was attracted to dudes.  Rather, a dude.  Specifically, me.

Naturally, I was really fucking flattered that he trusted me with this, and he was glad to have someone to talk to about it, and I was more than happy to help, and it wasn’t long before we wound up necking in the library.

We met up a bunch to fool around, but never did the do – we simply couldn’t organize a time and place that would work.  I could have asked my moms to take Solomon and vacate for an afternoon, but I was younger and shyer and I hadn’t done much sex stuff before, so I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of that – with them being HAPPY FOR ME.  So we just fumbled around doing what we could where and when we could, until.

I am so sorry.

I’m so sorry, bro.

Until my brother won some sort of regional art award for this incredible calligraphy sun thing he did.  And it was going to be an hour and a half to the awards ceremony.

So I faked being sick.  Pretty elaborately, too.  Like, I didn’t need to put that much effort into it.

Pretty sure my performance was crap, but … I hardly ever lied about stuff. They didn’t suspect.  They just said they were really sorry and took babybro off and left me alone in the house.

You have to understand how much I wanted this guy.  He was gorgeous and I am so fucking shallow my god and he kissed like the goddamn gates of heaven opening, and whenever I … he got this look like … so yeah, the instant they were gone I called Harrison over and then got four and a half hours worth of laid.  And it was fantastic.

And nobody ever knew.

Moms and Solomon got home.  The contest folks had framed the piece up really nice for the display at the art center, and Solomon – baby bro, I love you so much, you mean the world to me – Solomon came and gave it to me with the ribbon still on it.  I swear to god I felt like I’d stabbed a unicorn.

And now it hangs over the bed that Scary Harry and I flip-fucked in.

I feel bad about it, still, but it was worth it.  It would have been worth it to get caught.  We didn’t wind up dating, but we hooked up a few times after that, and yeah.  Yeah, I have nothing but good memories of Harrison.

I am so sorry, buddy.  I love you.  That is my favorite thing in my room, JSYK.  I am really really sorry I didn’t come to the awards thing.  I should have.  I was a bad brother.


Unpopular opinions? If you consider extreme left-wing stuff to be unpopular opinions, I have a ton of them.

Playing in the water is a ridiculous waste of time.  Kids should not be able to drive until they’re 18.  Recycling on the household level is pointless.  Since they involve no deeper education and only encourage extreme behavior, health crazes do more harm than good long-term.  Dress codes at schools and places of employment only hinder academic success and job performance, and are inherently classist and often enforced in a horrifically racist way.


Crying?  I don’t know what you consider “crying.”  Because I only count it if I get my magnificent beard wet.  All the rest is just my eyes waterin’.  Which last happened when I sold my first novel.

(Editor’s note: It’s highly likely Tank has gotten shitfaced drunk by himself and cried in sympathy for his BFF’s plight, and in frustration at his own.  Long distance relationships suck.)


Have I been arrested?  Oh, wow.  Yeah, I have.

Here’s a list of shit I was never arrested for, but definitely did:

aggravated assault/vehicular assault/assault with a deadly weapon
breaking and entering
larceny/grand larceny
performing a sex act in semi-public
aiding and abetting a fugitive
fleeing the scene of a crime
possession of illegal weapons
possession of illegal drugs
driving without a license/insurance
giving alcohol to minors
peeing on stuff in public
destruction of public property
defacing government property
being naked in public
hunting out of season
pretty sure some sex acts I have performed would be considered illegal
entering a crime scene that had been cordoned off by the cops (I’m assuming that was illegal)
selling stolen shit to shady characters
going out with full-shifted relatives not on leashes
about 900 incidents of trespassing I did not get nailed for
a bunch of other shit I don’t recall

Here’s a list of shit I was arrested for:

Sneaking in to a music festival.  Prob. would have gotten away with it, but I was with a group of acquaintances.  I made a huge fuss to keep security busy while the others got away.  It was inconvenient and aggravating at the time, but I got a lot of mileage out of that one.

pinkrocksugar asked:

Sebastian - Justice; Thane - The Hanged Man and The Empress


The Empress … what would I name my kids?  Oh, jeez, no, I’m never having kids, I’m a terrible parent.  But if I had to, it’d be Dexter Thomas Bishop for a boy, after Dex, the best brother I ever had, and Tank, who is the biggest and most loyal asshole I’ve ever known.  And Jasmine Hope Bishop for a girl, after my niece, who I honestly hope to god is still alive.  Probably that is what I would name them.  Unless I thought of something better, or the other parent had a better idea, which they probably would.  I’m not good at this.

The Hanged Man … bad habits.  Uh.  You know it’s a lot harder to be aware of your bad habits when you don’t live with anyone who will call you on them, right?  Jordan and I are just bad habits all around.  Laundry, I think.  Probably.  You’ve heard the term “floordrobe,” right?  That.  I am not proud of it.  Or apparently, I have really bad timing, so, there’s that.  Ask Roux about it.  Spectacularly bad timing.


Justice.  Something I’ve been dying to admit or confess.  Hmm.

Well, a great many of the things that dig at me are things that are illegal, or would otherwise make my life difficult if they came out, so I can’t share those.

Those aside, probably that there are some business contacts I truly despise, and I would love to tell them to their faces, but because I need them, I can’t.

That’s one of the worst things about this job.  The people I sometimes have to tolerate.

Oh.  Oh, maybe I do have one.

Daniel?  Little Daniel?  He’s going to leave eventually, and I really don’t want him to.  He’s one of my best workers, maybe the best in terms of actually getting along with patrons on a level that goes beyond “sure, I’ll say whatever you want to hear for a couple of hours.”

And more than that, he’s a very useful boy to me personally.  He puts off a lot of sexual energy. Roux is sexier because he’s part lilim, like me, but his energy isn’t really something I can feed on.  I can feel what he does, I enjoy it more than I can adequately express in words, but it doesn’t recharge me.  It just leaves me wanting more.  That’s its own variety of very pleasant, but for actual sustenance I need someone like Danny, someone ordinary and human and soft and flagrantly and relentlessly multiorgasmic.  As far as pets go, Danny is an incredibly agreeable one.  Affectionate, low-maintenance, fuzzy, cuddly, obedient, honest.

So, no, I don’t want to part with him.  And I don’t want to say so because if he chooses to stay, he really needs to do it on his own, and he needs to feel like he can go if he wants to, he needs that freedom.

I rather think that if he does go, he’ll be back within a year.  There’s something about that boy that just … needs keeping.  I don’t trust anyone else to do it right.


Because coconuttygrey asked, here’s my take on some worldbuilding for mine and pinkrocksugar​‘s RP ‘verse, sorta derived from the tabletop ‘verse we play in.

Got questions about it?  Ask me!

Finally, hereditary lycanthropy!  This is the sort of werewolf that Thane and his family are, and Tank, and it is my personal favorite variety.

It’s not known for certain where hereditary lycanthropy originated.  Animal shapeshifters are known in every culture.  General consensus is that they are properly Otherworldly, what would commonly be called “of Fae origin”.  They are, however, a particularly down-to-earth meat-and-potatoes variety.

Individuals are the product of a werewolf to werewolf breeding, or, more rarely, werewolf to human.  Rumors exist of werewolf to wolf breeding.

There is no overarching “werewolf culture”, contrary to popular belief.  Werewolves always have and always will exist within the human cultures that play host to them, not apart from those cultures.  There have been exceptions, but they have been few, and the fate of those groups has tended to be dire.

They prefer to stay in groups, like real wolves do.  There are loners, but they’re happiest with others of their kind.

There are greater packs, large affiliations that sometimes “occupy” entire  towns or cities, keeping them free of other werewolves, and sometimes other supernatural beings altogether.

There are also smaller “packs” that are really extended families – around three to ten members, all related or married into the family.

Hereditary werewolves are not any more hostile to humans than other humans are in general but very large exceptions exist: the Blood Oath, presiding over a large chunk of western Washington State, for instance, regularly hunt, kill, and consume humans as part of their “culture.”

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