Continuation pic to this post fromย @scisetdaily! The girls give their best wishes to Sunset and Twilight, who are temporary moving to Equestria!

Also taking the chance to say that SSD and DoS are both connected, which means theyโ€™ll share same world and ships ^^

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If anything I say in this comes across as ignorant or I use terms wrong, please let me know. I have transgender friends and such but I still screw up from time to time because I am only human and very cis.


I love Pinkie. I love how she’s always happy, but she also isn’t sometimes I guess. Idk. She’s cool. I also headcanon that her dad be black and her momma be Vietnamese.

As the only male in the family, the family rock farm was supposed to go to Pinkie (haven’t thought of a different name yet, or if she should have one at all. Pinkie is still a guys name, though pinkamena isn’t.) Pinkie did not want the rock farm. However, her older sibling Maud (who is definitely non binary I mean come on) desperately wanted it. However, males before eldest. When Pinkie came out as trans to Maud at the age of fifteen, she encouraged Pinkie to tell her family, and they were mostly supportive, if a little confused and hesitant. I imagine her dad would be especially supportive, because he’s totally bi and when he was younger it wasn’t accepted at all and he got a hard time off of his family. Her mother was just politely confused. Her sisters (besides Maud) didn’t really know what it was or how it worked or anything, but over time they’ve become well educated on the transgender thing. I like to think that once you’re over the age of sixteen in Equestrian you can have your sex magically changed. Like it just takes a spell or two and then bam you’re the gender you identify as! And now Maud has the farm and Pinkie lives a train ride away in Canterlot where she does her business. Her friends are supportive, especially Rainbow Dash who has trouble admitting that she sometimes likes to dress up like a guy, but isn’t transgender. She just likes cross dressing is all.

Obviously there’s more but. Meh. Not feeling it today, yknow?