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Tell me something embarrassing about Solomon because I enjoy his discomfort

Mama Eden did, and frequently still does, discuss embarrassing things he did as a small child.  She, like you, derives significant amusement from his discomfort.

So, here’s a list of things of varying levels of embarrassing.  Take your pick.

He went through a longggggg period of pretending he was an animal.  For at least part of every afternoon – often at the most inconvenient times – insisting on being reacted to as though he was.  

This led to him stalking strangers through grocery stores, uttering occasional threatening growls; screaming loudly and pouncing (on people he knew), responding only in barks, meows, and hisses; eating very strange things such as actual cat food; peeing on things once or twice, etc.

This – the private imagining, not the actual outward behavior – is something he still resorts to when he’s feeling unwell or out of sorts.  Pet the kitty, love the puppy, leave foxie alone under his pillow fort it’s not time for dinner yet.  He’s found it’s easier to be kind to himself and give himself the space/comfort/whatever it is he needs if he thinks of himself as an animal.

Was a late thumb-sucker.

Will not use public bathrooms for anything besides reluctant peeing or urgent emergencies.  Demands a huge amount of personal space surrounding personal habits and bodily functions.  Eden delights in pestering him when he’s in the shower.

Likewise – and you know about this one – he has a mortal dread of other people in a not-sexy context seeing him naked.  He isn’t ashamed, he just has really strong feelings about things like locker rooms.  (I really feel for him, actually.)

So he’s a little uptight.

Saw Jurassic Park, has been terrified of velociraptors ever since.

Inordinately fond of chickens.

Will freak if he’s in a body of natural water and feels anything brush him.

Has a hidden folder of handwritten poetry taped to the underside of his study desk in his bedroom.  This may be the most embarrassing.

Cries more than you think he does.  Cries kind of a lot.

Has a small stuffed bunny under his pillow.  Pretend not to notice it, for god’s sake.

I mean, basically he’s still a kid, he has a lot of weird transitional kid things going on.

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Yusef is big and tough and scary, and he LOVES sweets. He has a huge sweet tooth. When he makes iced tea, he has to make two pitchers. One for himself and one for everyone else, because he puts so much sugar in his. He drinks overly sweetened coffee, likes maple syrup on anything breakfast, and always has dessert. His favorite dessert is the coconut meringue pie at the BBQ place on Highway 62.

Etienne is tall, but he isn’t tough and isn’t really that scary looking normally (when he’s in the water it’s a little different but scary isn’t really his thing.) He also has an insane sweet tooth though. Mostly for chocolate. He will eat anything that has chocolate on it. 


My kelpie Declan doesn’t process sugar very well so anything that’s too sugary gives him horrible stomach cramps. Like he’s actually on the floor hurting. 

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For Joey: Do you have any unpopular opinions? For Ariel: What's the biggest lie you've ever told? Did you get caught? For Tank: When was the last time you cried? Thane: Have you ever been arrested?


I don’t lie much.  Yeah, I’ve told some big ones, but most of them just … don’t feel that bad – I had a good reason.  The one that bothers me is one of the only ones that was totally selfish, and involved the whole damn family.

So I went to school with this tank-sized turbo-Christian jock named Harrison.  “Scary Harry.”  At some point we hit it off and wound up helping each other with homework, and he eventually wound up telling me that he was attracted to dudes.  Rather, a dude.  Specifically, me.

Naturally, I was really fucking flattered that he trusted me with this, and he was glad to have someone to talk to about it, and I was more than happy to help, and it wasn’t long before we wound up necking in the library.

We met up a bunch to fool around, but never did the do – we simply couldn’t organize a time and place that would work.  I could have asked my moms to take Solomon and vacate for an afternoon, but I was younger and shyer and I hadn’t done much sex stuff before, so I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of that – with them being HAPPY FOR ME.  So we just fumbled around doing what we could where and when we could, until.

I am so sorry.

I’m so sorry, bro.

Until my brother won some sort of regional art award for this incredible calligraphy sun thing he did.  And it was going to be an hour and a half to the awards ceremony.

So I faked being sick.  Pretty elaborately, too.  Like, I didn’t need to put that much effort into it.

Pretty sure my performance was crap, but … I hardly ever lied about stuff. They didn’t suspect.  They just said they were really sorry and took babybro off and left me alone in the house.

You have to understand how much I wanted this guy.  He was gorgeous and I am so fucking shallow my god and he kissed like the goddamn gates of heaven opening, and whenever I … he got this look like … so yeah, the instant they were gone I called Harrison over and then got four and a half hours worth of laid.  And it was fantastic.

And nobody ever knew.

Moms and Solomon got home.  The contest folks had framed the piece up really nice for the display at the art center, and Solomon – baby bro, I love you so much, you mean the world to me – Solomon came and gave it to me with the ribbon still on it.  I swear to god I felt like I’d stabbed a unicorn.

And now it hangs over the bed that Scary Harry and I flip-fucked in.

I feel bad about it, still, but it was worth it.  It would have been worth it to get caught.  We didn’t wind up dating, but we hooked up a few times after that, and yeah.  Yeah, I have nothing but good memories of Harrison.

I am so sorry, buddy.  I love you.  That is my favorite thing in my room, JSYK.  I am really really sorry I didn’t come to the awards thing.  I should have.  I was a bad brother.


Unpopular opinions? If you consider extreme left-wing stuff to be unpopular opinions, I have a ton of them.

Playing in the water is a ridiculous waste of time.  Kids should not be able to drive until they’re 18.  Recycling on the household level is pointless.  Since they involve no deeper education and only encourage extreme behavior, health crazes do more harm than good long-term.  Dress codes at schools and places of employment only hinder academic success and job performance, and are inherently classist and often enforced in a horrifically racist way.


Crying?  I don’t know what you consider “crying.”  Because I only count it if I get my magnificent beard wet.  All the rest is just my eyes waterin’.  Which last happened when I sold my first novel.

(Editor’s note: It’s highly likely Tank has gotten shitfaced drunk by himself and cried in sympathy for his BFF’s plight, and in frustration at his own.  Long distance relationships suck.)


Have I been arrested?  Oh, wow.  Yeah, I have.

Here’s a list of shit I was never arrested for, but definitely did:

aggravated assault/vehicular assault/assault with a deadly weapon
breaking and entering
larceny/grand larceny
performing a sex act in semi-public
aiding and abetting a fugitive
fleeing the scene of a crime
possession of illegal weapons
possession of illegal drugs
driving without a license/insurance
giving alcohol to minors
peeing on stuff in public
destruction of public property
defacing government property
being naked in public
hunting out of season
pretty sure some sex acts I have performed would be considered illegal
entering a crime scene that had been cordoned off by the cops (I’m assuming that was illegal)
selling stolen shit to shady characters
going out with full-shifted relatives not on leashes
about 900 incidents of trespassing I did not get nailed for
a bunch of other shit I don’t recall

Here’s a list of shit I was arrested for:

Sneaking in to a music festival.  Prob. would have gotten away with it, but I was with a group of acquaintances.  I made a huge fuss to keep security busy while the others got away.  It was inconvenient and aggravating at the time, but I got a lot of mileage out of that one.

An Anime Post For Sugar

Okay, rather than try to speculate as to your personal taste, I’m just listing a bunch of anime that I personally like. I like slice of life, character-centric anime that doesn’t necessarily have bombastic pacing. Trip to a hot spring or beach?? I’m in! Lots of fighting? I’m outskies!

I’ll try to hook u up with links if there eps available online, et cetera. (I have almost all of these in some form or another, so while they may not be on Crunchyroll or YouTube, I’m still happy to loan.)

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Rohland loves applesauce, but only homemade from the apples from his family's orchard. He won't eat the store bought stuff.

Pretty sure Eden gets their apple butter from Roh’s parents’ place.

Also pretty sure Ariel was like 16 before he realized there’s no butter in apple butter, ‘cause he’d never seen it made.

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What is Sebastian's biggest fear?

As a wealthy, attractive, white, essentially immortal dude, he’s sitting on top of a shitton of privilege, so that removes a lot of fears.

He’s old, but he’s still “young” in terms of what he is – he’s somewhere between 150 and 200.  Still, the “numbness” has started to set in.  He’s seen several sets of peers age out of the game, he’s the only person around who remembers the origins of the town from its very first settlement by white people.  He’s the expert on Reverie, what she is, why she’s there, what she is there to do.  He’s built the town to last, and to have a larger purpose, and that matters to him.  As a one-time fugitive, the work he does helping strays – however sketchy his means can be – is very important to him.

So he fears not caring about life or what happens to him or the people around him.  He fears not being able to really care about people.  He essentially fears losing the place and people he loves to apathy.

He doesn’t worry that the world will forget about him, he worries that he will stop caring about the world.

It’s a very meta fear.  He’s detached from it most of the time but it worries him a great deal, especially around people like Thane or Danny, who are very human, who are genuinely good people clean through.  He’s afraid he’ll stop caring about that, because he can already feel himself starting to.

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Sebastian - Justice; Thane - The Hanged Man and The Empress


The Empress … what would I name my kids?  Oh, jeez, no, I’m never having kids, I’m a terrible parent.  But if I had to, it’d be Dexter Thomas Bishop for a boy, after Dex, the best brother I ever had, and Tank, who is the biggest and most loyal asshole I’ve ever known.  And Jasmine Hope Bishop for a girl, after my niece, who I honestly hope to god is still alive.  Probably that is what I would name them.  Unless I thought of something better, or the other parent had a better idea, which they probably would.  I’m not good at this.

The Hanged Man … bad habits.  Uh.  You know it’s a lot harder to be aware of your bad habits when you don’t live with anyone who will call you on them, right?  Jordan and I are just bad habits all around.  Laundry, I think.  Probably.  You’ve heard the term “floordrobe,” right?  That.  I am not proud of it.  Or apparently, I have really bad timing, so, there’s that.  Ask Roux about it.  Spectacularly bad timing.


Justice.  Something I’ve been dying to admit or confess.  Hmm.

Well, a great many of the things that dig at me are things that are illegal, or would otherwise make my life difficult if they came out, so I can’t share those.

Those aside, probably that there are some business contacts I truly despise, and I would love to tell them to their faces, but because I need them, I can’t.

That’s one of the worst things about this job.  The people I sometimes have to tolerate.

Oh.  Oh, maybe I do have one.

Daniel?  Little Daniel?  He’s going to leave eventually, and I really don’t want him to.  He’s one of my best workers, maybe the best in terms of actually getting along with patrons on a level that goes beyond “sure, I’ll say whatever you want to hear for a couple of hours.”

And more than that, he’s a very useful boy to me personally.  He puts off a lot of sexual energy. Roux is sexier because he’s part lilim, like me, but his energy isn’t really something I can feed on.  I can feel what he does, I enjoy it more than I can adequately express in words, but it doesn’t recharge me.  It just leaves me wanting more.  That’s its own variety of very pleasant, but for actual sustenance I need someone like Danny, someone ordinary and human and soft and flagrantly and relentlessly multiorgasmic.  As far as pets go, Danny is an incredibly agreeable one.  Affectionate, low-maintenance, fuzzy, cuddly, obedient, honest.

So, no, I don’t want to part with him.  And I don’t want to say so because if he chooses to stay, he really needs to do it on his own, and he needs to feel like he can go if he wants to, he needs that freedom.

I rather think that if he does go, he’ll be back within a year.  There’s something about that boy that just … needs keeping.  I don’t trust anyone else to do it right.

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Tell me about familiars. Please.

Ahh, I’m glad someone asked because boy, are familiars cool!

Okay, so the tabletop game is not being run by me, and the various RP things I have going on with @pinkrocksugar are obviously co-created and this is not a thing we have covered, but here is my headcanon.  I’ve never actually set it out before, so there may be inconsistencies and things I haven’t thought of, but you can get the general idea.

MORE QUESTIONS? ASK.  I love this shit.

EVOCATED FAMILIARS – like tabletop Ariel’s! – are part of the spellcaster’s spirit given external form and agency.  They are nearly indestructible, able to be controlled completely, and are as powerful (or not) as the caster.  They are popular choices for folks who see a lot of combat – they can’t be permanently destroyed or dispelled, and are under absolute control at all times.

Acquisition of an evocated familiar requires no contact with spirits of any kind and is a completely voluntary process.  They are utterly reliable.  Being able to evoke a familiar requires a mix of willpower and native ability, and the quality of the results depends on the caster having a good relationship with the self.  (It’s not a good idea for people with major psychological issues to blindly chisel off a chunk of their subconscious being – you don’t get anything good.  I say this as someone with major psychological issues.)

You can read about Ariel’s evocation here, if you have the inclination.  I really like the piece, personally.

INVOCATED FAMILIARS are lesser spirits called into consensual service and given a physical form.  They are versatile, independently-willed, intelligent, able to roam, and sometimes able to change their shape, but also tend to be smallish.  They assist their masters in basic tasks and errands, and act as a sort of battery in magical processes.  This is the most popular sort of familiar.

CONJURED FAMILIARS are spirits called up to possess the body of a living or recently-living deceased being.  They are highly intelligent, able to be controlled completely, are often physically powerful, and cannot be dispelled permanently by violence, only forced out of their stolen form.  For lack of a better term, conjured familiars, even when personally delightful, are ethically pretty gross.  Thankfully, they’re rather rare.

Below, under the jump, I’ve thrown in the complete file I quoted from in the linked piece above.

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daniel? Danny? we don't know much about him.

I love Danny and should really talk about him more.

Full Name: Daniel Alan Cross/Daniel Avery Blake
Gender and Sexuality: cis dude, pansexual
Pronouns: he/his
Ethnicity/Species: white, human
Birthplace and Birthdate: Salina, KS, 08/07/93
Guilty Pleasures: very bad anime, listens to a lot of Dolly Parton when nobody else is around.
Phobias: Ooof.  Let’s see, let’s see.  Has panic attacks related to his stint as captive of a group of vampires.  Enclosed spaces.  Not being able to get away, being unable to get out of a situation.
What They Would Be Famous For: Being the kitten firefighters spent six hours freeing from a drain pipe.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Reckless driving.
OC You Ship Them With: Everyone.  I want everyone to kiss Danny.  My OCs, girlfriend’s OCs, everyone’s OCs.  Mostly Rene, though, who belongs to @pinkrocksugar.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: There probably are people who would kill him if they could, but none of them are actual people who have appeared onstage.  So, purely for amusement’s sake, @pinkrocksugar‘s Mattie would probably be the one.  They live together currently and share a bathroom.  Sharing a bathroom can do things to people.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Likes fun, lighthearted movies (Enchanted, Knight’s Tale, Sky High).  Very wide taste in books with a spotlight on YA fantasy (perpetually catching up on all the stuff he wasn’t allowed to read at home), also a fan of horror/thriller/sci-fi stuff a la the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: “No, I, the main character, cannot stay!  I must go!  I have to remain alone!  FOREVER!”  Also, “I am so rich, and this causes me pain and sadness. I hardly know who I am I have so much money.  Look how sad I am inside my beautiful mansion of sadness.”  Like, fuck off, dude.  Money can’t buy you happiness but could it maybe buy you some shut the hell up?
Talents and/or Powers: Charming, disarming, persuasive, computer programming, can come like four times without really working at it, blood tastes really good, can cry and still be pretty, kinda effortlessly multiorgasmic.
Why Someone Might Love Them:  He is the sweetest human being imaginable.
Why Someone Might Hate Them:  Because they are a terrible person who hates all that is good in life.
How They Change: Goes from being a complete helpless mess to a complete helpless mess who is happy like 90% of the time.
Why You Love Them: Because he’s so deeply broken, but he’s still a good person.