YouTube Gurus That Have Helped Me!

Panacea81 -

This channel is the best for eye make-up looks! I’ve learnt pretty much everything I know from Lauren, and she is so friendly too :)

Pinkiecharm -

Irene is the best for reviews in my opinion - she’s reviewed so many products and they’re so helpful and clear. I definitely check out if she’s reviewed things I want to buy before buying them!

Xsparkage -

I don’t watch this channel as much as I used to, but she does some wacky eye make-up, but I think Leesha is best for routines, such as skincare or foundation etc. :)

Glintzy -

If you have problem skin, e.g. acne scarring, I would check out this channel because she shows you amazing ways to cover it up!

LuxyHair -

The best for hairstyles! 

Of course there are more than just these 5, but these are the ones that stand out when I think about who I’ve watched the most and who have helped me the most with my make-up :)