Archeops is all finished now.

I was told at tekko by this very nice girl that this was her favorite pokemon. (I really like to make stuff so I wanted to try it out :) its was so neat looking (i dont know some of the newer generation pokemon) it is just a prototype and not perfect, but its still pretty cute. It is 17in long with tail and 10 in tall.

So this is for gearstation if she wants it. I will hand him over the next time I see ya. :)

I am currently open for commissions if anyone is ever interested!


The Store is open, new and approved… well at least I have some nice plushes on it now :) Not all plushes I am showing you guys are for sale. These are merely examples of things I have made that could appear on the store in the future. (I also commission) I do have dragons, pigs, moogles and other things :)

My little store:

I haven’t sold anything in my store yet. I have sold in person at Otakon :) and got to do one online plush commission in which the customer was pretty satisfied.

If you would like to commission me, please either contact me through the store or even just send an ask on here. :)


Dino plushes. The blue one I’m calling Ducky, purple is prof. Plum, the light pink one is Pixels and the darker pink one is Lorence. I am in the process of a green one. His name will be Mr. Kimbles. All of these will be available in my shop soon. Ducky and pixels are already up :)