Pinky Swear- Jeon Jungkook Scenario

(for my boo thing @jungkookandpizza )

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“Ahh stop! Babe I can’t breathe!” You yelled/laughed out as your boyfriend, Jungkook, continued to tickle you on top of the bed. “Say it. Say it!” Jungkook yelled back, not easing up even at all. “Ahh okay! You’re cuter, you’re cuter!” You shouted out with a red face and a slowly becoming hoarse voice. Jungkook got off of you finally, watching as you yourself sat up and caught your breath. “Thank you for admitting the truth.” He said as you rolled your eyes. “Shut uuuup.” You sat up fully and adjusted your clothes, feeling Jungkook’s eyes on you the entire time. You looked over and sure enough, he was staring directly at you with big ol’ heart eyes. You couldn’t help but blush and hold in your giggles. “What?” You finally asked. He only shrugged and sighed happily. “I’m just very happy you’re with me. You’re so wonderful.” You sat back and watched his mouth as he went on about his love for you. How could someone be so sexy yet so adorable? A little bunny yet a playboy? A cutiepie but a whole ass man? “But we have to swear on it, okay?” You were pulled out of your thoughts when Jungkook grabbed your hand. “What? Swear on what?” He laughed and shook his head. “Do you ever listen to me?!” “No, never. I thought you knew this!” You teased, causing Jungkook to push you gently and laugh. “Shut up, this is serious! We have to swear to eachother that we’ll get married eventually.” He said. His face becoming suddenly serious. You nodded along. You’ve never agreed so much with someone in your life. “Of course. I have to marry you.” You said softly, reaching up and pressing your hand against Jungkook’s cheek. He leaned into your touch and closed his eyes. A light smile on his lips. He looked so lovely. “We have to commit to the ultimate of all swears, baby.” He suddenly said before scooting closer to you. “Yes okay. Blood oath!” You shouted. Jungkook sighed and shook his head no. “A little less painful please.” He then stuck out his pinky towards you. “Oh. The pinky swear.” You said, trying to sound as serious as possible. “Exactly.” He said with a nod. You smiled and reached your pinky out towards his, wrapping it around tightly. “ I promise.” You said. “So do I.” He said with a smile before bringing both of your pinkies towards his lips to seal the deal.

Pinkie’s Party Cannon - a quick spell to bring a little fun to any event.

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*inspired by Pinkie Pie’s Party Cannon*

- Pink, Yellow and Blue Candles
- Confetti
- Quartz, Rose Quartz and Yellow Citrine
- Something to represent your event, in this case an Invite!
- something to cover your workspace

- Lay out your covering
- Set up your candles and Light them
- Lay your invite on the covering
- Set your crystals on top of your invite. Cycle energy from your candles into the crystals. 
- Hold your confetti in your hand and say/think: “There’s an event upcoming and its got me humming! I hope it wont be boring, so help me party to the break of morning!I need some fun so lets get this done!”
- Toss your confetti over the invite. Try to keep it on your cover and off your candles.
-Blow out your candles when you feel its time, and clean up. This will Close and activate your spell. 

- Aesa <3 (thanks to @noelle-corvus for the idea!)
This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not.