B.A.P Bodyguard Jongup 'The Way I See You'

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This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

There were two sides to Moon Jongup although most people only saw one. He’d been your personal guard for a few years now and you considered yourself privileged to know that other side.

First time you met him, you had to admit he was a little scary. He was polite enough, sure, but he didn’t say anything besides introducing himself. His expression was flat, cold. It gave you a chill to think this man would be your constant shadow.

And as you feared things were awkward in the beginning. Jongup rarely spoke, preferring to keep his own counsel. You’d talk to him and he either wouldn’t reply verbally or only give minimal answers. It was sad that the person you spent the most time with didn’t seem to like you.

However after a few months something astonishing happened. The two of you were alone one day. He’d been growing his hair out and started wearing it in a high ponytail, like a modified version of a top knot. It suited him very well and you complimented him for it.

He blushed.

Your stoic bodyguard who always looked like he was merely tolerating those around him actually blushed and ducked his head. Which left you enthralled. So you renewed your efforts to talk with him. Hesitantly he began opening up to you but just when you were the only one around.

To your surprise he was rather funny. As well as gentle in manner and speech when not in his guardian role. It left you both confused and amazed. Like you’d discovered a hidden treasure to which only you had access. You knew that others in the house made fun of him. His quiet nature leading others to assume he was stupid. It hurt your heart to hear the snickers and you told him so.

“I don’t care about that,” was his only response.

Most of the time things were calm and you didn’t need his services as a bodyguard. So he became more like a companion, at least in your mind. It might even be fair to say you’d developed a crush on him. Unfortunately, other than seeing him blush and become a little flustered at times, he never indicated any interest.

One night you were at a mind-numbingly boring function, Uppie at your shoulder as always. A man too far in his cups approached you, obviously aggravated about something. In the time it took to blink Jongup had inserted himself between you and the man. The drunkard became belligerent and raised his fist. It took Jongup all of three seconds to bring the man to his knees and hold him there until security came to take him away.

You had forgotten. Jongup was always so soft-spoken with you, you forgot what he was capable of doing. He wasn’t the fluffy bunny you’d made him out to be in your head. It was somewhat alarming. Jongup must have seen a reflection of your thoughts on your face for he looked at you and then quickly glanced away.

Time seemed to stretch longer than it had any right to as you waited for things to wrap up that night. There was a new tension stretching between you two which left you feeling anxious. Finally back at your home you cornered him before he could slink away.

Placing your hand on his forearm, you had a new respect for the corded muscle shifting beneath his skin. But it didn’t change who he was as a person. “I was just surprised, that’s all. I’ve begun to think of you as a friend, I forgot you had another purpose too.”

“My only concern is keeping you safe. Nothing else matters to me.”

His detached tone stung a little. “That’s it? I thought we’d become friends, but that doesn’t matter to you?”

There was a heavy pause. “It matters.”

“Good. Because I…well…I’ve begun to think of you as possibly more than that.” You felt your cheeks flame at the confession but you wanted to be honest. He needed to know that you cared about him and even if he startled you, it didn’t affect your feelings.

Jongup became more agitated than when you’d been accosted. “No. You can’t.”

“Are you saying you don’t think of me that way?” There was no hiding the disappointment in your voice. “It’s ok if you don’t, I understand.”

“I-I do. Feel things for you, I mean.” He rubbed at the back of his neck. “I care for you so much. A light shines from you, like an angel. But I can’t be with you that way. I’m just muscle for hire.”

Stepping into his personal space you waited until he looked at you. Voice certain you said, “Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve never once thought of you like that. I see you for who you are, Jongup.”

His expression became pained. “You shouldn’t. You deserve better.”

“That’s not true!” Lifting your hand to cup his cheek, he broke away before you could touch him. Realizing you’d pushed enough for tonight you let him go. But there was a flicker of hope in your heart. He admitted to having feelings for you.

Greater things had begun with less.

B.A.P Bodyguard Yongguk 'Cold Hard Want'

Anonymous asked: Can I have the drabble expansion for BAP Bodyguard with Bang Yongguk or Jongup ? I can’t make my mind to choose one , I just loved that reactions and these two were my favorites ~!

A/N:  @pinklink-mel also requested this one. ^^ I hope you guys like it.

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Why is it you could have all the love in the world but if the one you love doesn’t notice you it’s meaningless? It made you feel guilty, ungrateful actually, to be showered with accolades but feel so empty inside. It was beginning to be a problem. You now understood how something sweet and benign as infatuation could turn sour. Bitterness lodged in your throat, unable to choke it down.  

His name was Yongguk. He was your bodyguard. Your protector. He kept you safe from any and all threats. Anyone giving you trouble would quickly reconsider once they saw him looming beside you. His mere presence alone was often the only deterrent needed. Smart, efficient, and not someone to mess with, you were glad he was on your side.

But you weren’t entirely sure he liked you.

Although assigned to you a few months ago, there hadn’t been much progress in getting to know him. Any talk off the subject of work was ignored. While on duty he wore a perpetual scowl, as if his lips had never known a smile. Frankly the first few weeks you found him frightening and gave him wide berth whenever possible.

Then you saw him interacting with the head of your security. Someone twenty years his senior in the field. Yongguk listened so attentively, soaking up everything his superior had to say. Instead of the closed off expression you’d come to associate with him, there was a look of gentle reverence. After that he seemed a little less scary to you.

In between your normal duties you tried to do charity work when you could. The hands on approach always suited you more than writing a check. And it was a good way to keep things in perspective. Remind you how fortunate you were and that fortunes could be reversed at any given moment. Yongguk always volunteered to go with you on such trips.

It was amazing how fast time could fly when you were helping others. Moving from one thing to the next, helping where you were needed most. It gave you a sense of warmth you could find nowhere else. During one such visit you’d been caught completely off guard when you saw Yongguk smile. Someone asked him a question which resulted in a blindingly bright smile that seemed to light up the room.

Immediately you wondered what had been said to earn such a reaction from him. So you made it your mission to try to replicate it. Every effort failed and you began to take it personally. Now that you were paying attention he seemed warmer with other people. By no means was he outgoing, but he wasn’t completely closed off with them as he was with you.

Fine. Your relationship with him was professional anyway. If that’s how he wanted to keep it, there was no help for it. So you buried the hurt and stopped trying to reach out to him.

A few weeks later you were pulling an all-nighter. Surrounded by papers that refused to come together in any sort of order no matter how hard you tried. Eyes blurring from exhaustion you stood to stretch. Rubbing at your temples to stem your growing headache, you heard Yongguk speak up.

“You should go to bed. This will all be here later.”

“Deadlines. There are always deadlines. Look, you don’t have to stay. I’ll be fine here. Go get some rest, you’re officially off duty.”

“When was the last time you slept?”

You sighed. There was work to do and you weren’t in the mood to bicker with him so you didn’t answer.

“How about eating? When did you eat last?”

The fact that it had been a while made your temper shorter than usual. “Yongguk, I already told you you’re free to go. Don’t waste either of our times by pretending you give a damn about me. Just go home.”     

Turning your back to him you resumed working. Tension hung in the room like a black cloud. It wasn’t until you heard the door shut behind you that your shoulders relaxed and you could get back to work.

It was maybe twenty minutes later that you heard rustling and Yongguk came in carrying bags. He set a steaming bowl of ramen in front of you, the chopsticks pinching the lid down to keep it warm. Pulling up a chair he took a seat across from you with his own bowl. He nodded toward the bag he’d placed on your desk.

“There’s coffee in there. Don’t tell me what I do or don’t care about.”

Completely caught off guard you looked from the bag to him to your food like you didn’t know what to do with any of it. Cautiously you broke the chopsticks apart and stirred the noodles. At a loss for what else to say, you simply replied, “Thank you.”

It wasn’t until both of you were done eating that he spoke again. “I care about you. A lot. But whatever my personal feelings are, it’s my job to not show it. I cannot—will not—allow them to influence my job of keeping you safe. That’s all that matters to me.”

Still confused, you only nodded before going back to work. Needing the files behind you, you swiveled your chair around. While searching through them your eyes glanced up to the window. It was pitch black and the lights that were on in your office obscured your view outside. But inside you could see the reflection of Yongguk watching you. Only this time his face wasn’t stony, he looked sad? Wistful? You weren’t quite certain. 

It had been a strange exchange to say the least. Unbidden your heart leapt with renewed hope that you could get to know this mystery man. Maybe do something about these feelings that bubbled in your chest when you thought of him and that smile that could change the world. Or at least yours. But for now you settled for knowing he was watching. Reassured that they were the eyes of someone who wanted to be there rather than had to be.