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I can't remember if you went into it much but what were Pinkie and Rainbow's roles in the Goddess!AU?

I kinda did go into their roles HERE, but to elaborate a little bit more:

Rainbow Dash is a demigod, the Guardian of Lightning, and is associated with  Weather, War, and Courage. She’s under the command of a God of Fire, Spitfire, and is pretty well known for her relatively quick temper and being fast, one of the fastest divine currently alive (to the displeasure of some of the existing gods). She was born to a God of Storms (her father) and a mortal mother, who sadly perished due to birth complications. Despite nearly literally dying from heartbreak, her father’s love and dedication to giving Dash a good life kept him going, and thus he introduced her to the realm of the Divine. In this AU she spent almost all of her life with Twilight, and as such they’re sisters in all but blood. They have a deep comradely due to them both being half-blooded and as such, they share the hardship and pain of being different among full-blooded gods(thankfully they have decent mentors and a great friend/sister figure in Pinkie).

Anyway, Rainbow’s overall role in this AU is being one of the protagonists (of course), and she eventually comes to Ponyville in search of Twilight (they probably didn’t see much of each other after Twi’s wings were stolen, so her worry only grew when she learned where she was). After a reunion, Rainbow will find herself becoming attached to the town, and even more so to the rest of the Mane 6 (she finds a very fast friend in Fluttershy). She immediately has an attraction to Applejack, at first mostly because of her impressive physical strength and combat prowess despite her disability, but later because of her understanding of the way AJ thinks and a deeper appreciation for the other through their friendship (and eventual romance awwww yiss).

Pinkie Pie is a full-blooded Divine, a Deity of Wind and associated with Music, Joy, Freedom, and Festivities. She’s born to two full-blooded gods, but she’s a special case in that she was born in the mortal realm and left there to die by her negligent birth parents (As infants, Divine are still just as vulnerable to the dangers to the world as a regular mortal/infant). Thankfully, she is found by the wandering Zecora, who took her in and gave her a proper introduction to the Divine. Zecora raises her herself (with some help of her old friend Surprise Pie) and because of that (she’s the one who gave her the name Pinkamena Diane, whereas Surprise gives Pinkie her surname “Pie”, resulting in Pinkamena Diane Pie), Pinkie bounces back and forth from the Divine Realm and the Mortal Realm very often, more often than the average Divine. It’s in this lifestyle that has led to have a large appreciation of both worlds, but a very special fondness for the mortal realm moreso than the Divine realm, and when she’s an adult she spends most of her time there. She was eventually taken under the tutelage of Surprise (who’s a Deity of Wind, but is associated with War, Joy, and Wisdom) until she became a full-fledged Deity in blood and in title.

Because of her strange upbringing and her larger favor of the mortals over the Divine, she’s sometimes seen as naive, stupid, or a “false god” in her own right, but some look at her in sympathy because of how her birth parents (unknown and probably long-sensed punished for their crime) tried to deny her the right of knowing her heritage. It’s because of this that Pinkie also has empathy with Demigods, because despite her full-blooded nature she’s sometimes treated like something lesser. She meets Twilight and Rainbow when they were children (Pinkie’s close to 200 years old in this, thus older than the other two) and has become something of a guardian/sister figure to them (it was ill thought to treat the girls poorly in front of Pinkie. She will rip someone a new one if she learned of it).

Pinkie has life-long contracts with both the Pie family and the Cake family, but they love her as much as she loves them and she sees them as family, going so far as calling the Pie Sisters her own sisters and the Cake Twins her niece and nephew. She visits both very often, and through that she eventually comes across Twilight on accident by visiting the Cake family. Pinkie has known most of the Ponyville citizens for a while (I bet it’s because of her constant visits that the Ponyville citizens are relatively chill to any Divine presence after the initial shock wears off), but she’s particularly sweet on Fluttershy, having been actively wooing the shy mare for the past couple of months. When she learns of Twi’s mission, she of course joins her.

WHEW! Bit of a mouthful, but a lot of fun nonetheless. I hope this answers your question! ^.^

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