Day 3/30 — Girls you really admire ; describe them.

• First of all, it will be my MOM. cause she really stand as a great mother for me, She managed on how to control her feelings every time i did an offense to her, And of course she sacrificed herself to go abroad just to feed our family and give me a great future.

• Second, it will be my best friend… Kimberly :) she’s really down to earth, generous, sympathetic, caring.. and all the kinds of a good best friend have her.

• Third it will be Aria Clemente /lols. I really admire her voice and her attitude. Ugggh, she’s so stunning and pretty inside and out. well, ‘nuff said.

- There are too many girls here in the world that i really admire.. and besides i really admire each every girls who did great in their lives. and i really salute them for that.