Sakura Con’s Doctor Who photo shoot was FANTASTIC! 

Sorry about the bad cell phone quality on some of the pics.

Please message me so I can tag you if you  are in any of the pictures I took!

Thanks to Phillip Penty for the photo of the Doctor and Martha! Jay Swartz for the photo of Rose,Martha, and the Doctor in front of the red phone box. And anyone else who took pictures for us that i either dont know your name or cant remember it. >< 

So I’ve been playing with editing a bit, tell me if you think it’s over done? Or really any feedback would be lovely. Anyway Whovian photoshoot at Sakura!

Ten: gingerten

Rose: pinkpolicebox

Martha: zygom4t1c4rch

Nine: arkytior-and-the-wolf


So, to explain my radio silence on here as of late, I was madly prepping for Emerald City Comic Con (read as sewing a ten suit for my fiance, and failing miserably before giving up)!!!!  I got to hang out with some incredible people for this epic weekend.  I’m sad I didn’t take more pictures than I did, and it’s pretty obvious learning how to use the camera on my phone was a process, cuz dang some of these pics are blurry.  But I did manage to catch some GREAT moments of some AWESOME people.

SO MANY DOCTOR WHO SHENANIGANS happened all weekend that I can’t even begin to explain/retell all the silliness.  xD  Oh lawdy.  But I was dressed as my Fear Her Rose on Friday (no pictures yet, makes me a sad Rose) and my Empty Child Rose on Saturday and Sunday.  

We ran around all over Seattle both days (my feet are killing me)  Gingerten’s ego was stroked quite nicely by random strangers in Seattle going “Oh!  The Doctor!” or “Look it’s David Tennant!” xD  Him and Pinkpolicebox ended up in more adorable poses than I could capture with a camera!  And I managed to snag us a Donna for Sunday and Jack found an Ianto that hung with us too!  IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!  I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!